HCA Healthcare Awards of Distinction – Innovators Award Recipient

developer can be a developer in any industry being a developer in healthcare means to betterment and the improvement of your life Gabe serves as a director of application development and business intelligence which is a unique role in East Florida my main responsibility is to come up with new stuff I don't see this as a job I see this as something that I'm passionate about and he just so happens that the outcome is even better that I am helping the care experience I'm helping the caregivers and I'm helping the patients what Gabe is good at what we're good at here is listening we listen to the hospitals and we try to think about ways to kind of solve those big problems Gabe's talent is in taking an idea and executing on it the difference between creativity and innovation is execution and Gabe has proven that he can execute on ideas and deliver the vision it has developed on many different innovative ideas ER wait times was the first and it actually shocked the market kara sure is another one identifies patients and these patients need to go through a nurse navigator and go through a process of improved care he also has developed the informer the ability to takes as the status of our patient's care he built our financial queue which has allowed us to do unique things with costing of physicians in a much faster way he's been impactful in so many ways and now Gabe holds five patents for the company my family has played an important role in being Who I am today my mother she led by example my dad I saw that I had a keen interest in technology so he inspired me to tinker he will buy me computer person lay it on the table and say you want a computer put it together I'm happy to say the tools that have helped create in this organization are in use in our hospitals that puts my mind at ease that I know that the company is in the best to care for patients patient family including my own what is impressive about Gabe is that he actually looks to add value he's very very passionate to the work that he does he researches he studies and learns constantly for him to be in health care and to know how much is contributing to our patients to our quality of care that is a driver for him long ago when I first started working for yet I saw a sign that said if you're not directly helping a patient you're helping someone who is and that to me was a catalyst for who have become professionally at ACF

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