Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Hello everyone, welcome to Cosmic Kids! I’m Jaime and this is your place for yoga, stories and fun. It’s easy! All you do is copy the moves
I do and enjoy the adventure. Now we always start in the same way, and that’s by sitting on our bottoms, crossing our legs and bringing our hands together at our hearts, and saying
our secret yoga code word which is namaste. Ready? After three. One, two, three… Namaste. There! Now as you can see I’m in a rather spooky,
mysterious place, I’m wearing a black outfit and some round glasses because today we’re
doing a special story, based on J K Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Let’s
get started. We meet Harry age 10, living in a house. Coming up up to stand take your
feet wide, arms out and above your head, House Pose!
Harry lives at number 4 Privett Drive with his uncle Vernon and aunt Petunia and his
horrid, bullying cousin, Dudley Dursley. Now Harry always tries to keep as quite as a mouse.
Coming down to your knees everybody and tuck yourself up in to a tiny little mouse pose.
He stays in his tiny little bedroom which is in fact the cupboard under the stairs.
Coming up to sit, now on Harry’s 11th birthday, the moon is in the sky. Coming up to stand,
join your feet together and your hands together above your head and take yourself over to
one side making a moon pose, and over to the other way making another moon pose, or a banana!
When the clock strikes midnight pointing all the way up to 12 *DONG!* All of a sudden, a giant called Hagrid clomps in through the door. Jump your feet wide, folding forwards,
take hold of your ankles, and CLOMP, CLOMP, CLOMP, CLOMP, CLOMP, CLOMP, he straightens
up as he tells Harry “You are a wizard” “A WIZARD?!” Turning one foot to the side,
one foot back and bend your knee, stretch your arms out wide and lift your arm up to
the sky, coming in to a wizard pose. “I’m not a wizard” says Harry. Taking your arms
down again, straighten your leg and turn to the other side bending your knee, coming into
a wizard pose on the other side. “I’m just Harry!” Hagrid stands up and says “No – and you’ve been accepted in to the Hogwarts School of Wizarding & Witchcraft!” Arms
wide! Hands above your head coming in to school pose. Now before Harry starts school he needs
to go shopping to get some stuff, things like a uniform and a pencil case, oh – and a wand! Huh! Hagrid takes Harry on his magic flying motorcycle. Taking yourself halfway forwards,
take your handlebars. Here we go! Brum, brum, brum, brum, brum eeerrrrrrkkk! They come to a stop at Diagon Alley which is a secret hidden magic shopping street in the
middle of London. This is where all the witches and wizards buy their things. Coming to stand
at the side, Harry has to take big steps to keep up with Hagrid. BIG STEP, now Hagrid
tells Harry he is in fact famous amongst wizards and witches, known as The Boy Who Lived! Step all the way back and all the way forwards on the other leg, BIG STEP. That’s because
Lord Voldemort killed Harry’s parents when he was a baby, but couldn’t kill Harry for
some strange magical reason. Step all the way back and step forward on the other leg,
BIG STEP and Harry is in fact rather rich because his parents left him lots of money,
on deposits at the Gringotts Wizarding Bank which is where they are now for Harry to withdraw
some money. Coming up to stand. Gringotts Wizarding Bank is run by goblins. Squatting
all the way down, these are rather little menacing looking fellows, with long pointy
noses and long pointy ears and long finger nails and sharp nails eugh. The goblins show
Harry to his vault, which is a bit like a ginormous treasure chest. Sitting on your
bottom join the soles of your feet together, holding on to your toes,
and take your head down towards your feet. They open up the vault with a golden key,
*creeeak*. Inside is lots and lots of money, loads of gold coins, plenty for Harry to buy
the things he needs for school. They also go to another vault where Hagrid takes out
a stone-shaped parcel and says “Official Hogwarts business Harry, pay no attention
to this, ahem.” Mmmm funny Harry thinks, but now he can go buy his things so he heads
to the wand shop. Coming up on to your knees take your foot out to the side and your hand
up to the sky now open up the wand shop door, *eeeeek*. And come back to two knees again,
take your other leg to the other side your hand up to the sky and close the wand shop
door, *creeeeak*. Inside Harry gets to try ALL of the wands. He gets in to his wand pose,
taking one foot forward, one foot back, take your arm out and *swiiiiiish* over here, and
jump your feet the other way and *swiiiiiish* over there, but the wand that suits Harry
best is in fact the twin of Lord Voldemort’s. It contains a feather from the same phoenix. A phoenix is a magical bird with a plume of fiery red feathers. Coming up to stand and face the side. Take your arm up to the sky and your hand to the side, now see if you
can catch your foot in your hand, showing off your very special phoenix. Now let’s see
if we can kick our foot into our hand coming in to our Dancer pose to show off our fiery
red plume. Well done everyone! And coming up to stand. Let’s try that on the other
side, turning to the other side now, reach your arm to the sky, your hand to the side
and see if you can catch your foot, now kick kick kick your foot in to your hand coming
in to your beautiful, fiery, phoenix, dancer pose! Yay well done everyone! Coming up to
stand. Now Hagrid very kindly buys Harry a present
for his 11th Birthday, a beautiful, pure white, snowy owl called Hedwig. Come down to your
knees, take your hands down in between and we go “twit, twoo” and again “twit,
twoo.” Very good everyone! It’s the first day of school and Harry arrives
at Kings Cross railway station to catch the Hogwarts Express from Platform Nine and Three Quarters… Harry puts his hands on his hips and looks over one shoulder, “Hmm – where could Platform
Nine and Three Quarters be?” as he looks over the other shoulder and the first, and the second. He
has no idea where Platform Nine and Three Quarters is! Then he spies through his little round glasses,
joining your thumbs and fingers together, have a look through, the Weasley family and
they’re obviously going to the same train as he is. He asks them to show him the way
and they tell him he has to jump through a magical wall! Crouching all the way down on
to your tippy toes, after three let’s do a big jump through the magic wall. Ready? One, two, three, *whoosh*. Wow! Harry made it! On the other side is the Hogwarts Express, the train! Jump your feet together, let’s go! ♫Clickity clack, clickity clack, here we go around the track! Clickity clack, clickity clack, here we go around the track♫ On the train Harry makes friends with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. They soon arrive at Hogwarts. *Toot toot*. All of the children are taken to the Great Hall at Hogwarts School where the long tables are set. Sitting down on your bottom, feet flat, knees bent, hands
behind you. Lift up your bottom, making yourself in to a big long table. Everyone takes a seat
in a chair. Coming up to stand, lift your arms up to the sky and bend your knees sitting
down in your chair pose. Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of the first years need to be
told which house they are in before they can eat so they need to try on The Sorting Hat!
Jump your feet wide hands above your head making a nice pointy Sorting Hat shape.
Now there are four houses at Hogwarts School. There’s Gryffindor, the lion. Coming down
to your knees, after three, Lion Pose, ready? One, two, three, *ROAR!* There’s Hufflepuff which has the symbol of a badger. Take your hands forward, tuck your toes and
walk your hands back so that you’re crouching and balancing like a little badger with pointy
paws and a pointy nose, Hufflepuff. There’s also Slytherin, which has the symbol of a ssssssnake! Yes well done everyone! Come down on to your bellies, hands underneath your shoulders
and wiggle wiggle wiggle *ssss* like a Slytherin Snake. And lastly there’s Ravenclaw
which has the symbol of an eagle, coming in to Eagle pose, up we come to stand, cross
one leg over the other and bend your knees arms out wide, swizzle those arms so that
one’s under the other and wave with your underneath arm! Twizzle them round to hold your palms
and sit yourself down like an eagle, *Ah Ah!* Now I’d like to know which house YOU’RE in. Let’s play a game! I’ll twinkle my fingers like this, like I’m wearing the Sorting Hat and I’ll say a special rhyme and then I’d like YOU to show me which house you’re in by doing the yoga pose. Will you be in… Gryffindor with the Lion? Will you be in Hufflepuff with the Badger? Will you be in Slitherin with the snake? Or will you be in Ravenclaw with the Eagle? Let’s see! Ready everyone? ♫Sorting Hat, Sorting Hat which
house are you?♫ Wow I can see all sorts of houses! Some of you are in Gryffindor – Lion
Pose yes. Some of you are in Ravenclaw I can see you’re doing Eagle! Well done! Some of
you are in Snake, look you’re doing Snake that means you’re in Slytherin! And some of you are in Hufflepuff with your very clever badgers! Well done everyone! Now coming
up to stand twinkle your fingers on your head, as Harry, Ron and Hermione wait to be told
what house they’re in, and it is…. *drum roll* “Gryffindor!! Lion Pose!” Coming down
to your knees, after three, one, two, three, *ROAR!* Very good everyone.
Now at Hogwarts they have some rather funny lessons, they have potions with Professor
Severus Snape, coming on to your tummies to make a cauldron, here we go on to your
bellies, take your feet towards your bottom, see if you can grab one ankle, and another
ankle and then breath in as you lift up into a cauldron shape, well done everybody. Now
coming up all the way to sit with your feet nice and wide, as into that cauldron they
have to mix lots and lots of bubbly potions. Take hold of one of your stirring sticks and
we go ♫ bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble potion! ♫ And the other way, let’s take the other
stick now. ♫ bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble potion ♫ Take your leg to the other side.
In the sports field, they have broomstick flying lessons. Coming up to stand, let’s do our Flying
Pose. Ready? Standing nice and strong take your arms out wide. Lift up one of your legs – trying not to wobble! – and take your foot out back behind you making yourself into your
Flying Pose! Broomstick flying *wooohooo!* and standing nice and tall. Now Harry is very
good at broomstick flying, so good that he gets chosen to be the new seeker on the Quidditch
team for Gryffindor. Let’s try our flying pose on the other side and see what its like
playing Quidditch. Coming to the other side, arms wide see if you can balance on your one
leg and then take that leg all the way back behind you into your flying pose nice and
strong *wooohooo* and stepping back, well done everyone! Now one night Harry, Ron & Hermione
are climbing the stairs back to Gryffindor’s quarters… ♫Up we go! Up we go! Up we up we
up we go! ♫ – when all of a sudden the stairs change direction *oooooop!* They keep climbing, ♫Up we go! Up we go! Up we up we
up we go! ♫ And they end up in a part of the school they’re really not supposed to be in. They come across a large three-headed dog! Argh! Coming down
to your knees, take your hands down, tuck your toes, press your bottom up to the sky
coming in to your dog pose. Now I did say it was a three-headed dog so let’s lift
up one of our legs and waggle it around! Arghhh! Coming up to stand everyone. Harry Ron & Hermione
run. RUN! And they hide, tucking themselves up in to small little hiding balls.
That was one scary guard dog. They sit up. What on earth could it have been guarding, they wonder? Hmm – Harry wonders whether it had something to do with that parcel Hagrid got
out of the vault back at the Gringotts Bank, We’ll see. Let’s go and ask Hagrid, they think, who lives in the Forbidden Forest. Coming up to stand.
The Forbidden Forest is full of menacing-looking trees… Bring one foot on top of the other
and your hands together at your heart, now grow your tree up nice and tall. Ooh – now I
wonder if you can do a really nice menacing scary face for me *bbleurgh!* Very good! Let’s try another one on the other side, bringing your other foot on top now, your hands together
at your heart again, grow up nice and tall and another nice scary face *urgghhh!* Very good everyone! They find Hagrid’s hut. Jump your feet wide, hands up tall, where they find
him tending to a large golden egg. Sitting on your bottoms, hug your knees in to your chest, now see if you can just lift your toes off the ground and balance like a little cosmic egg… Well done! All of a sudden the egg hatches! *crack crack crack* and out pops a baby dragon! Coming upon to one knee everyone, one knee forward, one knee back, you can keep your toes tucked behind you if it helps, and then criss cross your thumbs lifting them up and above
your head and let’s do a baby lion face, ready? *raar!* [Sticking your tongue out] Very good! Can we swap sides, taking your knee down and swapping your sides, ready *raar!*
Oh Hagrid’s fallen in love with this little baby dragon, he calls him Norbert, oh very
sweet. Now Harry asks about this guard dog, “what was it doing, what was it guarding?”
Hagrid says, “Well – oh that’s just Fluffy, Fluffy’s no trouble, he’ll go to sleep
if you play him music – oh, I shouldn’t have said that!” Ah – so Hagrid knows something
about this guard dog, but he’s not ready to tell Harry what he’s guarding. At least
Harry now knows how to make him fall asleep. It’s Christmas! And for the first time
in Harry’s life he receives a Christmas present! It’s a beautiful cloak – and the note
says that it used to belong to his father. Harry tries it on, coming up high on to your
knees take your arms wide. Now wrap yourself up in that beautiful cloak. Oh! Harry notices
that when he does this, his whole body disappears! It’s an invisibility cloak. Cool! This is
a BRILLIANT present and could be very very useful. It’s back to being at school and Harry, Ron & Hermione are in the library studying
some books. Sitting on your bottom bend your knees and open your knees making a book shape.
They’re trying to find out what that stone was and maybe it’s got something to do with
Fluffy the guard dog. Hermione – who’s very good at studying books – finds something. “The Philosophers Stone – it contains the elixir of life. Elixir of life means that you’re
immortal and that you’ll never die.” Harry and Ron do know this, but Harry realises…YES!
That must be what is being hidden at the school to protect it from Lord Voldemort who wants
it more than anything so that he can regain his health, take his power back and finish
off Harry once and for all. Harry knows he must get to it before Lord Voldemort does
– and luckily he has his friends, Ron & Hermione to help him. That night they take cover beneath
the cloak. Standing up, jump your feet wide, arms wide, start to spin yourself as you cover
yourself with that brilliant invisibility cloak. Then the three of them start to tip
toe tip toe quietly so as not to make a sound while they’re invisible to that room where
Fluffy the guard dog is. Coming down to your knees, hands down, tuck your toes, lift your
bottom up to the sky. Remember Fluffy is a three-headed dog, so lift up one of your legs
and waggle it around *Raaaaaar!*, but Harry knows music will send it to sleep, so he plays
a little tune on a flute, standing up, cross one leg over the other and take your hands
to the side and play a little tune on your flute. [Plays tune] And lets go the other
way, cross your feet the other way and take your hands to the side and play your flute
on the other side. [Plays tune] Very nice. Fluffy seems to go to sleep, coming down to
your knees *Yaaawn*, all the way down with your head. Harry, Ron & Hermione take this
opportunity to open up the trap door in the floor that Fluffy has been guarding. Standing
up, legs wide, criss cross your fingers behind your back and stretch your arms out folding
all the way forward to open up the trap door. Ready? One, two, three, fold! They stand up and they jump down in to the trap door. Ready? One, two, three, JUMP!! They land on their
backs, rolling all the way down, but they’ve landed in a giant plant, a plant called Devil’s
Snare. It starts to coil itself around their legs, around their arms! Oh no – it’s trapped
them! Luckily Hermione who pays attention in her herbology classes knows that the way to release from this plant is to relax! They try it! *Ahhhh…* Sure enough it works!
And they’re free! Yes! Coming up to stand. They’re in the next room, but they’re
faced with a life-sized game of Wizarding Chess – where all the pieces come to life! Jump your feet together. There’s a bishop. Hands at your heart. He’s bowing backwards and forwards, singing ♫oooh-boo-bee-doo-boo-deeeeeee.♫ There’s a knight as well. Take one foot
forward, one foot back, clasp your hands forward as we go *Chaaaaaarge!* like a knight.
There’s also a castle piece. Turning your feet to the front, take your arms out wide,
hands above your head coming in to your castle pose. Now luckily Ron is rather good at chess,
so he takes the lead in this game and he does really well. He leaves the coast clear for
Harry to continue alone. Harry goes through a tunnel, coming down to your knees, hands
down, tuck toes, lift your bottom to the sky. He walks his feet forwards and he comes up
to stand slowly to find himself facing a giant magical mirror. He stands as still as a mountain,
looking at his reflection. In this mirror you see whatever you desire and all of a sudden
Harry sees the Philosopher’s Stone drop in to his pocket! It’s worked! But at that
very same moment Lord Voldemort comes in to the room in disguise as one of Harry’s professors.
He tries to grab the stone off Harry. Take one foot forward, one foot back, stretch your
arms and reach forward like Lord Voldemort “GIVE IT TO ME!” Harry pulls all the
way back “NOOOOOOO!” Voldemort chases Harry all around the room and he reaches again for it. “GIVE IT TO ME!” Harry grabs his hand and as he does the hand begins to
burn and disintegrate into dust. Harry takes hold of Voldemort’s head and all of a sudden
Voldemort’s head starts to disintegrate into dust, until his whole body turns in to
one big pile of rubble. Harrys natural magic has done it again. He’s defeated Lord Voldemort and he has the Philosopher’s Stone in his care, but he is exhausted and he takes himself to
the hospital wing where a lovely cosy bed is waiting for him. Sitting on your bottoms,
feet flat, knees bent hands pointing towards your bottom and lift yourself up in to your
bed shape. Harry sinks down in to the bed, he stretches his legs forwards and he folds
all the way forwards to take hold of the blankets, he brings them up over his body as he gets
himself lying down and comfy in this beautiful comfortable bed. He takes rest. And just like
Harry we also take rest, to regain our strength. That amazing special magic that Harry has,
we all have it, it’s called Love and that Love is the most powerful thing of all – it
will defeat and overcome all darkness. And it lives in each and every one of us and while
we channel and share that love, the world whether it’s a magical one or not will become
a more beautiful place, full of wonder and light and warmth. So we breathe in to that
love now that sits in our body and our hearts. Deep breathing to let it spread all around.
It makes us feel so peaceful. So with that love and with that peace we slowly bring ourselves
back, wiggling our toes and our fingers, bringing our knees up to our chest and giving them
a hug, we roll over on to our side and we slowly come up to sit, back to where we started,
with our hands together at our hearts. And we finish just the way we started with our
secret yoga code word which is Namaste. Ready? After three. One, two, three – na-mas-te. Well done everyone! Thanks for coming on the Harry Potter yoga adventure with me! That was great fun. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see you soon for another Cosmic Kids adventure! ❤️ Bye bye! ❤️

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