everybody has this mentality that you can do too much somebody somewhere at one time said you can over train a muscle and if you over train a muscle is gonna shrink so I guess people are gonna believe this for the rest of their fucking life well do me a favor and just riot train chests for three fucking hours do it every week for three hours for two or three months straight and I fucking guarantee you you are not your chest is not gonna diminish and shrink away and turn into nothing it will only get bigger and stronger don't take everybody's word for everything don't read something and believe that shit try it out for yourself find out if it works or it doesn't or in Oh yeah we all go down you just a monster day off but I do not I cannot live with myself I cannot look in the mirror I can't walk down the street going I'm a failure I would rather die I'm serious I would rather die and be a fair life this should not exist so in order to deserve that we on any basis had to give it that much I was willing to give it that much and a lot of times I came that close to death along here train the more you eat the more you sleep the better results you're gonna get if I'm eating 12 meals a day I'm training three hours a day and I'm sleeping 10 hours a day I'm gonna get better fucking results than the guy that's trained in an hour a day 80 is six meals a day and sleep in six hours a day in the more you get out so stop fucking making excuses tweet-tweet there was no choice there was no what if no plan B forget plan B this is the only thing that mattered in my life it was the most important thing I really believe you want something bad enough who can will it to happen muscle growth genetically disturbing your genetics changing I mean when I look at pictures of myself as a kid vs. 81 like things happen what happened it just happened he was inside myself I was demanding and insisting and I wasn't about to say hey I hope it happens it's gonna happen right now or the muscle is gonna break off either one god what we think let's go the more you put into anything in life the more you're gonna get out the more you put into building a business the more you're gonna get out of it the more hours you spend working on anything the more you are gonna get out work pays nobody can kill your dream but you know you can change your Jetsons we could expand your vision whatever we do to dream die and if your dreams about stepping to our August days being bigger and badder when others may want to let you be a Nazarite do it dream big dreams do big things thoughts become things there's nothing impossible nothing impossible as long as you put your mind into it any dream you can dream of you know you can make it reality if you say you know what I'm gonna work hard towards it


  1. So if it’s bad to drink bleach cuz it can kill u, DONT BELIEVE THAT SHIT, TRY IT OUT FOR YOUR SELF

  2. I workout 7 days a week for 2 hour and eat 4,500 calories a day, and I'm 14. Try it guys, the results are unbeatable!

  3. fucking ugly bodybuilder

  4. weird calculations , 24hours –> 12hours sleep,3hours workout,12meals? man is water considered as a meal for u ?;o

  5. But The Rock ONLY sleeps 3 to 5 hours a day

  6. Funny how they all forget to mention the steroids part. Hmmm

  7. The Rock and Arnold both sleep for 6 or less hours. Yeah, they have the money for better recovery methods but you don’t need to sleep for 10 hours and I work 12 hour shifts. When the hell am I gonna sleep for 10 hours, plus lift, plus spend time with my family, plus meal prep?

  8. Only thing is eat eat eat …..eat clean not shit food you will grow if you do lose size you need way more clean lean food

  9. this man talking bullshit. Not passible overtraining.Im natural builder and my main problem is overtraining. I train heavy with volume

  10. I wish STEROIDS didn't exist we would find out who the real men really are

  11. You can achieve a lot on your own through diet and hard work, however , these dudes are pinning and winning on top of it ,

  12. Yeah, and the person who said it was most likely a person who wasn`t dosed up to the gills on steroids!, anything that these steroidheads say should be taken with extreme caution !

  13. no one can kill your dreams only ew can….

  14. The more you put in the more you get out, so stop making [email protected]@@ing excuses! Best advice.

  15. Rich piana puking up nonsense yet again

  16. 👍

  17. I just felt the pump by watching this. Thank you 👏👌

  18. Meal 4 down. Hour to digest before training.

    Back day. Let’s kill it.

  19. I worked out for hours and got great results.

  20. Such BULLshiat!!! 3hrs a day. More you put in the more you get out,,??,, where is he now??? Just sayin

  21. Who is this tool? Where are his shoulders?😂

  22. Not to be insensitive… but i probably would not listen to Rich Piana. for obvious reasons….

  23. 1:20 It’s prob so weird but I’m training for that moment when I flex my thighs and I see straight strong muscle!! My muscles ain’t gonna build themselves!!! 💪🏽💪🏽😛💪🏽

  24. Where going hunting

  25. Feels good

  26. 700 kg

  27. Master

  28. Orange light

  29. I like this

  30. I jogged dorm to canbrana last night I’m a farmer

  31. How do u stay awake

  32. Work hard but don't abuse the roids

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