Health Insurance – Claim Analytics

you BTI is a Microsoft Gold certified partner with more than a decade global experience in health insurance industry UB TI's claim analytic solution enables insurers and TPAs to increase productivity reduce costs improve loss ratio and ultimately drive better claim performance UB TI's claim analytic solution helps you address your most complex business questions by virtualizing your data and interpreting the best solutions for better decision making today the health insurance companies are under immense pressure to improve the quality of service and reduce costs our interactive dashboards with meaningful analytical data helps you to face today's business challenges let's see few KPIs our dashboard report depicts the complete claim statistics picturing the full 360-degree view of your business other impressive feature including purse art canvas filters slicers and drill downs on the reports to dive deep into the insights and identify the problem area the second KPI is a powerful bi virtual that shows month-on-month claim loss ratio CLR analysis across corporates it also depicts premium and claimed amount with loss ratio for each month also the CLR was calculated dynamically that can be filtered year wise and corporate wise to determine the gain or loss fraud and abuse management fams trigger illustrates that the number of claims of Group Policy is more than 10 percent in a hospital these triggers indicate the possible area of fraud where monitoring is required this report for claims fraud analysis is based on the outlier technique that identifies claims which do not conform to an expected pattern and clearly indicates the fraud region it provides insight and monthly trend on the outlier level procedure with top outliers and channel wise outlier level by claimed amount UV technology innovations make insightful decisions and drive results at your fingertips visit us at WWE

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