Health Care Workers On Their Own Against Coronavirus As Supplies Dwindle | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. If this was a military conflict, would troops be deployed with only a promise of guns that are on their way?

  2. F.A.I.L.E.D-S.T.A.T.E


  4. God save us from this Administration's inaction.

  5. While we sit at home we have the chance to follow the money. It has not gone to the shuttered citizens….it has not gone to the Health care system…where tf is it going? Why bailout the airlines that bought this disease here? Why bailout the transit authorities who allowed the spread? Bailout the people and let the companies die. Ethics over economies.

  6. I have a sewing machine and some materials. Please supply specs for gowns, etc. I'm in California so in home isolation and am virus free so far…El

  7. We are sooo dead.

  8. T-Rump is Satanyahu's butt-boy…

  9. I came up with the idea that could use plastic table clothes and duct take to create gowns and the hard plastic helmet covering if you created a frame work could use clear plastic wrap and remove after each patient. May sound hokey but may work as last resort.

  10. To turn the homemade masks into n95 masks (as close as possible, use a double layer of non-woven fabric (what many of us call interfacing).
    Also, put in a pocket on the inside, for a folded in half coffee filter.

  11. what lies are the china controlled news media telling today

    They put themselves in great risks to save lives. WE need to do something to keep them safe!!

  13. This is real and it’s so sad these front line worker are putting there lifes at risk! and our president can’t even get them PPE!!

  14. If this kind of disaster happens every 100 years, how should they have prepared? Should someone have kept 100 million or 500 million or a billion gloves and surgical masks in storage forever until they are needed or what? Should they have prepared factories in America to make these things when hospitals and everyone else probably bought cheaper ones from China to save money? I have not heard anyone explain how this could have been planned for? Could all of these things been made in America over the last two months if China couldn't make them because of the epidemic they had?

  15. Republicans have been too busy pretending everything was great, whilst saving their money, to worry about providing protective equipment for those who risk their lives trying to save lives, or providing the tools they need to do their jobs. They are a disgrace to the human race. I only hope that all Americans will see this and throw them all out of office come November.

  16. Remember when trump disagreed with his own medical experts and said he didnt believe covid was imminent here. . Well here we are, , his wishful thanking was just stupid.

  17. Obama left trump a global health infrastructure, a team of specialists to deal with pandemics like this and trump dismantled it out of spite. . Now people are dying because of his stupidity.

  18. Where is Joe Biden?

  19. My daughter is a nurse. I fear for her safety and that of all healthcare professionals. Right now I'm staying away from her because she has not been tested. 😓

  20. Supermarket workers have no protective equipment against the hoards of customers entering supermarkets.

  21. War size response for all of them ????

  22. Maddow the brainless

  23. Americans need to stop blaming Trump…blame yourselves, you put him there.

  24. Ingenious people on the front line 'magivering' stuff does not let government  off the hook. They should all be fired for this depraved indifference to human life' then sent to an ICE prison to rot.

  25. In my opinion
    From what I'm hearing and reading from seeing accounts
    On the front lines in the heat they are feeling this virus take over.
    From lack of PPEs we will see our hospitals over flowing with sick and our care givers taken down by this virus.
    Front line care givers are at thier last call.
    The virus is over running them.
    I believe a total shut down at this point is needed.
    In the areas that have low cases it will begin to rise.
    We all have seen the beach gowers flock the beaches. who knows how many are affected at this point and now are back home.
    The next wave is coming.
    In our county we have 7 cases
    That's nothing, I fear from seeing the other states like NY, CALIFORNIA using them as models all the other states will follow. We need to check our hospitals supplies now. I put this out there in Hope that someone in power may read this.
    I know it's been thought of already.
    But we need to think quicker and be proactive now.
    If the state isnt being quick enough can the counties step up.
    We have 7 cases now 4 yesterday so its here we need to act now before it's to late.
    Our STATE is on a lock down you can still go to the store for food, gas, and pick up resturant food drive up only.
    Which I dont agree with.
    If a person making my food that has it right before closing the box, wrapping my food sneezes. Coughs, talks over it,
    I'm pretty sure I can get it.

  26. Dr you are a hero, all healthcare people are this point.

  27. I voted for Trump , Spence and Trump are a FAILURE in regards to the American people and this Pandemic. SHAME

  28. I don't understand though, how do we not already have these basic things for them? How were they working before

  29. Trump what are you doing to help our Doctors and Nurse they equipment need it Now . We need for all who are helping firefighters ,ambulances etc ,Now

  30. Rip america 😥😣😷😡😱😫😩😓😤😖😵😕

  31. How fast would they get the PPEs if they walked off the job until they got them?

  32. His base won’t see this BUT, I really, really wish they’d stick a crowbar in their brains, crack them open a bit, and let some truth in. It’s far too late for the god they mindlessly worship and his pathetic sidekick, but maybe one lazy mind can be saved.

  33. When you let lawyers dictate safety… everyone is in danger.

  34. Don't believe everything y'all see and hear on the news.

  35. We live in a country run by elites who have deep rooted hatred of the average citizens. I would even say genocidal hatred down to the bone. The sad thing is that they have convinced half the population that they work in their interest.

  36. Hold Trump and administration for not doing anything sooner !!!!!Vote out Republicans in the Senate in 2020 !!!
    Vote Blue 💙💙💙💙

  37. Trump is going to cost the lives of thousands of US citizens. But worse, if all countries don't get this virus under control, then it will keep coming back. Trump in his stupidity and incompetence may well be partly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths!

  38. We need supplies and resourcess for all people. Everyone at home call your congress personand senator, demand results!!!



  41. I can make some things for them!
    Contact me through Instagram
    Do they have the fabric for the gowns? If the source the fabric I'll make things for free.

  42. How did we end up here ? We’ve had worse diseases before , many times . How this time , it got THIS bad ??

  43. This is a national disgrace the healthcare workers at the frontline don't have the supplies needed to fight COVID-19 plus the protection gears for themselves,is this America or some third world country .Every mayors and governors should called on citizens with a sewing machines to make masks car makers like GM and FORD Ventilator equipment,Drug companies we need testing kits.this is America we must work together as one and lean on each other🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  44. If the Corona virus only caused mild bouts of sneezing, then having the good Dr attend to you would be almost as amusing as having Patch Adams on the ward. Her name, Dr Esther Choo, is almost a perfect vocalization of a sneeze. Unfortunately, this isn't hay fever and the Dr isn't laughing.

  45. Corona Virus is a biological attack on the USA by Russia. The war is already lost

  46. Doctor, I don't want hope. I want facts. Don't pull a trump

  47. Donate your masks effing hoarders, if we loose medical staff it is game over.

  48. 3D printing and decentralized production could be up to that very kind of task one day, making items that most modern countries don't make anymore and that are needed urgently in big numbers. But that cannot happen without proper organisation and without sharing of knowledge.

  49. Puerto Rico should have been a clear indicator of what this administration will do in a crisis. (Throw paper towels?) They were never taken care of and many died from neglect and indifference. Except now we're short on all supplies both in sheltering in places and medical facilities. This administration will be responsible for so many deaths that could wipe out towns and cities.
    America is getting conned and promises made will NEVER be delivered.
    Does Russia have the virus there?

  50. Let me ask a serious question. If these hospitals are already in short supply, this implies that the hospitals were not prepared during the Obama era as well and now that a pandemic has arrived, this issue becomes obvious… Trump and us are left having to correct the situation….thank god we have a man of action like Trump in place. God bless America

  51. The brightest minds typically work at hospitals, that goes without saying. But shouldn't they have been hoarding masks months ago, like we been hoarding toilet paper 😂

  52. I would ask the world to help Australia get masks as there are NONE here and in fact the Health Department advertised that masks are "unnecessary" and don't do anything. They advise ONLY people who already have the virus should wear masks so they don't 'spread' it. Yea this is the truth! I have their email and can publish if necessary.

  53. I wanna donate money for them to purchase badly needed PPE, where can I find the information? Those heroes need help!!! We have to help them, so they can save lives.

  54. Why can't we get names of hospitals overflowing with corona virus patients? Or the names of cities and people that supposedly died?

  55. Sad when they are begging for PPE and the President says buck off we have plenty in the White House?Shameful behaviour by the Federal government.

  56. They got N95 and we have thin mask- so mad to risk my life. Had to pay for my own goggles, thx trump for being inept, we don’t appreciate your lies- 😷😷😷😷😷😷

  57. The White House occupant is functioning like the enemy within, an asset of America's enemy!

  58. I cannot watch MSNBC videos with that insidious coronavirus notification glaring at me. No no.

  59. ALL tweets referring to EQUIPMENT NEEDS should be tagged @realdonaldtrump the dead also!

  60. Thank you MSDNC with 5 minutes of gnus during a national emergency.


  61. hey, it's madcow maddow. how is russia comming? are they already in your office?
    i do not understand how you are still on national TV.

  62. Perfect love cast out all fear
    “HE showed you these things so you would know that the Lord is God and there is no other.”
    ‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭4: 35‬ ‭
    “If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved.”
    ‭‭Romans‬ ‭10:9-10‬ ‭

  63. And now they all look to Bernies ideas without mentioning Bernie cause he's still an evil socialist.

  64. your a funking disgrace……. get this [email protected] off tv…

  65. look at Europe……….typical Americans

  66. At some point self preservation has to come first. If there is no resolve to these problems this week this nurse is done… license , my lamp and life will not be toyed with… child will not be orphaned …the basketball players and the Kardashian clan can fill in for us. Their lives are clearly more important …..

  67. Funny how they find all of these "political activist " healthcare workers … these people shouldn't be in the medical field . They obviously cant treat Americans .

  68. Terry C.Re ventilators. A vacuum cleaner producing company (in normal times) in the UK hopes to have UK governmental approval for their design for a ventilator for use in hospitals to supplement the existing supply. They estimate they can switch their production quickly and produce a 1000 per month. They initiated this project independently of government as part of "all pulling together".
    Maybe there are similar companies in the USA that could do the same thing?

  69. This administration keeps saying "there will be millions of masks available for PURCHASE." I thought this was a National Emergency,why should any facility have to pay for PPE?

  70. Ever since the Koch brothers took over the federal government and pushed their John Birch policy on us, the federal government is no longer able to take the central role in fighting a national disease like the new Trump virus. They cut the CDC and asked states to deal with the Trump virus.

  71. Urgent ! Germicidal UV-C To Protect From Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) In Wuhan, China. [Share with the masses !] Healthcare workers taking care of COVID-19 patients need to apply these techniques.

  72. Fox news spread this?
    Fox news and hannaity must have spread this hoax to half the hillbillys in america? You want to see my video of jan 23 warning of trumps inacton on this virus? I know who started this pandemic. It was FOX news…

  73. we need global leadership – let's appoint Obama everyone Trusts him

  74. Every Home Depot, Lowe's or home supplies store, need to donate all but 2 dozen health masks and 2 dozen boxes of gloves. These items can be replaced once the supplies are replenished by the government. I would suggest contacting the WH, and perhaps sending Ivanka Trump, a top advisior to her father an email with pictures of your products and once the emergency subsides your stock can be replaced. This is a serious problem and Ivanka isn't traveling at the moment. Ivanka can assign a member of her staff to attend to this much needed public service. Only my opinions and a valid suggestion!

  75. Is Trump from Mars or Moscow …

  76. Please start posting the entirety of Rachel’s show on YouTube. Throw in as many commercials as you want, I’d gladly watch them in order to get Rachel’s take on these wildly shifting events. Please.

  77. i just cut up several puppy pads and sewed together with elastic straps and created masks hopefully this can help if so maybe we can get all the puppy pads available and and make some for our health care workers

  78. God bless this amazing doctor, and all the heath care workers who face tremendous risk serving others. Thank you!

  79. So next election vote straight” DEMOCRAT”

  80. As an ICU RN I am glad this physician mentioned the Respiratory Therapist! They are indispensable in the unit. Unsure if the public understands their importance to a patient dealing with a respiratory problem. They are as much of the hospitals foundation as I am! Thank you RT TEAMS! 💞💋

  81. Off with her head!

  82. Stop giving people hope and give them the truth this will help people prevent themselves from getting it knowing that this is not a joke

  83. We need prevention

  84. We are looking so bad to the world.

  85. I do hope this improved, I am planning to sow my own mask, video to come.

  86. Don't worry 'The chosen one' and 'stable genius has it all under control, he's doing a great job Best ever in all history, ask his supporters Dieing to keep him lieing!

  87. we saw this happen to china in january. Yet the arrogrance and incompetency of the government and hospital heads did not see the urgency to start preparing?

  88. Hey Trump the smartest man in the US already tired of winning?

  89. Best healthcare system in the world failing miserably. Private hospitals, insurance companies, biotech firms, working together to reap ever larger profits from the sick. Wouldn't you like to have "socialist" style universal healthcare now.

  90. Trump has known of the probability of a pandemic for months and has done absolutely NOTHING .
    The safety of health care workers is being completely ignored by Trump shortly it will not be possible to offer medical care.

  91. It's the whole world on their own dummies

  92. Sucks to be a doctor right now.Its literally killing them.

  93. Our Healthcare System Sucks!
    It is the most expensive on the Planet and unprepared for a Pandemic. What good is endless Federal Funding of Healthcare? I'm not in Healthcare and am classified as Poor. I've had expensive Face Masks capable of Virus filtering in Storage for Decades. Planning 101. Government Subsidies of Healthcare must end.
    Look at the Results!
    Corina is evidence we need Free Market Healthcare.

  94. It's taken a crisis like Covid-19 to bring the world to it's knees… needlessly. The fact of the matter is, the majority of the medical industry sources it's masks from China, rather than from US manufacturers, so they can "save a few bucks". Now that they need this equipment they wonder why they cannot get it. This needs to stop. Wake up America. Hospitals are not Walmarts and for what they charge us for the materials they use, they can afford to spends a few pennies… yes pennies… more for US made masks.

  95. You waisted the time China bought for the world.

  96. Why didn't this ER doctor place order in January when this issue was known? Is she incompetent or do we want to blame Trump for this?

  97. They did not sign up for this. They are people like us all. They can have autoimmune issues, they have families and children, some are pregnant. This is SO wrong.

  98. #TrumpVirus

  99. Thank you, Donald. This is why we will reelect you! You are, indeed, the smartest and most competent man in the world. We need you. We couldn´t do it without you. We don´t want to do it without you.

  100. Let me help clear up the fake news:

    Trump gives a breakdown of the medical supplies going out to various states. Take the time to listen and avoid the Maddow disinformation machine.

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