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There are some health benefits associated
with drinking coffee. The first is that coffee is pretty high in
antioxidants which again protect your entire body and can sometimes help protect your cardiovascular
system. But the problem with coffee is that it also
raises your blood pressure which hurts your cardiovascular system so I think that might
be a draw. Coffee has been associated with lowering your
risk of dementia and Parkinson's Disease and for women it's also associated with a lower
risk of stroke, but you wanna be careful what you add to your coffee that might outweigh
those benefits. Make sure you're not drinking super sweet
sugary or super dairy filled coffee drinks. You definitely wanna stay away from those
huge drinks that you get in some cafes that are mostly sugar and dairy and look like milkshakes;
those aren't gonna give you the benefits of coffee. Even though there are some benefits to drinking
coffee, you definitely don't want your kids to be drinking it; it can really affect their
mood, it can affect their blood pressure, their ability to concentrate. Kids don't need coffee, they naturally have
enough energy to get through the day. Older adults might find more benefits, in
more protection from things like stroke, Parkinson's and diabetes.


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