Ahsan blocksberg and I saw a boys-only gym so I decided to go in and sign up for a membership he kept roasting me and talking about how I was not working out and I wasn't healthy but I noticed he kept going into the back room and I kept hearing chewing noises so I followed him down there and you guys won't believe the truth of this boys only gin poke you're welcome back everybody to another rOBLOX video on the channel guys I hope you're having a great day ladies and gentlemen we are here back on blocksberg and before we do get into it make sure you star code Polk to support me guys I really do appreciate how many people have been using star code Polk like you guys are insane I only want to tell you how many people have been using it but I'd have to say maybe like 10 20 thousand people probably using star code Polk so make sure to join in on it and I hope you guys want to buy my a slothy is ly mean like he's there but guys we have to get into the videos I for the self but I need to be Bobby yeah we got it okay so guys we are in roblox blocksberg and in today's video well we have a very very interesting situation with the whole chemical.you stuff and we kind of barricade in my entire house what bricen brig whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa guys if you guys do not know who Bryce and brig is this guy literally was bullying a bacon man and not even getting something that you I just said stop being an idiot Bryson because my fans know who this is I'm gonna roll a clip right now of Bryson also saying you have nothing nice either so your outfit is worth nothing a price and break dude chill so we didn't kind of find this Bryson guy right now Bryson just send the check go gamer girl shut up you're not a real man stop fan blowing over that loser wait wait whoa whoa what Bryson is literally roasting my fans wait a minute is this Bryson splot Bryson Briggs house right here wait a minute what is this boys only in gym and cafe are you kidding me forget Bryson right here he said lo look at that neon green car this guy's literally roasting me guys Bryson brigh owns a boys-only gym plus cafe and he said a girly car brazen it's literally colors do not to find that bro a that's green and green is like a pretty cool color man so I'm gonna say I'm gonna say Bryson I'm gonna say stop being so rude he just said Wow poke you look so scrawny guys he's literally bullying me I don't even know what to think right now so I'm gonna say is this your boys only gym okay I'm gonna see if I can actually get inside of this boys only Timmy said heck yeah it is guys let me go up and take a look around oh my good week oh there's actually somebody in there right now holy oh oh they just sort of lifting weights holy there's literally somebody in there he said real men only guys that guy actually looks pretty buff I'm not gonna lie so Bryson here has a boys-only gym I'm gonna ask him be like he easily called me I said I'm gonna say so can I go inside I Messiah I am a boy I mean like what's the issue here I'm a boy said well you're weak look at you scrawny loser wait guys what do I say to this guy um you are being very rude I'm gonna say you're being very rude man I'm gonna say just because I don't work out doesn't mean I'm not healthy bro okay what is it this guy's literally rude and you said I only want real men at my gym I'm gonna say I am a real man I'm gonna say let me in I'm gonna say I promise I'm gonna say I promise you I can work out more than you okay guys he's literally saying scrawny boy look at you he's literally roasting me bro I don't even poki is right you are scrawny and looking like a twig Bobby you're not making this better stop roasting me – you just said you look like a girl but you know what I'll let you in since you're begging all right I'm gonna say thank you oh my goodness guy is finally bro all right hopefully he'll give me some guests right about now give me stat bro give me some guests you dumb L broke guys Bryson break I'm gonna treat this guy a little bit rude because this guy literally roast bacon mans he does what he has to do he said follow me okay wait what the gym memberships wait what is this he just said all right so I'm not gonna read that always says platinum silver and then does that say Brahms down there okay I'm just gonna talk to him I'm gonna say he said we have a few tears in the gym um okay I'm gonna say awesome let's say what tears we got he said Platinum is for real buff men okay what does platinum do Platinum says access to all equipment okay I wonder what silver is what I wonder what silver could possibly be silver he said silver is for the people working towards being real men okay all right an interesting and then he said and finally bronze what about bronze what was the issue about bronze here reserves for wait whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa he's literally being really rude right now I'm gonna say um he said they get access to the cafe and that's it um okay guys I literally think that is so rude bro I'm not even kidding guys he said they can't lose weight so they just eat what is wrong with this guy I'm literally right now we're gonna say you know what man I'm gonna say I want the bronze membership okay guys he's literally roasting people for being fat and that's not cool at all guys just because there's only a cafe access doesn't mean I'm fat and that's actually pretty really said Lal Scott C said in the chat scrawny boy wants the bat membership hahahahaha guys I literally am just doing it to see what he'd say look at how rude this is look he is somebody working out just doing a heck of a ton of like chest presses bro I'm literally this is insane man alright so I'm gonna say I'm gonna say give me a bronze membership now RM estate in full caps all right I'm done with all the rows he said okay fatty that'll be $50 for a membership alright fine I'm gonna donate to him right now $50 go in the bryson Brig okay alright finally I can get a membership we're all good stupid good old Bryce and man alright we're finally set okay said what you said dope I'm gonna say so okay you said follow me okay I'm just gonna follow him I was gonna see it he's got to show off okay so I guess he's just showing off the gym he said alright so this is the gym equipment whoa okay so I can obviously like okay I can actually lift some weights you know do what I got to do he just said you can't that member he said hey wait oh sorry sorry sorry he said get off that I'm gonna say sorry guys he literally will only let me go to the cafe wavin is the cafe he said get off of that uh that's so no he said only real men like my boy Scott over there can use this guys look at this guy named Scott I'm gonna try to talk to him be like I'll say like hey Scott I don't think Scott didn't respond to me bro this guy looks way too buff to care right now bro he said so boy haha he said he is a flat membership okay I'm gonna say I say awesome I'm gonna say maybe one day I won't be fat and I'll upgrade guys I'm literally just memeing with Bryson right now like literally like Bryson is so rude guys he's actually starting to smell right now brow he said low yeah right all right he just said in the chat so these are the treadmills okay I don't think I can use these either I'm not even kidding yet he later just said you can't use these either guys this guy is so rude bro oh my goodness he said we got punching bags over here okay yeah we got a few punching bags and dumbbells okay these dumbbells look a little bit fishy but I mean I guess they're dumbbells okay he said for these strong men oh my goodness we just talks comic bring is not stop lifting since like 2005 so he said now follow me upstairs wait why it's okay all right I'm gonna go upstairs for a sec okay so this is definitely where the cafe is okay so I'm a little bit confused that here's the cafe okay he said you get access to this probably cuz I'm fat right he said and only this man this guy is fatty this guy is so rude guys I don't want to like say anything but I just have such a hunch that this bryson guy is holding some secret back okay he's not knew who he says he is he keeps talking about like fat people and all this stuff and usually if you're talking about problems you have your own problems that are just hidden beneath so this guy might not be the bass that now follow me real quick I'm gonna say okay I wonder is worse Canyon take me next can we need to finish your membership details okay wait a minute all right I'm okay all right oh we're going into this what what the heck is this whoa this seems like another cafe area he said but wait wait but wait till what okay so this is just like another cafe area probably I guess I could probably get access to here this is really cool he said stay here until I'm back okay you said I need to get some documents okay what is down there okay oh he immediately shut it down it looked like a kitchen was kind of down there okay all right well I'm just gonna take a quick meal immediately actually I'm just gonna wait did you get to hear that I literally just heard a crunch noise wait wait whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a minute is he eating down there he's back up I'm he said yo I'm gonna say I say sorry I was going through fridge he said sit down kid guys I don't want to call this guy out but I feel like he was eating some food Oh what is this he said follow me outside again guys he's being really rude I'm not even kidding guys this is so so so rude okay yeah what is he doing man okay he's just okay he's really stressing me out right now man all right what's the issue here he said okay fatty guys I am actually done with this guy call me a fatty I'm this close to telling he said are you ready to go meet like the fat boy you are guys I'm literally about to go tell Scott McBrain like do you hear this guy like he's roasting me you know what man screw it I'm doing it all right I'm gonna say Scott I'm gonna say do you realize the gym you are at question mark I'm gonna say I'm gonna say Bryson is honestly so rude has been calling me fat all day I'm gonna say would you want to work out at a gym like this like guys what is this okay I'm gonna see what this comic bring guys said you said hmm wait a minute Bryson literally just chill he's over here you saying yo wait a minute Scott lit I just said him hmm I wonder what I just said that's Chi I wonder what Scott's actually gonna do here I wonder if I did something perfect he's being mean I'm gonna say yeah man wait Bryden they said why are you telling my gym bro yeah in the yeah he's being mean I'm gonna say Bryson has been bullying me for being fat he's saying you're nice to me though I'm gonna say yeah cuz you're fit and healthy I'm gonna say he's bullying fat people literally and then Bryson just end the chat yeah yo Scott don't listen him like he's literally trying to convince him Scott saying really poke I'm gonna say yeah man I'm gonna say you might want to leave like actually you got to get out of here bro like I think Scott actually believed he said he hates fat people I'm gonna say yeah he's roasting me he said but my sister is fat Oh what Bryson Bryson I must say you hear this do you literally hear this you are fat shaming people and you don't even know that this guy's sister is fat you are he said I don't hate your sister well it seems like he said I'm leaving oh my god this cannot be real this cannot be real literally and then he just said it wait Brenda said I don't hit your sister poke I'm gonna say I'm gonna say ricin I'm gonna say that's what you get man I'm gonna say that's what you get bro honestly like you are so rude you I'm gonna say you're so rude Bryson all right guys I expect myself to be kicked off this plot very very soon he's I literally just destroyed his business he does that you're ruining my business get out he just kicked me he lady just kicked me oh my god wait a minute Scott spring is over here stell oh my god Scott McBrain is right over here guys I want to talk to Scott McBrain right now and maybe ask him if there's another way in I think I just found it guys wait a minute I think I'm still guests I'm gonna say Scott I'm gonna say would you ever notice Bryson being very weird I'm gonna say I heard him chewing I'm gonna say I think he might be eating food in the basement guys and doesn't matter if he's eating food but I want to possibly go check up and see he said oh I don't know man okay guys okay it's really dark so I'm gonna just gonna start walking over to this building and I'm gonna see what Bryson is up to maybe Bryson is just chillin I'm gonna hound it kind of hide behind a tree though so hopefully Bryson does not notice me man okay oh my god Brian just went through here oh my god oh my god I'm watching oh my god what's happening what's happening rice is going in that basement right now guys holy he is one in the base Marie he were we heard the noises okay guys I think I still have guests okay sneaky music activated let's go guys oh my goodness I just were more crunching noises this cannot be real this cannot be real all right guys I have finally snuck in and we are about to open up the basement door that we saw Bryce and go through now guys I'm very very I just heard him eat again are you kidding me guys I'm not even kidding we're about to expose this guy's biggest secret ever okay I knew this guy um enough to him I'm gonna going down right now guys alright let's go down let's go down okay bricen I got you what it's not even here but guys look it there's like hamburgers there's like tacos there's like chili mix there's literally everything down here guys this guy's eating a lot of food okay it's not really unhealthy though but I hear him eating a lot okay well guys he might have gone through this door right here so what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna open it right now I'm gonna try to track this guy down all right three two one I know you're here Bryson oh my god just tell me guys I just saw Bryson okay let me boost my mood so I can go fast guys so I have a plan I wait a minute oh my god there's literally cookies right here guys he's been eating like cookies and there's gelatin cake right here oh my goodness guys I keep hearing him eat guys okay I'm going to take a screenshot of Bryson as soon as I see him and then I'm gonna expose them to the public okay it's gonna be so funny alright I'm gonna try to find him Lilly where did he go wait a minute Oh Mike he had to go through this guys this is like Bryce and secret like cookie monster layout alright let's go through I'm gonna find this guy open the door let's go I hear meeting alright guys as soon as I see him I'm gonna take a picture of him and say surprise all right three two well there he is eating three two one surprise I just said it we turned around I got the picture Oh oh my goodness I'm gonna say I got that on photo I'm gonna say Bryce and brig is unhealthy exposed this guy I'm looking around right now take a look he's got cookies he got pizza boxes he just said in the chat right now please don't post that I'm gonna say I don't care I'm gonna say you roast fat people I'm gonna say but you eat cookies all day I said I heard you eat in the start of my vid guys he is insane oh my goodness guys I don't even carry said get out I got the photo I'm immediately just gonna get out of here and I'm gonna go update that decal for everybody oh my goodness guys I'm gonna expose him so hard he doesn't even know bro all right let me here let me go through his stupid Jamie didn't even remember access they're all saying that price is fast you roast me but you're unhealthy Oh literally roast eyes we're gonna go over here guys we're gonna edit this decal right now I'm gonna put the image in alright guys I was up doing the decal getting it all ready I'm about to update it for all the fans right now there we go guys if you take a look it is Bryce and brick with cookies and he looks as sterically there we go I'm gonna say take a look I'm gonna say rice and brig I'm gonna say is fat guys take a look at that decal right there oh my goodness get roasted where is right here like poke no that's why you don't give me gas buddy oh my goodness there y'all saying take that down imma say take a look guys oh he just removed it I'm gonna say take a look guys I don't think I can copy man to change it to something else guys we're gonna end the vid off here if you ever see somebody with a boys-only Jim make sure to make just make sure they're actually like saying who they are bro these guys think they're actually all healthy and stuff but really they ain't anything I love y'all so much have a blessed one nobody talked to Bryson peace out good bye


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