Health Insurance in the Netherlands

our topic today health insurance in the Netherlands if you're going to study in Holland you will need health insurance just like in Great Britain there are two cases in which you are forced to have insurance in Holland first you living in Holland and are over 30 years old second you working in Holland in this case it doesn't matter if your site in Europe and how old you are you will come under the Dutch compulsory health insurance at any rate this also counts for those who work at least 32 hours per month alongside the courses because of the Dutch study finance even if you are still Co insured with your parents who are obligated to get health insurance in Holland you can find information on the choice of the best health insurance and the amount of contribution here two more tips ask the university if they offer so-called collective agreements of insurance companies where you can save up to ten percent and at the Dutch Tax Office blasting genes you can also request a grant for the health insurance costs

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