Health Insurance Prank Call – Elderly couple pranks salesman! – Phone Prank

[Applause] I'm sorry I'm looking just for myself well I'm covered pretty good right now of course I'm in my bathrobe no I put that on about two or three times a day to get rid of a fungus such old medicine well yeah that's getting rid of the fungus yes my name is James much Montgomery boy Lloyd Lloyd is my brother I can do at least a couple of dozen per month oh yeah now I could do something like that of course I bake twelve at a time so that me was twelve times twelve times five is fifty sixty probably six dozen I can make Oh boys opening some chips yes my husband is in the restroom but they transferred me to get on some sort of a plane for him oh that's correct he'll be here well he's my ex-husband technically but he'll be back here in just a moment he just had to use the restroom he puts it on about twice a day he told the last lady he's getting rid of the irritation of the skin somebody he'll be here in just a second oh okay now see that so that's his brother-in-law that's my brother is Lloyd he's passed away a few years ago yes I was speaking with a gentleman but he I think we accidentally got disconnected and my husband is the one who called he's in the rest he's going to be out he's still in the restroom but he's coming back I I don't know you're gonna have to talk to him we're good friends now but of course we divorced about 20 years ago we're just doing private things together would give very good friends he almost didn't go out of the car me I'll see you at sea


  1. More prank calls on my new Podcast THE JACKPOD!!

  2. MY falsetto is terrible-a female Indian scammer recently cussed me and hung up!

  3. Scott free Montgomery

  4. You should have told him you were making sexy time! Lol

  5. This! Is so funny

  6. The pooter pranks are the best. When you are prank calling use the pooter to saying you are on the toilet. And say you ate to many beans or Indian food lmaoooooo. Flush the toilet (be in the bathroom) then say oh sorry I have really bad gas and ask if they know of something to stop it. Keep using the pooter!!

  7. Please bring back farting old man πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. Telemarketers deserve it jack πŸ‘
    For my fungus πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. If that was my Mercedes there would be no opening of chip packets allowed.

  10. lol

  11. This guy tried to scam us. Call and have fun if it works. 877-734-4325

    Here's what they said "Your computer has been alerted us it has been infected with a Pornography spyware and riskware."

    How did I know this was a scam? Microsoft's new browser is called Microsoft Edge. They had it as Windows Edge.

  12. its not that they might be disconnecting just to be assholes, in that type of business they might be disconnecting because they might think you are some type of fraudster trying to gain something… not necessarily fraud coverage, but maybe extract info about the person they are talking about. so not that uncommon.

  13. We want more POOTER !!

  14. This is what Jack is gonna sound like when he's a grandpa

  15. I call people pretending to be old I should be doing this on you tube!!

  16. Every single one of your videos have made me laugh

  17. Try voice changer app

  18. His old woman voice sounds like Jill from the movie jack and Jill 🀣

  19. Rattpack

  20. Copycat Please

  21. LOL, the old woman voice! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  22. Well done… I mess with these guys as well but usually the tech support or irs scammers.

  23. I wish what she was saying was subbed cause LOL

  24. Omg these are so hilarious

  25. Want to hear more multiple personality prank calls likes this loved it!!

  26. Damn annoying phone calls. 😠

  27. Frick’n Jack 🀣

  28. Less cuts man

  29. In covered in my bath robe. Lmfao

  30. Haha very nice amigo.πŸ‘πŸ‘

  31. RIP Lloyd

  32. Very nice more videos please

  33. Love them Jack, keep them going!!

  34. Your old people voices are perfect.

  35. ❀ Rosalyn

  36. man youve really fell off.

  37. Hahahahahaha

  38. I laughed way too loud πŸ˜‚

  39. Knowing your Father is making a YouTube skit right there in the vehicle with you, you can probably hold off for a few minutes on the need to open and eat chips to where it's going to be audible for his audience, yakno?

  40. The grandma voice is hilarious

  41. That is so funny Jack is back!!! His humor is so awesome I love these prank calls and the pooter videos get me every time can't wait to hear more uploads thank you so much!!!

  42. Brilliant!

  43. First 1000 viewers?

  44. Nice Mercedes Jack.
    You seem to be enjoying all your fart-earned money.

  45. Good times. I get calls telling me they have reviewed my credit cards and I qualify for a lower interest rate. Ask thwm what cards I have that qualify and it is "all of them" but they ne er tell me the cards.

  46. So basically fucking foreigners stealing from US citizens

  47. You do that old man voice flawlessly!! πŸ˜€ You keep making me laugh….all the way from those 9 year old Walmart farting videos to what we have now….it never ceases to cheer me up!! Thanks so much Mr. Vale for all you do!! <3

  48. Old man get him back on the street

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