Health Care in America: Insurance Gaps and Medical Deserts


  1. I am so glad that I live in Europe, where a night at the hospital doesn't cost me anything.

  2. Get Insurance out of health care. And medical institutions need to set prices across the board nationwide, not some weird price book with different prices for each provider, with the worst off paying the highest price since they can't negotiate. Cruel system.

  3. She is so strong. Working day in and day out.

  4. I have insurance, my deductible has been met. I have no heart problems, the nurse practitioner referred m e for an unneeded echo cardio gram. She can’t believe I’m 63 yrs old and not in congestive heart failure. Anyway she referred me and I did get an appointment. They called me to verify my information. Was asked if I was working full time and I am. Since my deductible has been met, my portion would be $800. plus dollars. I terminated the appointment.

  5. Obamacare made this worse.

  6. we're fockd

  7. overprice, the copyright also keep the price high forever. i probably will go to other countries for treatment if i'm American.

  8. This is exactly what a shithole country look like

  9. Anyone who believes that Government has the answers to health care only needs to look at the veterans Administration and Social security. Thanks to you morons, I have not had insurance in 5 years. Thanks for throwing me under the bus with your high minded ideas

  10. The poorest states in the US vote Republican I.e. vote against their interests. Don’t complain when you vote for politicians whose views are not in line with yours you fucks.

  11. Primary care needs to be simplified. One way to do this is through Direct Primary Care.

  12. The medicines cost so much because government won’t imports drugs from other country. That make drug industries monopoly in America.

  13. So much pandering to black history month… 6 more days left…

  14. Trump 61%, Hilary 35%
    Sorry Tennessee…

  15. 1 trillion for wars is still more acceptable though.

  16. The American Dream keeps fading day by day.I go like What?This is happening in USA?To the biggest economy?

  17. 4

  18. Government started this mess. They are only making it worse. Imagine a grocery store giving food away to those who can't pay. Then being sued by those idiots for salmonella for not properly cooking chicken. The grocery store charges a bundle for everything from milk to steak. And so on to every aspect associated to the grocery store.

  19. I wish I could afford to go to a doctor…

  20. let’s cut the tax for the cooperation!

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