Health and Wellness Treatment: Fango 2

so here at core spa fango is one of the signature treatments that we do we also have a treatment called mud and muscle that has an application of the fango followed by a nice relaxation massage and that is called the mud and muscle treatment fango is a volcanic ash that we have here at the spa that is mixed with warm water to make a nice warm buttery mixture the guest is on the massage table in our phango area and the phango mixture is applied to the back from the shoulders down to the face of of the back and this allows both a light exfoliation of the skin of the back and it also promotes deep relaxation within the muscles in order to prepare the body for massage this is also a detoxifying and remineralizing treatment as well and so we would also use this for a number of our packages that we do we will pretty much always do this in our whole body wellness as well as our detox package because it's a very detoxifying treatment

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