Healing Hearts in Honduras: A Duke Health team brings heart care to patients without options, 2019

In July 2019 a team from the Duke
University Health System and Duke University School of Medicine travelled
to Honduras to perform 11 heart valve surgeries for patients who did not have
the means to pay for the surgery. Imagine your doctor telling you you need
surgery to replace a heart valve if you live in Honduras once you get
that diagnosis the doctor will hand you a list of items you must provide for the
surgery like saline solution, sutures, gloves, an oxygenator, pain medication, and
a heart valve. The Honduras at instituto nacional cardio-pulmonary in Tegucigalpa
hopes to create a self-sustaining program with Duke University’s help. Without recognition or award but they all made it possible. Without every single person
I don’t think this would have gone smoothly like it did. So lots and lots of
lots of people to thank. You know, kind of the work that we were able to do there
with more limited resources and you know people out there that really need our
help and do not forget about them. It was very exciting I don’t think just
for me but for the entire team to really go down and do something like this. You
know going into the operations were excited and fortunately our surgeries
went well and the patient’s felt better. At the end of the week it was probably
the most gratifying professional experience I’ve ever had to be able to
help eleven people with an operation that they would never receive without us.
Being there was extremely rewarding for me.

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  1. Thank you so much for all the good things that you do here in Honduras

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