Having A Heart Attack Young – Young, Healthy — And Having A Heart Attack

if you think that you're too young to have a heart attack think again I'm 31 years old and I had a heart attack due to a blood clot now I'm in a truck driver for about seven years and I'm gonna tell you a little bit about myself but first let me introduce myself my name is Richard Collier I'm currently now at 34 years low I live a completely different life than I did when I was 31 now I was I was pretty healthy at the age of 31 so I never thought that I would be having a heart attack so when the symptoms came upon me which I'll explain that in a little bit what they are so that you can know that this can happen to anyone I don't care what your age is I don't care how healthy you may think you are it can truly happen to anyone and then after I explained my story and some things that you need to be aware of to make sure you're not going into any type of cardiac arrest I want to offer you a free resource that will help you transform your life in 30 days or so and it's a free resource so you just download it but I'm gonna get right into the story and I want to thank everyone for watching anyone who does watch this if you do watch this share this out with your friends because it could help save someone's life so here's my story one day I I was driving home I normally work for about a month at a time to six weeks at a time and I normally go home for about seven days so I was on my off time so I drove home I was completely fine no problems I was on my coughing or stumbling or getting lightheaded none of that none of that was happening it was just simply my everyday routine I went home so I went home I fell asleep that night our movie and really tired the night before and I will say that I was I was very tired the night before and I woke up the next morning at about 8 o'clock in the morning and as soon as I got up I got this really really bad pain around my arm area around my bicep tricep and shoulder area and it was it was I just thought I slept wrong so I didn't pay it any mind so that's the first sign if your arms starts hurting especially your left arm these two things could lead to either a stroke or heart attack so you definitely want to pay attention to any arm pain even if you think that you slept wrong try and you know massage without trying exercise it out try and stretch it out if that doesn't work chances are you could be having a serious problem but let me finish the story as I go I'll point out some of the things that I ignored so that you don't ignore these things alright so after my arm was hurtin for a while it actually started to travel so if you notice that it's traveling chances are that it's going somewhere so there's a blood clot or a blockage that is now traveling up either to your head which creates strokes or to your heart which creates heart attacks in my case it went to my heart so as my arm was tingling it was hurting and the pain was kind of unbearable and I didn't want to be like oh man feeling not weak and complaining to my wife but I told her I said hey man my arms hurting really bad and she was like oh that's not good babe maybe you should go get checked out and I was like come on checked out cuz my arm hurts really and so she was like yeah he should do it and I didn't of course after a while I would say maybe about an hour had passed and my arm was hurting it started creeping over onto my um my right chest right here the right side of my chest it started creeping over there and I started getting this really hot burning sensation as if something was rubbing up against something on the inside and I mean I just remember it being really really hot in there so that's another symptom that you guys need to make sure that you're looking for if you have started out with any type of arm pain and this pain could actually start in your legs around your ankles and a lot of times those are easier to catch because you will see a discoloration around your ankles if your if your Bloods not flowing right or if it's clotting at the bottom you're gonna see that and a lot of people with congestive heart failure you'll see that their ankles get really discolored it's almost like someone's been bruising it or punching it or something like that and you can just see a lot of bruises around the ankle so they Tech me actually for signs of that and and I didn't have any of that so trust me you don't need something that obvious and you can still happen but it started to progress from my arm on over to my chest and like I said if I felt a lot of friction as if something was rubbing up against something not only that it was very tight and constricted and it felt as if my heart had grown too big for my chest that's that's I guess the best way that I can explain it so after a while I decided hey well I'm gonna try and lay back down and go to bed for whatever reason every time I lay down it just got worse I would lay down for a second and it would just go so I would get up and try and walk it off now I know a lot of people might think okay obviously if your chest is hurting you had a arm pain their wife's telling you to go to the hospital keep in mind I'm 31 years old I wasn't overweight I didn't even have a really bad diet but there were some things some very key things that were that I was ignoring about my overall health I wasn't tracking how much water I was drinking I wasn't setting daily goals to make sure that I get enough stretches in I wasn't I wasn't making sure I was just I kind of living like I always do like most of you are you know I mean I was just kind of just doing like whatever I wasn't taking it as serious as I should have so what end up happening is I tried to lay down for a while a long time ago I had a really bad case of gas I got trapped in my back and I had no idea that that gas can get trapped in your back so when I first started driving my diet changed a little bit and it gave me a lot of gas the reason that I'm telling you this is because that's what I thought happened I thought I had a pocket of trapped gas and it was just like constricting me and hurting me so I I didn't want to go to the hospital because the last thing I was thinking is that hey you're having a heart attack and I was just fine the other day all right so I haven't been feeling sick or weak or anything like that so that's why I brought that up all right so uh I decided okay well what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna try and walk this off now I don't know if it helped I don't know if it hurt what I can say is is that when I started exerting just a little bit of energy to pace back and forth in my room with my arms above my head like this and I'm breathing as I'm as I'm doing that I'm just starting to feel incredibly sleepy like this is kicking my butt like there's just these little steps here and there it's kicking my butt so a couple of times I tried to go back in the bed and just lay down because I felt so sleepy I was like man you know I just want to lay down and I will lay down for like two seconds and then it was Oh God and I did that about four or five times eventually I just came to the conclusion that I wasn't gonna be able to lay down so I continued to walk and it made me more and more drowsy more drowsy so absolutely and something's really wrong here if I'm getting sleepy not only am I getting sleepy I'm getting cold so that's another symptom that you may experience if you're having a heart attack you may experience extreme fatigue from the lightest from me from the lightest exertion of your body you may also experience shivers and I mean uncontrollable coldness where it's just like oh my god it just I just lay down so sleepy I'm so tired and it got to a point where I was walking around and my body got weak and I and I end up falling down and I was like man what are you doing what is going on so you know me I'm a genius so I decide take a bath that's what you do if if you chest hurt your arm hurts and you fall out go take a bath of course duh didn't they teach you that in school so I decided to go take a bath because and the reason I decided to take a bath because it was really I was really cold and I mean I was just shaking uncontrollably and I was putting you know jackets on and stuff like that and it just wasn't working so I ended up getting in the bathtub to get the hot water to surround me and I don't know if this made me thin the blood just enough to where I was able to survive for an amount of time that I did under cardiac arrest but this is something that I don't want you guys to go through if you you know fill any of these symptoms it doesn't hurt the check don't worry about your your money or your insurance or anything like that because none of that would matter if you're not here and if you have you know kids friends or family or even just for yourself just you know for yourself make sure you're paying attention to your health so what end up happening is I gotten to the tub and it did stop the shivers but I felt like I was making the water cold so I had to you know keep running the hot water running the hot water running the hot water and I stayed in there doing that for about two hours then I got really nauseous which is another centum of having a heart attack or some sort of cardiac arrest is that yours your stomach will start getting nauseous now there is a chemical that your blood will sort of Crete I can't say the name of it I'm not even going to try you guys gonna look it up when I actually got to the hospital that is how they determined that I had a heart attack is by looking at those levels however after looking at those levels there was still a problem now tell you about that in a little bit so I got really nauseous I started throwing up throwing up and throwing up and I didn't realize what was going on at the time I didn't realize I was having a heart attack I just thought like men I just feel really nauseous after throwing up for a good little while I ended up trying to lay down again and this point my my wife is with me and and we were kind of like Snowbird up together and she's saying you know she's like rubbing my hand like oh you okay baby you know where's it hurt at let me see let me see if I can rub this let me see if I can help this way and eventually I fell asleep for about maybe five or ten minutes and that last time I fell asleep could have actually been the last time I woke up because after that my chest has exploded it was it was just on fire I could barely breathe I could barely function I could barely think I mean it was just like I was becoming more and more incoherent because I'm a call God you know she's so tight it's just so high it's just so so hard so immediately she's sprung into action and she packed the bag and she rushed me over to the hospital when I explained my symptoms to the to the emergency room they were like and if you don't get in this wheelchair right now and roll you up here and throw a bunch of medicine down through I mean they hooked me up to everything in the hospital is set for the vacuum cleaner you know exam day I mean me I was hooked up to so many machines and they were running so many tests they gave me nitroglycerin which I even know you can swallow as a human I gave me nitroglycerin they gave me four aspirins and they gave me morphine now what ended up happening ultimately they ran ultrasounds on my heart to see what exactly my heart was doing at the time then why is this 31 year old guy having his heart attack after running the ultrasounds after running x-rays after running extensive blood tests I ended up they ended up saying hey you know we're gonna take you upstairs and we're gonna money to you for a night and then we're gonna they were gonna release you but I had a young doctor and the doctor he just didn't feel right about that diagnosis so what he ended up doing is he before he left to go home he went back to his office to look at the ultrasound in my time when he did that he realized that there was a the bottom portion of my heart was restricted from beating because there was a blood clot in there and that time he didn't know what it was he just knew that there was something obstructing it so immediately they rushed me in for a procedure called a catheterization which in this case they went through my wrist right here and guys probably can't see that but I still have a nice little scar here where they went through the wrist and as they went through my wrist they went into my heart and they started to vacuum out the blood clots now this gentleman said that in all of his career these were the biggest blood clots that he's ever pulled out of a living person's heart in other words meaning that you know there was a little bit of you know luck grace whatever you'd mercy whatever you want to call it there was there was a lot of that involved so he ended up he sucked out all of the blood clots and he put a stent inside of my heart one of the really crazy things about it was is how much I had to think about at that point as I said I'm a truck driver and you have to be medically sound as a truck driver in order to continue to drive so immediately a flood of Rory came in man I'm not gonna be able to drive trucks anymore I'm not gonna be able to support my family I'm not gonna be able to live the life that I used to live you know am I not gonna be able to get on the roller coaster am I not gonna be able to run jog or do any physical activities I mean I I thought about my whole life changing and I really just didn't want that and so that's why I made this video for you guys to just take this story in stride and understand that this could happen anyone it can you know I'm not a health guru nor am I you know a big junk eater but I am average regular person just like you I'm someone that was living their life just like you are just going about it on a daily basis just like you what I had to do was I had to transform my life I had to transform it into a way that I can make sure that this doesn't happen again and as a result of that I wanted to make sure it didn't happen to anybody else either just by knowing these simple things that I'm telling you you can fight the battle against cardiac arrest now not only that I do want to offer you a free resource that I partnered with a good friend of mine Steve Dansby who wrote a really awesome book on transformation there's a link in the description up top somewhere that you can go and you can get your free copy of this book all you got to do is just put your email in and we'll send you out a free copy of this book all right and trust me guys don't sleep on this just get the book what's being sold on Amazon as well as other sites and it's frequency sold before in the past for out to $27 and it has a lot of value in it so I want you guys to download that free transformation book to help you avoid the problems that I just explained by paying attention to your being able to get your health and wellness together because it's it's ultimately up to you so we've given you some tools that you can start with you can go and download that free ebook yeah just go get it and let us know what you think about it you have any questions you can comment and I will respond to your to your questions if you have any questions about heart attacks or health or anything like that like I said I had my heart attack when I was 31 and it's a scary experience it's just not something that this is not something you're gonna forget easily and it definitely changes your life avoid that download the free ebook and let me know what you think about it and also make sure if you think this live video to help a friend or a family member or an enemy or anyone just just hit that share button and get this information out here because a lot of people are are negligent to their health they're not thinking about having a heart attack I wasn't and I know not either so sometimes videos like this will really wake a person up and kind of realize that man am i drinking enough water am I stretching enough am i you know eating right enough I realize that hey you know what having a heart attack might have been a really bad thing for me but it's helped so many people to evaluate their life that I just I just feel blessed that I was able to survive and I'm able to offer you this free ebook that I partnered with Steve Dansby to bring you guys so yeah just get your free copy you can download it hey I love you guys man and I hope you guys take heed to the warnings don't don't be like me don't ignore your health don't have a heart attack love you guys peace

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