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so Meccano about prepaid health insurance policy so first lowest 549 pesos wendy kind of mobility no sorry anymore health insurance and if i were you who may not appear on 549 pesos even be Milligan and the health insurance today hi everyone this is Kyle of daddy said co-ed welcome to my first youtube video in this video we're going to be talking about prepaid health insurance plans in the Philippines so before we talk about the different health insurance plans let's first define what a health insurance is so one health insurance is some type of insurance coverage that covers for medical expenses nominally some insured individual and our payment is either in full or in part shell so if it's a meal chemical is a found insurance policy holder for health once a hospital qey you insurance company or young health insurance company they will be the one to pay for your hospital bills provided of course not covered under your policy or vinieron more beam a beer and meal plan to mark a mile and Athena insurance or health insurance alumni Manhattan latinum health care systems of Pilipinas is major challenging I think ID numbers Abimelech goodbye can feel health on a monthly basis independent enough your coverage number be beginning for you and yes mayor of the nineteen Italian employee health benefits or HMO not be nee begane among employers better managing portion to premium on a Filipino well on telecom coverage and this is mainly because we don't have clear loss on employee health benefits and yes maritime tentative on a universal health care bill nighy Papa Sandow but while waiting for that we need to find a way to protect ourselves in her family from the rising cost of health care in the Philippines I remember about in 2016 when I first started working for a start-up in which I'm still currently working with right now number nine will having health benefits and at the time but this belonging girlfriend Co and I remember we were talking what if most pettalia went up na mean some ACO who wanna better so I'm gonna we're only gonna pop on anybody buy health insurance company in an offering a comprehensive insurance and I remember I was quoted an amount of twenty eight thousand pesos just for a plan for myself so this is because Marisol antenna power than the hierarchy needs so he be submitting a higher in scale Amana Micawber young top most member of the family before they can cover the child so in this case our young so I love among Bynum 20,000 for myself and another 28,000 for my son and open on a will and muhammad canim class in para so i decided to look around for a better alternative and that's when I found out about prepaid health insurance plans talking about prepaid health insurance plan so I'm prepaid health insurance plan is just like your typical health insurance policy but the main difference is they're paid for in advance and as compared to comprehensive insurance or HMO coverage much lesser you benefits the more offer now and it's cheaper but the important thing remains you will be protected financially so let's start with plans for emergency care services so we all know that accidents happen all the time which is why we need an insurance plan that protects us from emergencies so first on our list is Maxo care a'ready titanium plan which is 549 pesos so for 549 pesos you get a one-time availment coverage of emergency care services of up to 15,000 pesos and coverage already includes emergency room fees doctors professional fees and even animal bites including vaccines or you wrap these shots so don't belong making savings at alabama cuomo and if you have more budget or if you want more coverage you can get Phil care advantage plus adults plan you have two options for TK and 60 K so you for the k plan that's one thousand fifty pesos and your 60 K plan that's one thousand three hundred fifty pesos and just like Maxo care already titanium it also covers for emergency care services but the main difference is most Bolivian coverage now almost doubled or tripled the amount so for the 40 K plan you get forty thousand emergency care services for 60 K plan you get sixty thousand emergency care services and since this is an adult only plan and cooperation it is from 18 years old to 65 years old – how about dr. consultations so we all known upon me Annika important in doctor consultations however mandalas new consultations it already cost around 500 to 600 pesos and Malcolm body and go 1-1 complexin doctora so to help you out you can get an insurance policy for consultations so first on our list is the family dog only consult a card which is 600 pesos so for that amount you will get unlimited access or unlimited consultations with any doctors on family dog branches for six months so 600 pesos for six months sober Moroccan savings names para cenar consultations and if you again you have more budget you can try medical health plus a voucher that's one thousand one hundred pesos just like the family dog and lickin soda hard it covers for consultations and more than that they also offer one annual free examination free physical examination and then one free dental prophylaxis per year and then you also get 20% discount on diagnostic and laboratory tests on any medical freestanding clinic so in family dog only consult a card you can only use that at family doc branches the medical and health plus a voucher you can only use that at medical freestanding clinics but then again my iPad a new savings the Momo when you think about the cost so let's talk about confinement and I'm nominating like the one son Franco so pretend in ACP Nakajima living hospital bill and to protect ourselves financially you have to buy an insurance policy for that as well so one good card is my Mac secure blue card it's 1599 pesos and it covers for 8 types of viral illnesses and once covered you will get up to 25,000 pesos of conference so let's say 50,000 your hospital bill mow and fill health covers for 25,000 and Massacre covers for another twenty-five thousand so zero named Barbara Island on my laughing melody money savings more I'm talking about the more classical prepaid health insurance plans but those are just my personal suggestions to you and also I'm not a see I'm not a health professional and indeed upon sales agent this is just my way of helping people out find a better alternative and if you want to learn more about prepaid health insurance plans or other insurance policies you can go to triple w dot Maria health Doc pH they will be able to help you out find a plan that fits your needs and your budget so this is based on my experience now a billionaire on an insurance policy summary health before and hassle-free in transaction and Magadan customer support cannot and if you also learn something new today feel free to share this video with your friends and your family and if you have questions for me leave them in the comments down below and I'll also put the links in the description 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