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hello favored white here and today I'm in an area with my good friend Alejandro Alejandro he has a company here in Spain helping British people with their residency in Noe numbers as you know Alejandro has been my accountant for many years and he's also the honorary British Consulate here in his parts by today we're going to talk about what you need there moving to Spain and health insurance and medical cover here inch back quite Alejandra hello Heidi okay tell us a what the requirements are at the moment and show a bit about health care and health insurance right yeah well after this break see that was not at the end brexit a were worried of what was going to happen after the 30th of month but we must say that everything remains the same that Holly is going to be like that until October that is going to be officially the exit of UK from revenue so the requirements are still the same there are basically three four requirements one is the first one is that you have house the second is that you can have enough money by yourself to prove that you will not need to go to social services in a Spain how do you prove that you can prove with any any income that you have or any savings that you might have for example if you have a pension that is more than 5,500 euros per year you are there if you have money up there your bank account is the same amount you are there or if you have the same income from a rental in Spain or in UK you can do also committees requirement Roger say is worth the money compete in a bank in Spain oh it could be in a bank in the UK as well yeah anyway yeah the only difference would be that it is if it's in in the UK you will have to translate any document so that's that's the first requirement or the second and the third one is to get health care and you can get health care depending on your age or depending your conditions for those are more than $65 retire that question are you can state pension they will get what we called s1 this is given in Newcastle in the healthcare office there in England and they will give that to those there are italia and get in a state pension with that s1 s1 means that you are you have the right in the UK to get to get healthcare for free so the same applies here this will be the requirement that is getting craft in Spain you will not have to pay anything else not private insurance not public health care with that as one would be enough for those that are below 65 that they are not getting of 67 now they are not getting the state pension yet the other possibilities one of them is to get a private insurance medical care medical policy that you will have to ask some any company there are a few and then you will get payment you they will ask normally to pay a full year in advance so to avoid that you just contract it just for one month and depending on your conditions you've been ill or you have any previous even as metadata you will have to pay an amount with that will be the same would be the same coverage to get there ever Cynthia o if you are looking for a job or you looking to work also if you start working in Spain in Spain you will be immediately in the system and then they will give you the residence or the compartment will be there or you can be self-employed if you are looking to start a business here the same applies you will be released as an autonomous we call it an autonomous are employed and then you will start paying your contributions to your monthly contributions and you will be again in the system and this will be applied for that you know – this is what I did I went searching booty and I was included and had a medical card and got all three have come up does that include your wife and your children as well if that one person is working here correct if your if your wife is coming with you or your kids living with you of course there will be all the family living together will be included in the say the coverage of the personalistic employee all the person that is working for someone if it's a private policy not everyone will have to get their own private policy right okay and any latest news on brexit what do you think is gonna happen and do you think Harry's going to affect people that are moving here to spine should they be worried well I don't think the things at the end will change so much because Spain do want foreigners to come bridges to come and just in case on unknown little breaks it probably what they will do is make things easy so everyone will continue coming to Spain with a no big barriers so in my opinion I don't think that is going to be to change so much maybe some small details that you will have to commit but not so much and for those of course that get the residents the DeKalb residence before the breaks it happens everything will be much easier for Dalton they don't have it and is it still possible for people to get residency and apply for residency now as it stopped at the moment or is it still kind still the same the same applies are the same that was before the 34 Matt is still applying there is no new instructions because when a pilot is delayed until October so anyone that once to get to be president in Spain now mr. sucker the same as any other person committing the same crime one thing that I forgot to mention that people also have known they are not very clear is when you are obliged to task for these residences and they are babysitting when you are in Spain more than 90 days you have to apply for that is true that people that many people have been in apply and so but the law says that when you are more than 90 days in a role in Spain this means that you are not travelling that you are not on holidays and then you have to apply for that sure if you ask me other questions that we receive is what happens between fiscal residence or legal person what's the difference as I said you have to when you are more than 90 days you have to apply for the area and to be fiscal president in a spain you need to live at least in one calendar year 183 days that is six months so in one year from Jerry until December you need to be in Spain at least or more 183 days and then will be entitled we will be applied you would be you will have to make your accounts your tax accounts with Spain I'm not with the UK it's also important to remind that when you are tax resident in this country you will have to pay for all your income well why even UK even it your pensions or sarees after it in the UK you will have to pay your taxes in Spain I'm not in the UK because we have this agreement it is visible agreement that says that that with some except a small exceptions you will pay in the country where you live more than six months right I can't think we cleared up a few points si thank you very much Alejandro I think yeah I get ok

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