Health Insurance Jargon 2

and I want to talk about the difference between direct billing and paying claim now direct billing basically means that you go to the hospital you hand in your card to the front desk and that the bills are settled directly between the hospital and the insurance company okay this compares to paying claim where you're required to pay for the cost of the treatment yourself keep the original receipts the original doctor certificates and then submit a claim to the insurance company afterwards okay now this ties into another term which is commonly used in insurance which is hospital networks so every single insurance company health insurance company will have a hospital network these are a list of hospitals where you can go and obtain direct billing now you need to be careful there are some caveats some of the insurance companies will only provide direct billing on inpatient cases or outpatient cases it's very important that you understand the hospital's where you can go and use your insurance on a direct basis and those where you can't

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