Health Insurance OUTSIDE of ACA (Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare) | #BigBoldYou #50

hello everybody and welcome to another episode of big bulgy a show that was built for you to help you play bigger in your life and when I talk about playing bigger I don't mean just your actions but you really it starts with your thinking you have to think big there's nothing that you can't do you are limitless and we are here to encourage you and inspire you to play bigger in your life because the world needs you playing bigger we want to help inspire you to be bolder which means you do have to step out of your comfort zone you do have to do things that you think in your head there's no way in the world I could do this yes you can you just can't do it by yourself so you can ultimately become the best version of you every Monday at 3 p.m. central we are coming to you on Facebook as well as YouTube jens johnson channel if you haven't subscribed yet please do so please get your friends and your family to subscribe and let us know what are the topics and who are the people that you want to hear from we truly sincerely want to make this world a better place and we only can do that if we are working together I believe that we live in a world where there is a war between good and evil and the only way evil wins is when good people like you like me and like our incredible guest Katherine Clark well we don't do enough so welcome Katherine thank you I'm glad to be a part of your mission listen you you're y'all are gonna love Katherine and one of the things I like to do is I like to get to know the person a little bit before we get into the topic but I told Katherine us Catherine I might to have have you come back to here four times because health care is a huge topic so just briefly tell us a little bit about you and then we're gonna jump into our topic today it is I mean it's endless because we don't we don't know that's right you don't know what you don't know hmm exactly well I've been in the business in the health insurance business and about 2007 2008 and you know it wasn't always beautiful no this was before Affordable Care Act so things were quite a bit different there so I have kind of the eyes for what was really going on before then and what's going on now and how to improve upon that and a couple years ago I brought my son in to work with me and so that's made it even excuse me more exciting well so here's here's something I mean not every show do I have my phone up but I have it up today and the reason for that is if you're watching and you have some questions for Catherine regarding health care insurance please just type it up and I'm gonna do my best to watch it and help but I want to tell everybody a personal story that I'm going through that I've shared with Catherine and that is about probably three weeks ago my mother fell she's 84 years old she's got Alzheimer's she's got dementia she has diabetes she fractured her hip she fractured her femur and she's been in the system and one of the things I say is what you don't realize if you're not in the system or you don't have a loved one that's in the system we live in a world right now where the health care the insurance companies they are directing people's care no longer is that when the doctor says okay it's time to transfer her from the hospital to the rehab facility it's when the insurance companies say it's time to transfer her so I didn't think that she was ready to be transferred from the hospital to the healthcare facility to the rehab facility but guess what her insurance company did because they said we're not paying for the hospital anymore right then she was in the rehab facility and the rehab facility the insurance company said the same thing we don't think she needs to be in that rehab facility anymore so now we've got her into memory care but along the way during this process it's the insurance companies that are directing where she goes directing her health care and let me tell you I'm a healthy person Katherine so I haven't gotten in the system very much but there are so many people that are in the system and they don't have a clue what's going on so please start to educate us a little bit of about what our rights are what we should be doing with healthcare when we're healthy and and just how much control do we have and what are the questions that we need to be asking and the actions that we need to be doing to safeguard ourselves all right well in summary I think I would say that you definitely need to take control everything in life is negotiable mm-hmm and the doc a lot of the physicians and such are not any happier about the state of the insurance these days either and so gone are the days when you used to walk into the doctors and just pay your $20 copay and forget about it you have to pay a little more attention I actually had a colleague that really came up with this analogy you know years ago we had the flip phone it was not a big deal you just open it up and used it and it was easy breezy mm-hmm now you have a smart phone right so every time we get a new one we kind of have to learn a little bit about it and to make it work for us so all that is to say is that you do need to do your part in order to make it work for you you need to be more educated and know what to say to the doctors because or it's not so much the doctors as it is the people who work in the office mm-hmm and they don't always know either so sometimes you have to educate them and tell them how things need to be or how they should go okay so let's start at the very beginning for me okay so the way my brain works you work at an at a job and the job is giving you health care benefits so what is our right and what should we be asking our company and how should we even negotiate that step okay well if your job is offering you healthcare first of all you should look at and see if it's any good because used to be people always wanted to get growth help ensure growth health insurance because they're like oh that's the best way to go well companies can't afford the best anymore like they used to so you'd want to look at that you'd also want to see if they're paying for it if you're paying for it obviously if they are paying for it that's part of your benefit package so you can either negotiate a higher salary or you accept that but what people don't know is that they don't have to put their family on that group health insurance that they're better off going outside and getting an individual plan because group health insurance is more expensive because it's not underwritten and so you know what and to me that is probably myth number one because most people think group insurance is gonna be less expensive because you've got more people in the pot and so it's gonna be more it's gonna be less expensive it's gonna be a better deal it's gonna be a better policy and that's not necessarily the case airily because you have a group of people and you have 50 plus year olds that have maybe have had some health issues and they're they're playing for the 20-some year olds who are gonna have babies and those 20-some year olds are paying for the health issues of the older so the insurance company's going to take that into in to consideration so an example I'll give you as we had a company that only had 11 employees and this gentleman was paying for everybody's insurance in his company and it cost him 80,000 a year and it was a Blue Cross type plan with a six thousand dollar deductible and I went gave them our signature plan our flagship plan and they're paying forty seven thousand you know with the first-day coverage so one of the things that we do for companies is just that we can give them a an under written plan but get guaranteed if you have a certain number of people but yes it is a myth people and that may have been the case many years ago but it is no longer the case so so I think lesson number one is you first go I don't care where you work and I don't care what the plan is that the offering during open enrollment in October you need to get with somebody that is an expert in health insurance and you need to say can you please review this policy and I know I mean my husband I we go through this every October because I did work in health care for for over a decade and so I always go through you and he'll say this is great it's great because it costs less money and it's a lot less money for us it is and I don't I say well it's not necessarily means it's great but I don't know I really need to have somebody like you review the policy step number one step number two is to your point maybe this is okay for the employee because it's not costing you anything but you shouldn't put your family on it there might be a private option that's better most of the time that's the case and let me also kind of clear something up or clarify something about open enrollment every company has an open enrollment and that's aside from the Affordable Care Act open enrollment and at that time is when you get to elect to put your family on it as well as yourself or change your plan or what have you but another thing that people don't know is that they can take their family off at any time they can't come off until the next open enrollment but they can take their family off at any time and so I work with a lot of people they'll say well you know well I like this plan but I'm on and they thought they walked him through it right I can walk them it's not they're not required because because here's a couple things number one is I've always thought that you're locked in for the whole complete year so the employee just the employee is locked in yes but your family is not locked in so you can look to see if there's a better option for you that's even better coverage as well as a better price point for you at the same time correct and one thing that you would be interested in knowing as well Jen is that we offer gap plans everybody's heard about gap plans for vehicles right but explain to people what the gap plan is well so let's say you do keep your your plan at work but it has a 6,000 our deductible mm-hmm there are gap plans that will cover that so that makes that plan 100 percent plan so it doesn't work in every situation but it's definitely something to look at with certain people that's amazing so if you've got one of those high deductible plans you can get a secondary or is it or is it just the gap plan is it considered a secondary or no no it's it pays with it okay it like for inpatient it covers up to a hundred percent so if someone has a five thousand dollar deductible and then it goes let's say 80/20 up to say seven thousand so that really means their out-of-pocket seven thousand dollars on the plans they have they can get a seven thousand dollar gap policy so now if they are on you have a medical event they go to the hospital that said they're a hundred percent covered oh my gosh this is amazing yep see you know and another thing too is that believe me there's so many things to talk about when it comes to healthcare but now when you get old a lot of people are gonna be in long-term care facilities or assisted living facilities and you know you and I were talking about that yesterday where I didn't know but gosh if you don't have that long-term care health insurance by the time you're in your 60s forget about it because you're not going to qualify and then what what are the pros and the cons about that I mean should we all be saying okay look let's just take the best care of ourselves but in our 60s make sure we have long-term health care or should we not do that you know I can't say that that's necessarily my area of expertise I have someone in my office so I know a little bit about it and long-term care is typically the best way to get it is through a life insurance policy or an annuity where it doubles as long-term care like I have a product for employers that I can provide life insurance for their employees guaranteed-issue up to a hundred and fifty thousand which means no health questions which means if you work somewhere and your husband has had a heart attack we can still get him this life insurance right 150 thousand god forbid should he need it as long-term care it doubles to 300 Wow so there are some better ways there's some better ways to do it than just right out out buying a long-term care policy but you can do that it's just very difficult to qualify for and they're very expensive so the best way to handle that really is to go through the life insurance route yeah life insurance or annuity there's some products out there that really help with that all right now something that you mentioned when we were talking and again if anybody has questions y'all throw with the questions on Facebook and I'll have Catherine answer them for us but you know we're talking about how consumers truly do own your PPO network and will explain that to us because I promised you I didn't know that well you know we carry a lot of different products at Frederick Insurance Brokers but we have a flagship product or what I call our signature product and someone I'm on my kids are on my grandkids are on and I sell an all across the country so it's my favorite plan and the thing I like about it amongst well there's a lot of things but the power behind the plan is that the PPO network nationwide large well-respected network is owned by the you know by us the consumer so what that means is that we get the PPO repricing or the wholesale pricing if you will instead of the insurance company yes yes but explain that reason what makes sense to me is because I've been in health care before so like in the old days when we were talking about the $20 copay where you just you know you hand them their $20 you think oh that's cool right but what you don't know and I'm gonna oversimplify this is the insurance company has gone to the provider and said hey you know I have a million subscriber so you need to give me a discount and the provider is like well okay right they don't have any choice right so let's say they agree to a $60 office visit you go in and throw your 20 or $30 copay down the insurance company pays the balance so who's winning because you're paying a high premium for the right to pay that copay mm-hmm so with this plan this it's different you have the average doctor visit across the country is 150 dollars so with this particular plan we get a 40 to 60% repricing PPO repricing or the wholesale price so if you take that hundred and fifty dollars and if you get a 40% discount now it's 90 dollars right well our plan pays a hundred and sixty dollars for a doctor visit so that means that ninety dollars is covered and they actually send the balance to you that's amazing so instead of the overage going back to the insurance company the overage comes back to you now you get a check correct I'm liking the way this sounds Catherine so what it is is that you have a high end to find benefit plan with the wholesale price the plan always pays with the plan pays regardless of the price but we have when you combine the two at the wholesale price you make out so it protects your health and your income just to give you a little bit of history before major medical became the monster that it is there were plans called Association plans hospitalization plans and enmity plans they were very good in their day they kind of got watered down and then when you combine that with maybe being misrepresented to the consumer they kind of got a bad name but this particular company's been around for 75 years and not only are they still doing that very well they kind of have a hybrid of it but they've just improved upon it and the rates are stable and they never kick you off the plan either that's amazing because that's you know so many people they you know you know because the insurance companies really are calling the shots if somebody does have pre-existing health issues you know you hear about it all the time it's like well we couldn't get insurance we couldn't get insurance because of our pre-existing issues and you're saying this you're not going to get kicked off and can you even get coverage with right so let me and let me clarify that since you brought the pre-existing any underwritten plan is always going to have pre-existing the difference with this plan is that you still get the PPO repricing okay I got you so for that first year okay after that you're covered and they'll never kick you off the plan so if you it has liberal underwriting I mean we can even insure a diabetic who takes oral medication so their office visits won't be covered the first year right they won't get that 160 dollars but they'll get the repricing okay and then after that they're covered and they'll never be kicked off so I mean I am definitely going to have you talk with my my dad and myself because that's one of the issues my mom's diabetic and because her diabetes isn't regulated and don't get me started on the reason why because of the rehab facility that she was none she was regulated in the hospital but when she got to the rehab facility there was a there was they they weren't following the orders that she was discharged with at the hospital which is another thing so for me working in healthcare for ten years I know that if you have a loved one that goes into the hospital or anywhere else you better have somebody that you know love and trust hopefully a family member there with them because things just happen I mean it's like why does somebody go into the hospital that needs operating on the left leg and the right leg gets operated because people make mistakes we're only human and nobody loves your loved ones as much as you do so you really do have to be the advocate and the other thing too is when when you are old or when you are ill you your minds are not right I mean it's just not I mean it's just not in so you've got anxiety you don't know what you don't know people are using words that you aren't familiar with and you've got to have somebody on your behalf now working and and really listening and and being your advocate but one of the things that you said that I think is so interesting and I know we're throwing a lot of things at you because we are gonna have you come back but you were talking about private care facilities and and really what can happen at a private care facility versus a normal hospital and explain that because I didn't know this right so with the the changes all the changes that are happening in healthcare one of the things that are that are becoming prevalent across the country our private healthcare facilities versus hospital I know of one in Plano and one in Oklahoma so you know to oversimplify what this means is that they have the same environment that a hospital does but they don't have the overhead the administrators and that sort of thing so you could go get a surgery that would cost $100,000 in a regular hospital that might only cost $20,000 in a private health care facility and this is the same instruments the same machines the same diagnostic type things same doctors because you know a doctor practices usually in more than one hospital she they may also practice in that particular so it behooves the consumer to find a doctor that does practice in a private healthcare facility because it's going to save them in the long and how do we know that how do we know that as a consumer we just have to ask the doctor okay what you know they are affiliated with particularly different hospitals right so you find a private health care facility and then you find a doctor who I got you you know like you know that that practices like its affiliated with that private okay that makes sense that makes sense now let's talk a little bit about secondary insurance because again I'm talking about from personal experience because this is what I'm going through I mean I was on vacation in Mexico over the holiday I mean over the weekend for Mother's Day and just a big shout out for all the mothers whether you are a mother to a human baby or a fur baby happy Mother's Day to you because we I know we do so much but during my my weekend in Mexico I'm going back and forth with providers over insurance issues so tell me about secondary insurance and what that means and what is the benefit and do we need it and and all of that well there are there are some rules about that secondary and I think in your case we were talking about Medicare which is a little bit different is United Healthcare is a secondary right but was it a UnitedHealthcare Medicare plan I don't know I have to have a look at it yes so is your mom over 65 yes so it's probably a Medicare plan yes but what I could kind of address it to that that might be important is that this particular plan flagship plan that I'm talking to you all about it does pay in addition to any other plan so whereas oftentimes when you do have a secondary like let's say your husband has you at work and your other and then you have one at your job one of them has to be a primary and one has to be a secondary but in the case with this insurance that I'm telling you about it pays in addition to so let's just say you have a kiddo on a sports team right the sports associations oftentimes have their own insurance right so they hurt themselves you go to the emergency room and you know you file it with the insurance with the sports association and they pay it well you can also file it with this plan and they will pay it the differences are going to pay it to you because it pays in addition to so that's another kind of cool and you know and that's a really great information Katherine because people don't understand that if your kids are playing for school all schools have insurance and it's it's the year well first of all I don't I don't remember I mean I five kids all five kids played sports and I don't remember anybody telling me about it now I know I'm not saying they didn't I'm not saying they did because I'm busy I'm busy I got a lot of stuff going on but I do remember when one of our kids got hurt and the the trainer said oh well didn't do you have the school's athletic insurance and I said no I didn't even know there that we had that and I said oh yeah you know what you know whatever and I'm like I must've missed that meeting or I miss that that that piece of paper that came through but every all of them have it correct they all have it so you need to as a parent be aware of that and make sure that do you believe you should always get it for your kids well I think so there's some kind of accident insurance is good to have because more people end up in the hospital for accidents than cancer stroke and heart attack put together we have a really awesome plan that cost thirty one dollars that pays up to $4,000 per accident it pays $300 a day if a person's hospitalized for an accident it pays up to ten thousand for an ambulance air and ground as well as some other things but my point is is that everybody's competin pay $31 to kind of help them out with that even if they couldn't afford now it's got thirty one dollars once or thirty one dollars a month a month thirty one that's gonna say it's actually already $1.05 but it's a month that I'm gonna spend that as soon as we leave here and there's a discount if you do it isn't for the family but there are things like that available that's amazing that's amazing it's see the thing is is as we all know look what you don't know can hurt you but what you don't know you're gonna have to pay for I mean in all honesty and all honesty but you don't know you're paying for so to me this is all information that every one of us needs to know because we need to be making the most sound decisions about health care and insurance and people don't know what they don't know so so how I mean the first thing I'm thinking about and I don't know about y'all but the first thing I'm thinking about is well we all need to know a Katherine we all need to know a Katherine so how do you know our is is this something that you can help somebody all over the United States are you just here in Texas how does that work no we work all over the country and I have a you know a group of agents so what we pride ourselves in is that we just want to see if we can improve your situation you know we might just be validating that hey you have a great plan at a great price keep it but it's all about education we even put our all of our clients on a email drip to kind of remind them of special benefits of their plan as they go because they forget you know I get text once in a while like okay I'm in the emergency room remind me you know right any doors and then we have a frequently asked questions page on our website so people can go on there and remember you know certain things you know certain aspects of that but you know we just get we've scheduled appointments talked to people some people by policy some people don't we never try to get them to buy and when we first talked to them we have to learn about their situation and you know send them information after we talk to them and because they they need to make an informed decision right I mean I think in eight the last 18 months of last I counted we have six people who dropped off the books because maybe their husband got a job or whatever so people keep the plan right because it's it's a good value for the money because it's usually thirty or forty percent less than what they're paying already but once in a while you come across somebody that has a good plan or maybe it's their medical situation that you have to consider too so that I'm gonna say you know what stay where you are at least until this time or you know kind of give them some advice right right well see that's what I think is so important is first of all we're all different and we all have different needs yeah and you know when we have five kids and our family and they're all adults now 19 to 23 and they're amazing I love you children and they're great but you know for us where we are in our lives one of the things I think is so important and I'm really big on mental health in it what does this company cover with regards to mental health it covers the doctor visits okay there are some additional riders and things but oftentimes again this particular company depending on their situation may not be the place that I would put them that's it's my favorite plan there's really no one plan that's perfect for everyone right because if there were but none of us could afford it right but but it's gonna pay like if they're going to say the you know for counseling or their psychology psychologists or psychiatrists it will pay for that and then if there's a prescription program and that sort of things okay so one of the things I'm really big on here with mental health issue it was the April 29th April 29th I had Chris and Martha Thomas on the show I'm not sure if he saw that episode or not but if you haven't watched that episode please do it's about suicide their son Solomon Thomas plays for the San Francisco 49ers he was the number three draft pick a couple years ago well their daughter last January at 24 years old died by suicide and there there is a video ESPN video that they did on the Thomas family and just really all the things that they're doing well I'm also close friends would dr. Lee who is an incredible physician here in the Dallas Plano area and one of the things that we were talking about and even the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is our mental health is just as important as our physical health and you can get your brain scanned if if you have anxiety this is one of the things I loved about dr. Lee he was actually one of the keynote speakers at my event is anxiety depression all of that is normal in situations but it's not normal to have excessive worry and anxiety and in in first of all you think oh my gosh there's something wrong with me and most likely there's something wrong in your brain that can be treated so one of the things that he does and this was something that I talked about Martin with Martha after our show was if we could get our brain scan if you're one of those people that you're experiencing suicidal thoughts you're you've tried to commit suicide already you're confused you're lonely you're you know all these things if you go get your brain scanned there's a great possibility that they can find out what's going on within the brain and and even dr. Lee showed showed PET scans of the brain from people that they were treated with st. John's wort mm-hmm and they improved their brain started to heal on natural things versus the all of the medication I know CBD we had somebody talking about CBD oil a few months I'm in a few weeks ago as well as there's a lot of natural things that we can do to help it's about taking control of yourself and in that I think is probably the biggest message when you and I were talking about this was here's the message you've got to take control you've got a trick take control of your health you've got to take control of your fitness your wellness you've got to take control of your insurance you've got to take control of your finances you have to take control of you exactly one thing you brought up about children I should point out is that a lot of people don't realize too that they can get their children insured alone like if they're seven eight years old or whatever they don't have to be on the same policy like we work with teachers all over the country but we have a lot of teachers in Texas because unfortunately the Texas teachers insurance is not very good so literally we have thousands of teachers we work with and it's better for them to keep in most cases I recommend that they keep the plan that the school offers them because each district will contribute a certain amount like maybe 125 or 300 dollars so that's part of their pay because they're not going to get it in cash right so usually I have them keep it and get a gap plan okay and make that plan better but we put their spouse and/or their children on a plan outside and it saves them anywhere from 9,000 to 22,000 last year I had a gal that was working literally to pay insurance for her family so we put $22,000 back in her paycheck oh that's amazing but you know one of the things that I was just thinking about with your gap plan so you know I'm like I said I'm real big on mental health I'm big on mental health awareness because I don't want anybody feeling alone I don't want anybody thinking that they need to go commit suicide because there is help I promise you there's help there's nothing wrong with you you're not crazy if something's wrong something's not right yeah so but with the gap plan so most people if you're gonna go get your brain scanned you're gonna have to figure out a pocket but most insurance companies will reimburse you forty to eighty percent but with this gap plan it sounds like there's a possibility that you could get total reimbursement yeah well the gap polina's going to cover the deductible okay so and that's for inpatient for outpatient it covers um it's going to be fifty percent so if you have a gap plan that's ten thousand dollars then you've got five thousand it's covered for outpatient ten thousand for inpatient so this is one of the things I'm thinking as I'm I'm engaged mo you're gonna be really busy Catherine are you ready to be really busy because I think every one of us needs to say here's our plan Catherine give us your give us your assessment but one of the things I'm really big on is and you said it a couple times which is just integrity and honesty and if you can help somebody you're gonna help them if you can advise them and it might not be your signature plan even though you've got a bunch of different different plans that you work with but you need somebody that has your best interests at heart and that's what I love about you is you have other people's best interests at heart and you've got this knowledge and you're willing to share this knowledge with people because listen we're busy we I got this time it's not a time to learn all this stuff well it's frustrating for people and you know the insurance I got into the insurance business because it was a great way to raise my two boys I was a single mom and it didn't seem so glamorous so I had to find a way to to make it mean something to me so now the you know it's you know now that I can say that it's not just about selling a policy that I can actually in an esoteric way help people you know I'm not out you know building mission homes or something but I'm doing something to help and so I do think it's important in this day in time to have that kind of integrity and to give back it all comes back the way it's supposed to but it gives you a reason to get out of bed every day oh definitely and we're not the money that I say for small businesses is just crazy to me and that's probably my like that's as the reason I got a bed every day well I will tell you this again very personally that when you're dealing with a loved one who is in the system and you're dealing with potentially yourself and you're being kicked out of places or you're not being allowed to go into places because your health insurance let me tell you it gets real and it gets real sad and it gets real scary because you don't know and yes there are people that can help but sometimes you don't know who those people are right so having somebody I'm real big that might the theme of my event is creating winning life teams and one of the things that we did this year was just asking the attendees you know who are people that you believe you need to have on your life team now we're gonna take it a step further in over the next 12 months we're gonna have post events and we're gonna actually have you as one of an expert in one of our post events because everybody needs someone like you on their life team you need someone on your life team that knows about insurance you also need somebody that knows about life insurance I mean these are people that they're gonna make your life better because of the knowledge and the experience that they have now to close up because we're getting getting tight on time but I want you to tell people what a patient advocate is and what type of programs you have because most people don't even know the only reason why I know is because I worked in health care but most people are clueless about that okay well my signature plan has partnered up with a company called the Karis group but they're out of Austin they've been around since the 80s and they are patient advocates so if someone has this particular plan then they have free access to this meaning it's not going to cost them and what they'll do for you is if you have a $2,500 well if you have a medical event and you it cost twenty five hundred dollars or more then they're gonna go in and renegotiate mm-hmm on your behalf so they kind of keep the doctors honest and such and the thing about it is they don't make any guarantees like anybody else but they have been doing this since the 80s and their average is 70% that's wonderful they're also really good at like being a concierge so you know MRIs you know most people think they cost a lot of money like $2,500 or more the truth is they cost about 400 mm-hmm so the Karis group can find the people and the network in your area they can send you a list and you know they'll even make the appointment for you but that's that's all part of being part of that network and having all those people including the patient advocacies work for you right and I about you but I do like it when people do things for me make your appointments because I'm busy I'm busy there's a there's a ton of different reasons number one because you don't speak the same language you don't know the lingo you don't know the plans and that's why there are people and there they're companies that you can get an MRI like you said for $400 but then right down the street it they're charging twenty five hundred dollars for MRI because you don't know that that's really what you can get an MRI for so I love it that you have the patient advocates and and being in health care like I did I'm very comfortable in healthcare facilities I worked for a hospital for over ten years I don't mind going into a hospital some people that's really scary it's more in people don't realize that to your point you got to take control they don't realize that you can ask certain questions you don't really don't realize that out there afraid yeah I mean I know if my husband's watching right now when we first got married he said I mean I kind of had this talk with them and I said no if something goes wrong and I am passed out obviously incoherent and you've got to make these decisions you need to ask the doctors XYZ and this is what he said Catherine he said I'm not gonna ask the doctors anything I'm just gonna let them do whatever they think is best because they're the ones in charge and they've got the experience and I'm like note to self let me talk to somebody else opening if I'm laying down you know cuz I'm like no that's not what you do now in this day in time you have to ask you have to ask but you know to take the pressure off you if you had a patient advocate that could advocate that has the experience Wow now that into can negotiate in to set appointments it's right up my alley so I don't know about you guys watching out there but Catherine this is phenomenal information phenomenal information and we are so appreciative for you sherry I mean I want everybody to know that they're not stuck right you're not stuck and I will say this I will say this even though you might think that you're stuck because you don't know the knowledge you're not please put your questions reach out to me either on my facebook on YouTube reach out to me at Jenn's at Jen's Johnson calm whatever we we for we didn't do our video today because we didn't have time we didn't do ask Jen's because I think it's more important today that we ask you we need ask Katherine so please let us know what are some other healthcare insurance issues questions topics that you would like us to cover because we are gonna have Katherine back and for those of you who are suffering with mental health issues please please please know that you're not alone you're not alone and there are things that we can do to help and we want to help you we do want to make this world a better place by sharing our gifts and our talents with each and every person that we come in contact with so until we meet again next Monday at 3 p.m. Central on YouTube Jen's Johnson and my Facebook Jen's Walraven Johnson be big be bold and most importantly be you bye bye [Applause] [Applause]

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