Health Insurance Enrollment Reminder From Denver Health

(upbeat music) – Hi everyone. My name is Julio Martinez and today we’re gonna be
talking about open enrollment. And for that reason we
have Manuel Arevalo. He’s an expert in the topic. How are you Manuel? – I’m great, thank you for having me. – Manuel, tell us what is open enrollment? – Open enrollment is a time period, usually when once a year when people can make changes to their
current health insurance. It also gives them the ability to purchase health insurance if they
don’t otherwise have it. – And when is this open
enrollment period actually open? – So we have two open enrollment periods. The first is the annual
enrollment period for Medicare and that begins on October 15th and set to end December 7th. We also have the Colorado
exchange open enrollment and that is beginning on November 1st and set to end on January 15th. – Manuel, tell us, to
the entire community, what is so important for everybody to know about open enrollment? – It’s important to know this
information because we might have a relative or a family
member or a friend that is 65 and above, with certain disabilities, or people that can’t
purchase health insurance through their workplace. – Well perfect. Thank you
so much Manny for doing that and remind us where they
can find information about these open enrollment here and the plans that they have access to. Yeah, so they can visit
at any one of the nine Family Health Centers at Denver Health. We have enrollment specialists
there waiting to help them. They can also visit or Connect For Health Colorado. – Well thank you so much
Manny for this information. And now you have everything
that you need to know about open enrollments, so
help us to spread the word. Thank you.

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