Health Care Industry – The Biggest Business Opportunity in History

hi I'm Jack Plunkett today we're going to talk about the health care industry we're going to see absolutely incredible growth in global demand for health care which could easily double over the next ten years from around at six trillion dollars today to perhaps more than 12 trillion dollars over the near future ten years from now I say that the cause of the incredible growth in the household incomes of the middle class in the emerging world and those households are going to demand much better health care which is going to be much more expensive and secondly because in many nations around the world including the United States China and much of Europe there's a rapidly expanding senior citizen population which is going to mean much more demand for health care let's start by looking how healthcare money is spent around the world as you can see in this slide health care in the United States is an absolutely incredible expense at about 17% of GDP spending an average today of about eighty six hundred dollars per capita an astonishing amount which probably is unsustainable for the long term but meanwhile there is just immense health care spending here now look in the middle of the slide at the basket called the OECD nations which is thirty of the world's most mature economies places like Japan the UK Germany Korea Canada and the United States by the way is in that basket where current health care spending is only about three thousand dollars per capita a lot of difference between there in the United States but let's look outside of the OECD developed nations at the rest of the world where health care spending is running only about eighty eight dollars per capita which means that most people around the world just really aren't getting any health care at all in fact health care is one of the single biggest business opportunities in the history of the world as more and more demand for better health care spreads around world an incredible opportunity for companies both in mature economies like the United States Japan and the EU and for companies deliver healthcare in emerging markets China for example despite its incredible economic growth is spending only about $19 per capita on health care today that's right only about $19 now the government in China has a very ambitious plan to make health care available throughout the entire nation by about 2020 which means that healthcare spending will approximately grow an 8 fold over that period of time on a per capita basis it will still be a very nominal amount it also means that China faces the challenge of delivering health care to about 1 billion more people over the short term an incredible challenge now having not a lot of money to spend on health care per capita in the emerging world means that there will have to be a lot of innovation in other words companies in China India and elsewhere are going to be working very hard on delivering quality care at very nominal cost and a lot of their discoveries and new ideas are going to spill back towards the United States and Europe in Reverse innovation in other words innovation determined in the emerging world that can cut costs is going to come back to places that desperately need to cut costs like the United States a great example is one of the most famous medical entrepreneurs in the world today a dr. Shetty in India who studied at one of London's finest schools of medicine and returned to India to pursue his healthcare career he first became famous therefore saving mother Teresa by doing heart surgery on her and he has developed a series of incredibly successful heart surgery hospitals around India with tremendous outcomes where open heart surgery can be done for about $2,000 per patient vastly less than it costs in the developed world and again with fantastic outcomes meanwhile we're going to see tremendous convergence of our three biggest technologies for the next boom nanotechnology biotechnology and advanced wireless services we're going to see tremendous convergence those technologies into delivering better more cost-effective more efficient health care nanotechnology for instances already converging with biotech where nanotech is able to deliver advanced bio engineered drugs directly to the molecules that need them in a patient's body it's going to absolutely eventually revolutionize pharmaceuticals and the way they are delivered biotechnology is about to really come into its own in healthcare as we are slowly but surely getting into that era of personalized medicine we've been watching for for so long where physicians will understand an individual patient genetic makeup and understand what drugs will best treat that patient when drugs will have the most positive outcomes how to avoid drugs that would have a negative outcome watch for incredible advances in the total global healthcare market and the amount of innovation that comes back to mature economies from the emerging world and the application of technologies really boosting the way health care is delivered for more details on the global healthcare industry be sure to see our incredible coverage in Plunkett's healthcare industry Almanac and in the health care segment on Plunkett research online thanks


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