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good morning guys and welcome back to my channel it is nice and early it's like 7:30 in the morning and there are two reasons I got up early this morning number one I'm really really excited about today's vlog it's something I'm really passionate about and I feel like it's really relevant to a lot of you guys watching and number two I was in so much discomfort that I couldn't even sleep like I was supposed to get up at 5:00 this morning and go to a morning gym class but I didn't say that all last night because my stomach was churning so bad so I just let myself have like a mini sleep in and then I had to get off because it was just no point me lying there being in pain in discomfort so I thought I would just get up get ready and start blogging for you guys and it's all about your guts health and your gut microbiome your gut is your life literally that saying you are what you eat it is so true so instead of just me sitting down and talking about gut health literally I could talk about this for hours I'm obsessed I thought that I would do and normal what I eat in a day kind of vlog and take you guys along with my day with me and as I ate things I will explain why so before we start my day let me just give you guys a brief rundown of what's going on with my body if you follow my channel you would have seen that I got bit by a spider and I was on at home bed rest care for like two weeks where a nurse came in and put antibiotics in my arm which I was like so upset about because if there's one thing you know about me you know that I'm a natural gal I love the holistic life but obviously I was in a lot of danger with my cellulitis and my spider bite infecting my body so I had to get on antibiotics so that's all good now my spider bite it's pretty much completely healed however however I'm suffering with a different kind of illness and that is my gut antibiotics are pretty much it is the one thing that wrecks your whole microbiome ruined your digestion and directly affects how you absorb food and pretty much how you live your life first of all I'm never on antibiotics so I'm really sensitive to it number two I was on a really high dosage through a drip so I went straight into my bloodstream my gut is just completely ruined so before going on antibiotics my gut was really really good I would say I was picking in the gut department this would be a really helpful topic for you guys if number one you have digestion issues you have IBS you feel like something's wrong in your gut or if you feel like you are lacking some mental clarity I'll get into that in a second but you may think that you have good digestion and good gut health but feeling unmotivated you're not mentally there you have mental brain fog that can be a direct effect of poor gut health I always call it like a gurgling gut and it's pretty much when you know that something is fermenting some bloating is happening and your belly just looks like a ball like last night at the gym I honestly looked pregnant and I have to go home from the gym because I was in so much abdominal pain not only physically did I feel really rundown my stomach was gurgling I was in pain but one thing that I have never experienced before is this brain fog from my guts issues so I've had brain fog before when I've had too much sugar or gluten being gluten it's like I'm drunk if I eat gluten not only will I want to like put my pants and I'm in pain can't think straight a couple sentences together it is bizarre so since my spider bite it's been like a week and I was super excited to get back on track and Rypien to my point of transformation series but I just could not get motivated I wasn't motivated to do anything your gut has a direct relationship and direct effect on your brain and if your gut is not happy you I'm not happy I'm not super super sad I don't want to say that I'm just I'm not my normal self I'm not like full of energy and really bubbly everyone's gut is unique it's a lot of like DNA everyone's good it's a little bit different so a little bit of a different approach will suit different people first of all obviously I'm going to be gonna count this as a tip because I'm assuming you already know it do not eat dairy and I don't eat from years of not knowing I was gluten intolerant and eating so much bread and so much pasta like my thing worst pasta if I went to a restaurant I wouldn't even look at the menu I would just go straight to the pastor section and yeah I felt super super sick and in pain afterwards but I thought that was normal like I thought that's what you felt like after eating let me tell you it ain't so after years of doing that I've done major digestive damage your gut lining is like a sensitive cheesecloth a see-through sheet of cheesecloth when you eat foods that your body can't digest or it's really really tough on your digestive system it can make a little hole the little slashes in this cheesecloth so then when you eat again the food seeped through that can get into your bloodstream and it just causes a lot of discomfort so let's get into my first proper tip of the video it's not going to be the most interesting tip believe me they get better they get juicier but number one is hydration from the Google monster I'm telling you a dehydrated gut is not a good time for you or your significant other I don't only feel gassy I am gassy so let's get a huge liter of water to start my day this is like two and a half liters of what I'm going to fill this up and try to have two of them today drinking room-temperature water or warm water you don't have anything cold anything cold is not ideal when you're trying to heal the gut I'm just using room I've drank oh that's not very good I've drank that much so far of my first two-liter bottle tip number two to heal your guts and that is fasting as I always say listen to your body if you feel like your digestion needs a break if you're genuinely not hungry and you feel full and gassy when you wake up I would highly recommend implementing some intimate fasting into your day so today my plan is to fast until I'm really really hungry and then I will have my first food which will be tip number three so I'll show you when I get home it just gives your digestion a break it gives your guts time to repair and heal itself I'm not like an intermittent fast I wouldn't really say that I fast all the time I just listen to my body if I wake up feeling sick then I will fast until I'm hungry I'm gonna drink this go into the hairdresser and get this mermaid hair taken out I'm gonna miss my big bun I'm just really looking forward to getting totally back down to basics with my hair and being able to feel my scalp again next time you see me I'll have like the thinnest hair ever you guys are gonna die I bet you you forget how thin my hair naturally is but it's crazy thin but I'm you can't take back what you said I'm so happy with my hair it feels so nice to not have extensions I love the look of a short pony so I'm excited to have a cute little bulb so I'm gonna make my first meal of the day lunch but it's gonna be a big gut healing soup because of the ingredients and everything I'm including in this soup it's going to be like a three tips in one so you're welcome tip number three is bone broth I'm obsessed with bone broth and I've talked about it in a few of my past blogs it's full of collagen and it promotes gut healing it's full of amino acids so it's going to help repair your system and I personally think it tastes delicious meadow and marrow it's a boom pop goop you just get a teaspoon and that is one serving you can totally make your own bone broth or you can just buy it like this I'm going to use one teaspoon of the curry and one teaspoon of the lemon and herb but the curry one has turmeric in it so that brings me on to tip number two which is anti-inflammatory foods so when your body is full of information that is when you can get abundance of health issues you might get acne heartburn digestive issues that you want to have an anti-inflammatory diet okay we've got a bunch of stuff so it's going to be loads of vegetables normally I like to have poached chicken but I don't have any chicken defrosted and I come a bothered so I do have some boiled eggs in the fridge ready to go and that's going to be my source of protein for this meal do you want to have lots of prebiotics in to your body to help feed the good bacteria that's already there so there's probiotic and prebiotics so I'll go into the probiotic later in the day so a really good positive periodic is sweet potato onion garlic asparagus I have to extend here I'm going to use that this is food mix just like kale and cabbage cabbage and kale are also anti-carcinogenic broccoli need zucchini baby spinach green beans so true Rick is one of my favorite anti-inflammatory I also like cod liver oil and flaxseed oil that's another great one and I'm pretty sure flaxseed oil is a prebiotic so I'm going to add oil in there as well we've Ching and there's a stall inside my head it's getting me in trouble baby and the camera No take it easy take it easy [Applause] oh my gosh this is such a sad life I didn't even know what enough are I'm up to anymore but it doesn't matter nothing in life matters because my next tip the most depressing tip I've ever shared with you guys cutting caffeine out of your diet we had a good run me and my long life at the – bomber mill but right now I really got to weigh out my options do I want to keep being the goggle monster all the way try to give up my coffee and heal my gut it was a close call but I feel like I'm just in so much pain right now and my gut is so bad that I'm just going to do all of my gut tips in one day because I just want to give my gut the best chance of recovering and repairing itself there's lots of research that says that caffeine really affect your gut and they just mess with the pH in the flora that's my other tip don't have coffee instead you can have a turmeric latte which is great because like I said trick is an amazing anti-inflammatory by the way and that soup was delicious I had the whole thing and I'm super full because I actually ended up eating a whole avocado as well don't have reason I just ate a whole avocado as well I'm gonna dick tip to Kathy and like I don't get headaches I don't know whatever the detox symptoms are going on coffee I just love coffee and I'm like a coffee snob unlike those people you know who the lectures whine as they like swirl it around the glass snippets that is me and coffee me and coffee are BFFL Kirk you think we're besties we're not I did to a competition with Kirk nexor that we both can't have coffee because he he is addicted to coffee he I was like three a day I will try to call him if not we'll leave him a message Curtis it is the coffee monster I hope you haven't had coffee okay bye Curtis do you have something to tell me no I've been good I've been having fun girls and soon please look to your copy for more pieces I just want to ride up and get a coffee it's not the same when I get it I know honey I know one of my favorite things that I use every single day are those bad boys up there but I use Ultra cleanse and alkaline greens from Tripucka so on the back of the packages it gives you a little insight into what they do for your body anti-inflammatory it helps with immunity it helps to cleanse your body and it's full of amino acids the alkaline greens is very similar Community Energy bone health and anti-inflammatories one of the main benefits you want to get from any green powder is its ability to detox the body and help cleanse your system honestly if I had to pick one I would probably pick the alkaline greens because it tastes better and it has a more diverse range of ingredients in there my personal favorites would be in the wheatgrass the chlorella and spirulina I would definitely recommend supplementing with some robotics I don't really want to recommend any just yet because I haven't found any that I swear by as you guys know I only want to talk about products that I use myself and I love so if you guys have any probiotic supplements that you love definitely comment them below because I'd love to suss them out the probiotics are going to add to the good gut bacteria in your gut because you always have bad bacteria and good bacteria okay is you want to have more good bacteria than bad when you have more bad bacteria that's when you get all these bad symptoms like me right now so you want to have lots of probiotics to increase your number of bacteria and then you need the prebiotics to help feed the probiotics probiotics are the seeds and the prebiotics elect the water so it's like you need to help them grow so you definitely need both in your diet right now I'm just going to have some nuts as a snack but I only like to have activated nuts because if I don't have them activated I get really bad tummy pain why am I always so shiny at nighttime like my skin's really good right now because I've been using specific serums and oils on it I'm very happy with like the texture but it's just so shiny shiny for I know someone cold shard can I change sides what this is my bad side really you have a bad side okay PS my matching again we really are matching you have what pizza to where I left you I had some activated nuts and seeds and then I had a tea for the rest of the night I will just finish off my gut cleanse what's the one tip I talked about pooping poop today fermented foods this one ties in with probiotics sauerkraut kefir and kombucha for some people it works really well but others not so much in general I would recommend fermented foods but for me not really well my gut is good it works great but when I'm having gut issues I sort of stick away from sauerkraut and caifa and kimchi I don't know why it's just something that works me too lucky you I would be eating sauerkraut yeah Kurt hates vinegar I'm still gonna be able I can use about a quarter of a bottle every time you make a salad like seriously like always getting apple cider vinegar I never buy one bottle I back to because I go through a bottle away listen how about I'll just make dinner and I'll catch up with you guys but it's on my plate okay hungry alright daddy frosted chicken thigh and I cook the chicken thigh and coconut oil lemon mixed herbs and to Rick's cause what about those anti-inflammatories today and then underneath I've just got heaps and heaps of vegetables and again the vegetables we've sauteed in coconut oil apple cider vinegar to Ric chili lime and then on top I've got flax seed oil and and I can't eat the same coz says legends yeah good morning guys it is the next day and the weather is absolutely beautiful so I'm going to go for a morning walk along the beach and that is going to bring me on to my final tip of the day I'm feeling a lot better today obviously my stomach is still a little bit gurgly for now I'm feeling a lot better so let's go out so I go for a little walk and then I will tell you guys at my final tip of healing your guts I know we hear this all of the time but my last tip is about stress so I have made a conscious effort to do things every single day that de-stress my body one thing that I love to do to de-stress is just go for a walk along the beach so if you that might be like getting away from your study notes away from your computer away from your phone I will often leave my phone at home as well because I just like to have a little bit of a digital detox and there's been loads and loads of research and studies that show a direct correlation of stress and that's helped sneekly I'm trying to get my hair really sweaty because I wanted an excuse to put a hair mask in because I've had extensions for so long it's like so hard do a hair mask with it because you've got like plastic things in your hair so all I want to do is like go home put a really hydrating it a mask in my hair massage it into my scalp going to probably use one of the lebesgue body hair treatments upside do I will host a little bit here so now I think I'm gonna wrap up this vlog I really hope you guys enjoyed it I had such a fun time ruining you along this gut health journey with me if you like this vlog please give it a thumbs up because it really supports my channel and I would like to know what videos you guys like to watch and make sure to subscribe because I absolutely do every three days ll see in my next video


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