Health Insurance Exchanges

so what is a health insurance exchange anyway well think of it as a large online marketplace that gives individuals and small businesses access to insurance options okay sounds good how does it work glad you asked it allows uninsured individuals to compare and shop for quality and affordable health plans and insurers a way to compete for individual customers so exchanges give you access to a range of plans whether you're a student you run a local bakery or are stay-at-home dad gotcha but what does it mean for me right now if you were to shop for insurance you'd be on your own and it can get pretty complicated soon most of us will be required by law to purchase health insurance including you and exchanges will offer a more streamlined way for millions of Americans to compare and select insurance got it yeah I think so Thanks you're welcome


  1. need help completing the application or just help navigating the process…..go to navigatingyourinsuranceoptionsdotcom.

  2. Soon, most of us (except Obama, his family, his pals, Congress and the Senate) will be required "by law" to purchase health insurance…..LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  3. If you're young, your best bet is to forgo insurance and just pay the penalty. Chances are you'll save a lot more money since it is unlikely you'll even need medical care. And if know that you really will need it soon, you can sign up then, insurance can't deny you.

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