Health Care Administration Officer

in a quick-moving modern military weather health care needs to be delivered in a garrison clinic or during an operational deployment keeping the system running smoothly is a huge challenge and a great satisfaction I'm major Sibel Kunz from Chelsea Quebec and I'm a health care administration officer in the Canadian Forces and i'm leftenant Jacque Bernard from buck-toothed new brunswick I'm a health care administration officer from one field ambulance Edmonton it's our job to manage the delivery of health care to Canada's soldiers sailors and Air Force personnel but 63 thousand men and women across Canada and wherever our troops are required abroad being a health care administrator in the Canadian Forces what we call an HCA calls from the same business and management skills required to manage a clinic or hospital in the civilian life but there's a lot more to it than that as a platoon commander when you've just graduated University you are anywhere from 21 to 24 years of age and leading 30 people in a potential mission overseas and that's something that most civilians do not get to experience at the early age of 21 as a commissioned officer we'll manage and lead a team of healthcare professionals to provide health services to the Canadian Forces you will undergo various types of training to assist you in administering your responsibilities my role or healthcare administrators role is to help physicians as well as other members of the the healthcare team take care of the administration so that they can go ahead and treat patients advancing to the rank of major has been one of the most rewarding aspect of my career the salary pension plan and benefits are exceptional but I'm also the mother of two young children with what I guess you'd call a normal life outside working hours here at Canadian Forces Health Services Group headquarters my workday isn't much different from hcas in the civilian community however when we're deployed our skills training and ability to lead really kick in where I fit in I'm the one that will initially receive the information that patients are coming here so I advise a duty medical officer who then makes clinical decisions as to what kind of trauma teams need to be here what kind of specialists need to be here what not maybe call in some key personnel that they're aware of it that they're within arm's reach so we can plug them at anytime and then I just keep relaying messages as they come in if this sounds good to you there are three ways to join us if you've already earned a university degree in healthcare business administration or human resource management the Canadian Forces may accept you through what they call the direct entry officer plan or if you're considering going to university you may be eligible for the regular officer training plan the Canadian Forces will cover your full tuition all the way through University at the Royal Military College or another accredited Canadian unit will guarantee you a summer job and pay you a salary while you study in exchange for your commitment to serve for a minimum of five years once you graduate either way you'll start your military career the Canadian Forces leadership and recruit school in saves Australia should you give back for basic officer training that's where I learn what being an officer is all about whether you're an HCA or battlefield commander the third option is joining the reserves as an HCA you can create once a week and one weekend a month and have the opportunity of summer employment while attending university or continuing part-time once you've joined the civilian workforce as a reservist you may also have the opportunity of working full-time when you've completed your basic training you receive your commission and a promotion to lieutenant in the army or Air Force or sub left kind of in the Navy then you'll spend up to half a year at the Canadian Forces Medical Services school located at Canadian Forces Base Borden in Ontario that's where you'll learn how health care is delivered in the Canadian Forces when you've completed your initial HCA training you'll finally be ready to take on your first posting as a junior health care administration officer and an operational unit or at one of the Canadian Forces clinics across the country I find a lot of pride in that that we're there for those that are fighting the battle and and we're there to provide them the best care possible that we can give them it's something that's hard to put into words I was the last person you ever would have expected to choose a career in the military I was always the artsy one at school but being an officer in the Canadian Forces and serving my country and having had the opportunity to help others internationally well it's just a great great feeling I really hope you'll join us you you


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