Healing our Health System

at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority caring for health also means making our health system stronger right now many patients wait too long for care stay too long in hospital or need to visit several health sites to get the care they need in fact even though Winnipeg has more emergency departments than larger cities like Vancouver Calgary and Ottawa our wait time is the highest in Canada and because our system doesn't work as well as it should some people who need health care the most don't get the type of care they need when they need it so we're healing our health system by making important changes that are centered around our patients this includes setting up each health site in our region to provide excellent care in a more focused way so instead of spreading emergency and urgent care services thinly across seven sites we're concentrating emergency services at three locations and Urgent Care at two and we're grouping specialized services staff and equipment in specific locations to help us do a better job of making sure people get the right care in the right place at the right time we're also making sure we do the right things the right way sharing services like laundry food management and purchasing we have looked closely at everything we do and we've seen what works in other regions of Canada so we know our plan is strong it will help us provide better safer patient care and shorten our wait times it will improve service and lower our costs healing our health system is vital and our way forward is clear we are ready learn more about what's changing and when at healing our health system dot CA

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