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I have here to interview with me for the health care professionals interview assignment miss Donna Scott the nurse manager here at Binta hospital in the clinic idea.i my grandmother used to work at a hospital when I was growing up and we used to go up to the hospital and just to visit her and see her and I think I was just kind of I guess at a state of kind of admired nurses at that time and I kind of saw what they did a little bit and I guess as a child I kind of thought oh I think I want to be a nurse you know when I grow up one day and I think they just kind of stick with me you're kind of you know they stayed with me so as growing up it was just kind of a dream of mine you know just to become a nurse and then I had a cousin also who I was a little bit older than me who also became a nurse so I guess that kind of continued with my inspiration and I always said I guess you know going about you know I enjoy you know helping people and you know talking with people and I guess doing contines with each usually about 3:45 246 maybe and they make their 4246 well there's always a lot of changes I guess policies evaluations have to be done and we have to do a lot of working with the patient's you know sometimes their complaints or conflicts and things of that nature so you have to address those issues I get to do corrective actions you know when they're fall outs in different areas you know with Joint Commission you with and make sure that we're always ready for anytime there's a survey coming up and then we have people go around to do these readiness rounds so you need to make sure that your staff is informed and know what these different standards are because you know someone come by and just add certain questions and if your staff don't know the answer it means that you need to follow up you know you need to make sure that they know it otherwise you know you get a bad score right so you need to follow with your staff specially there are things that you need to have corrective action plans for to make sure that you know that everyone knows what they need to know you think that they come back again so they're working with different personalities you know you have to know how to work with them you have to keep up with a lot of different things time and attendance your you know counseling employees you need to you know work together as a team to make sure that you are improving in areas that are not in compliance like patient satisfaction for one the innovation that your patients are satisfied because you want your patients to come back right you want to get a bad name you want to make sure that you are providing service first care to your patients that all the staff members are friendly with your patients you want to try to get your patients in and out you want to decrease them as a stay that they're here so it's just so many different things that you have to you know I think being a manager and you have to be accountable for lots of different things I feel it's a big responsibility being nervous and there are a lot of things I think that can be stressful for nursing I wear the performance appraisal exchanging here in the hearing hair itself and as you all know we've changed our name to I don't know if you knew that or not but we used to be called Harris County High School District but now we're we've changed our name where Harris health system because we're just not been Tom LBJ Quinn Mays and all that so without it being said there we also trying to move towards Magna status so some of the roles have changed in responsibility for the nurse were the nurses the are required you know to be more involved with their whole community of practice in the area that they're working in and looking more at a clinical inquire inquiry where you're looking at evidence-based practices to try to make sure that we're doing things based on what has been researched and say is best for the patient at that particular time where the patient will have the best outcome it is the nurse involved with being collaborative and working with other team members in trying to make sure that we are doing best practices and collaborating even with other disciplines so nursing needs to be involved like in all over the organization not just in nursing like nursing needs to have something to say you know if there's a meeting with pharmacy ot or for the administration Nursing has been represented in all those different areas and set of just you know just want so we're looking at you know nursing clinical inquiry we're looking at quality in quality as another area it's about seven different areas into something new they're new appraisal information we're looking at the clinical care performance standards we're looking at their quality and safety performance standards we're looking at clinical inquiry performance communication and collaboration and we're looking at resources and system utilization and then the role of professional nurse and their responsibilities so there there are lots of requirements for the nurse and with the myth that there's likely a job portfolio to identify that we are meeting those standards so that's what stressful and I think for the new nurses shooting for the nurses NAPA that's something new that they haven't been joined so you have to really show evidence that that you are doing all these different things and then their evidence some of them has to be clinical why's evident in the medical records so you have to be able to go back and see that oh yeah the nurse said does she do this so you have evidence to support it as you can see that it's in the record that they actually did versus just doing and said okay what I did to in services I don't have some autonomy you know and I do like I mean I kind of like what I do the only thing it's just a negative piece I like working with people you know educating them I do I guess I do a lot of writing too and to update individuals on things that they need to know especially projects we get to do that you know working in this position whenever there's anything new I mean usually when I'm some environment sometimes you know it can't be fun to you know when you get together at your leadership meetings or when your monthly meetings are doing the different holidays we may do something special for the staff you know put on a skit or something something fun what else I mean it's just reward especially when you talk to patients too and you know that you made a difference you know for them they're grateful like if you just make them appointment you know they're happy oh thank you for helping me they really are a sincere you know when they are you know they're grateful for whatever you do to help them even if even if they have to waste some time you know some of them you know they really don't mind and you apologize for the ways and they're like oh it's okay communication is very important because if you don't communicate you know things kind of just happen haphazardly right you have to make sure you communicate things that are clear and specific to what is it needs to be done because if you leave something out you know that's when you can have you know a bad outcome and you commute with communication or the lack thereof that's usually the cause of any adverse event if you leave something out of the out of the whole process of saying okay well for example you say okay where that patient is is all positive you know you leave that out there to be critical right the patient's own blood look yeah if you don't do a time out you know when you're doing surgery you know okay it says left okay but you guys didn't say right and then what happens if you take the wrong whatever I think they want wrong limo so that's why communication is very important I do a lot of emails you know I do a lot of email but you know sometimes that's really not enough see man I read their emails and say I didn't get it because it's a lot of information that's given from everywhere not just for me to the staff you get a communication from corporate communication right we get emails from me and then make it I mean it's just they get emails probably from everywhere you know different departments may send them an email so you have to make sure you try to address those in your staff meeting and then sometimes you may have to do it one-on-one or you may have to post some things like our patient satisfaction so as we post them in the lounge in our in their break room so my phone they can call me in my phone you know they have my office number that I have my pager number so there's always a means of communicating you know we have a team leader and I have a charge nurse that I can also communicate to so I try to use them as well to help with communicating information to the different teams that we have in the clinic of course I think a lot of people may have a misconception about nursing maybe I may not I mean some people may think that nurses just really just bedside nursing which is not really the case because nurses can do gamut of different things nurses give you no respect it's as you probably know nurses can also get anesthesia in the or those anesthesia nurses nurses if their nurse practitioner you know they can specialize in other areas family medicine cardiology or OB or med surg or even critical working like an EC emergency medicine so they can work in all those different areas and you know they can write prescriptions just like you know physicians working under a physician as a nurse practitioner negative professors they can work in quality they can work with lawyers you know expert witnesses or you know all the different areas for nursing OB medicine psychiatric nursing home health quality they can work at an insurance company so nurses can do just so many different things you know they become nurses someone become lawyers so it just it's just wide open that what nurses actually really can do


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