alright guys today's gonna be a fun one we're gonna play true or false which does sound boring but I promise it's gonna be fun over on Instagram you guys sent me all of your myths ponderin says things you've always wondered deep down about health care being an MP being a nurse all of that good stuff and today we're gonna say is it true or is it false so the think healthcare is one of those things that gets kind of hyped up and all sorts of rumors start flying all over the place so today we're gonna lay to rest a couple of those and hopefully learn a few things along the way if you lose you're brand new here I'm Liz I'm a family nurse practitioner and it was a bedside nurse for years before that so hopefully I've learned a thing or two and along the way in regards to health care I guess we'll find out today also quick sidebar the all the true and false is here are my true and false is not necessarily everyone's true impulses so yours might be different but this is what I've experienced it's gonna very impress the board so don't you know get all up and bothered if this is not what you have experienced alright we're jumping right into it nursing school is the hardest thing in the world right false my friends false nurse practitioner school is the hardest thing in the world just getting burly guys nursing school is very challenging yes but it's not the hardest thing in the world as long as you dedicate yourself to it give it the time that it needs and really commit to it you'll be fine nurse practitioners are out to steal physician jobs right there's practitioners are not out to steal a physician jobs I think maybe some physicians think that they are kind of gets a little sticky when it's like the rules are very similar but they are definitely different so I think they play well together let's all just play nicely together nursing school and medical school are on the same track right so this is kind of playing into nursing school like eventually leads to medical school or people ask you know are you trying to become a doctor new so this is kind of like if you're thinking about being on two different roads that look at each other and sometimes they can mingle but they are really two different roads okay nursing school the medical school track obviously you can go to nursing school and then go to medical school so there's you know little intersections where you can enter the freeway but they are different they both serve wonderful purposes they're both absolutely necessary in health care but one does not lead to the other you will find your best friends in nursing school ding-ding-ding this is fairly true I have some wonderful friends that I've met in nursing school you really bond over the chaos I know my support group now with my girls I went to NP school with and I think nursing in general like you're gonna make some really great friends in nursing school and then your nurse friends that you make on the unit those are also gonna be great people the whole stress and chaos of it really brings you together so I hope you've got some people you really like now these are getting fun relationships and hookup scandals happen in the hospital just like Grey's Anatomy ding ding ding so this is true and this is something at least in my experience and this is something that's definitely more prevalent in the physician provider like resident aspects rather than the nursing world and I think it's just because I mean like you're there all the time you're putting in these crazy hours but yes this does happen I have heard many stories moving right in the vein of that McDreamy is way hotter than McSteamy Frank friends personally this is a big fat false McSteamy was always way hotter than McDreamy but that all went completely out of the window as soon as Jackson showed up also if you have no idea what this is this is Grey's Anatomy which I actually stopped watching when you know a couple seasons ago because I just couldn't my heart couldn't take it but there's where I lay on that one Jesse Williams is a nice person to look at the next one it's probably one of my biggest pet peeves when watching medical shows defibrillating a patient with a flatline we'll resuscitate them if you have a flatline that means there is no electrical activity going on in your heart therefore you can't jumpstart it so if you think about it like this a defibrillator is kind of like the steering wheel on your car if you have totally lost control of your vehicle aka your heart is like hey and doing all sorts of crazy things your steering wheel is going to be going all different direction but your car is still moving so this is like your heart if your heart is having a moment and it's just spazzing out the electrical activity is gonna look wild it's gonna be doing it's crazy wiggly things but there's still electrical activity your car is still in motion and the steering wheel is like the defibrillator where it takes control of the situation that says friend you are not operating properly this is how we do with a quick little shock to kind of whip it back into shape you shock the heart it remembers oh my gosh yes we have to steer correctly and hopefully it'll start beating correctly but if your car is not in motion if there is no electrical activity going on shocking it and using the steering wheel is useless okay so you cannot shock a flatline nothing will happen that's why you do CPR in hopes that you can do a little bit of pushing on that car to get it rolling just enough to use your steering wheel got me all your medical shows will now be ruined you're welcome okay next nurses think about you when they go home evening me at least in my case I have had a lot of patients you know where I go home and they're still on my mind you know I'm like who I wonder if they're doing this I wonder if they're nauseous as a nurse practitioner I've had the same thing like I wonder how they're doing today but I think on an inpatient basis it was a lot stronger and I thought a lot more about them because I was with a couple of people each day for like a lot of hours and so I think it's natural to go home and think about them getting a job in a specialty area such as psych the NICU pediatrics labor and delivery straight out of nursing school will cause you to lose skills you learned Frank guys this is probably doesn't sound great but you don't have a lot of skills graduating from nursing school you think you do but most of the skills for your job you're going to learn are going to be on the job so you might as well if you want to go into one of those go into one of them as healthcare has progressed units become more and more specific so really most areas are a specialty unit whenever you move to a new one you're gonna have to gain all those new skills and get the special training in that area anyway so you might as well just go for it do it nurses and healthcare providers talk about you to their families ping-ping-ping obviously no names are involved and you try to keep it as hip as possible but I mean know why like sometimes you do you know obviously like I said no names but you do talk to you about your patients with your family members it happens and usually the good grocer the more you talk about it at dinner for some reason because that seems to make all your family members really happy when you're talking about the wound debridement and the tunneling sacral ulcer that you were you know debriding earlier this really goes really well with chicken alfredo family nurse practitioners can work in the emergency department finding me so I'm gonna give this one a slightly less and less enthusiastic true because they can but they man that's kind of that emergency department is kind of like the in-between I personally think it would be better suited for an acute care nurse practioner family obviously can you can also become certified as an emergency department nurse practitioner which i think would be a great idea but yes technically they can although family nurse practitioners if you're going by what your education is it's really primary care and the emergency department is not considered primary care physicians start IVs take blood pressures and transport patients right so I know this is depicted a lot on television shows where like the physicians are doing a lot I think I mean they do know how to do those things I don't think I've ever had a physician take a blood pressure I definitely I have not had one start like a peripheral eye me but I don't know how to do that either I have had a physician a surgeon transport my patient once and that was when I told them you really need to come look at this kid and they did and they said oh my gosh we're going to the O R and they took them in that moment and that's the only time other than that not not really I mean that's not their job you can get a blood clot from a bubble in your IV right and I'm talking bubble it takes like a whole line of tubing so 15 to 30 ml of air to actually cause some really serious issues on your insights that those little bubbles are totally harmless and fine obviously NICU baby anything like really small that might be a different story but for the most part it's okay if you are young you are healthy right this is sad this is something I think we see in society a lot is we assume young people are healthy we assume if you don't see anything wrong with someone on the outside that they are healthy moral of this story is just treat everyone with respect try to be as understanding and open-minded as possible when talking to people really hear them just because they are young does not mean they don't have chronic illnesses it's our natural assumption a lot I think to assume you're young you're healthy but to those people they would give anything to be young and healthy so it's can be painful for when they're not young and healthy being an MP is more rewarding than being a nurse right personally false at this point I think maybe one day I'll change my mind but as a nurse I could see the immediate results of my actions you know you are uncomfortable I can hope you become comfortable you're actively declining I can do the interventions or get the right people here to hell improve you and that gave me a lot more personal satisfaction right now I'm playing the long game and I think over time as a nurse practitioner as I see people over the years that will give me immense satisfaction and be very rewarding but at this moment I just don't have those long-term relationships so it's not quite there yet nurses aren't afraid of blood or getting shots right I have seen so many nurses like literally curled up on counters trying to get flu shots because they're so afraid of needles so guys we can stab people all day long but we also are afraid of needles a lot of the time guilty haven't crawled on a clowner but have like oh I've had shots before ever the person's like are you gonna pass out like I might I just might blood has never been my problem but some people aren't a fan of it eat a good breakfast drink lots of water just so you don't pass out wear a mask if you need to hide your face of like horror nurse practitioners get more respect from other providers when they're contacted versus when nurses contact them so I think this is like if a nurse is paging of zin versus a nurse practitioner calling ding ding ding when I called in the capacity of a nurse practitioner I've gotten more respect but I usually get a lot of respect as a nurse too so we'll see true but really I've had a lot of respect both ways I've never been screamed at as a nurse practitioner I guess but that's it I mean yeah I guess you get a little bit more respect you have to be incredibly smart to survive nursing school right okay guys yes you have to be like smart but what does smart even mean you know what I mean so I'm gonna say false because as long as you are this is what you want to do you can do it if you're dedicated if you are committed to it like I said in the beginning of the video if you're willing to put the hard work in and do what you need to do you can do it yes testing comes easier to some people but they might not have the people smarts that you have everyone has different things they bring to the table I am NOT the best test taker but I am pretty decent at talking with people and being able to do like skills labs so I think everyone brings different things to the table as long as you're prepared and you put the work in you can do it I think it gets narcing school gets talked up to be this impossible crazy thing by so many people and you can do it guys you can do it I say this all the time if I do it you can do it you can put the work in and you're gonna get out of it what you put into it seem within P school by the way skin cancer can be asymptomatic finding me unfortunately that is absolutely true starting around like age 35 I think the recommendation by the dermatology people to go and get your skin checks like every three issuers I think don't quote me on that but they go over with like a black light it's real awkward but they can see things that our naked eye cannot by asymptomatic you just might not notice you know so always check your moles always check the freckles all check all it have other people check all of it be familiar with everything long term doses of prednisone will cause alterations in your taste buds oh that so for things like this who knows I don't even know if that's true or false so alone do Epocrates one of my favorite apps pee and we'll type in prednisone and see if that shows up under the adverse reactions it does not so maybe it does I hope that hasn't happened to you that sounds terrible but if you're up for a bad time look at the adverse reactions of prednisone on Epocrates because it is a mile long and terrifies you to ever take it or prescribe it to anyone although it does work wonders but still physicians and nurse practitioners take little to no nutrition in their classes I think this is referring to like the class nutrition ping-ping-ping which is sad so as a nurse I took nutrition it was briefly talked about in NP school kind of like oh yeah might have been K this I think it's hugely underutilized obviously I can't speak at all to med school because I've never gone to that but I wish it had been a larger component of NP school because I find myself doing diet teaching all the time because it's something that's easy to implement for a lot of people doesn't cost money you can do it with the flu shot each year they guess which strain will be in it it's not just a guess guys the CDC works really hard to try to figure out what to put in the flu shot they base that based on what strains have caused people to become the sickest how those strains that were bad spread so like is an easy spreadable thing is this affecting a lot of people and what worked really well last year and they kind of combined all of that together and give you the flu shot there are thousands of strains of the flu and it's constantly changing so it can't be the perfect shot but they do their best cut up some slack doctors are really smart and never make mistakes right but false for everyone for all providers for nurses nurse practitioners physicians respiratory therapist everyone makes mistakes guys as long as you own up to it and you we can fix it okay kinda story there next shift is really hard I mean I don't know I guess true I have some videos on how to work with night shift and some tips for surviving it I'll link them up here I found it to be my preferred shift because I love to the people and once you get into rhythm it really gets a lot better but initially it is a little rough it's not your body's natural thing nurses want to be doctors but they weren't smart enough right we need both we need nurses we need doctors whatever one you pick it does it's not inferior to the other one let's all just get along and be friends okay great cranberry juice helps with UTIs ending being um yeah i but i would recommend more of the cranberry tablets over the juice but as always consult your healthcare provider but the tablets give you less sugar which is always good and last and PS don't need malpractice insurance right you do want some kind of malpractice insurance sometimes you can get it through your collaborating physician like theirs can extend to yours but having your own is probably always a good idea especially if you're really practicing independently obviously you need it there I am probably going to end up getting it I just don't have it yet all right guys that concludes all of our true and false hopefully you guys had fun this was a more fun type of video after last week's which is a little bit more serious thank you everybody for sending in your questions on Instagram and making it possible if you guys are new here welcome I'm Liz and weekly nursing content videos on Tuesdays and a vlog documenting my life as a family nurse practitioner on Saturdays if that sounds interesting to you make sure to subscribe down below I'd love to have you on my adventure and head over to Instagram where I post clinical tidbits throughout the week everybody else as always thank you so much for coming back we just hit 10k and I'm like blown away so thanks guys you too bomb question of the week is just did any of these surprised here let me know down in the comments I hope you have a wonderful week and I'll see you guys again next time bye


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    If you have interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome and are having a flare, you will likely have the same exact symptoms as a UTI and not be able to tell the difference without lab work. With IC, cranberries will only make it (way) worse because of their acidity. Most IC patients usually need to stay away from anything acidic, caffeinated or spicy foods and beverages to avoid flares. It took over a year for me to be diagnosed, and the average is 7 YEARS, but I had already had two surgeries for the pain that wouldn't go away and the only reason it was diagnosed so "quickly" was due to getting a kidney stone. If you find a patient, or yourself, having repeat UTIs, or especially UTI symptoms but no infection present, please, please, please refer them to a urologist.

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