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shout out em easy and tune in to the sit-down check check check him easy what's up buddy all right listen ladies and gentlemen welcome to the sit down I'm not a street nigger I'm not a third I'm a man I'm a man why I'm saying I've never felt this afraid in the studio ever in my life okay I'm going to go on a diet I'm not gonna fuck with these niggas cuz they go a little too and I y'all an inspiration talk to me about the the ndo vibe in the wave how does it how did it start where did it come from what's it about some change oh man and your nation first in your nation stand for no days off you know okay so the nation is like everybody out there that ground is not just in the gym feel me if you a doctor or lawyer you however you making your move or if you wake up every day to change the dream work on your craft you part of that into your nation you know with us Fitness is what we do and we do it every day seven days a week so you know man we just try to motivate everybody around the world and say oh be part of the nation man gotcha gotcha yeah basically bad like like the gym route for us where we from way from we from Newark snake going take his shirt off dead in a minute this motherfucker right here yo so that was a big you know like like something big for us man like you know saying a whole nother route like we as trying to show to people not only in our city mm-hmm I'm saying but everywhere else cuz where we come from and you had a word or the city newark first they may think about a shooting in college absolutely so we tried to give them a different angle bringing the fitness to our city gosh oh man this ndo thing is serious so what made you pursue bodybuilder um my brother chant is the the real body baby I actually competed once but I'm more – athlete like was born my background was football mm-hmm I was a pro athlete I played in Canada two years came back home played arena football mm-hmm of course champ trained me and that's how we start rolling with there's no days off from yeah with bodybuilding man bob bennett came from I used to work out a gym and I met some might one of the older guys that run away they see me as a yo I've never competed before I say compete on stage with no tie so each other like you go you think about what your friends gonna say man yo we see you on stage so when he came up to me about training right what'd you say a bodybuilder sold the gym I were training at and I told the owner of the gym I said we couldn't stand my body Besame don't do no bodybuilding man that's hard work you got a diet you got a train same out of fact you did like 50 show while you telling me another door so I had three days to get ready for my first show and when I did the first shot came first place and after that it was a ball game man so I had to tell myself like you know man y'all need permission for nobody in the hood for your boys there to do what you want to do it a mental change amen oh man you gotta respect bodybuilding because one of the hardest boy they're dying in in what you got put your body do take like get prepared to go against joker's that's actually yeah I'm saying like dying in 20 weeks and like suffering and eating just chicken and veggies or fishing but yeah so the sport alone like is a very unique dope spot I respect the bodybuilding culture cuz I was well I forget you remember when we interviewed ash and Darnell from wags ash the girl just had a baby and she was doing the bodybuilding competition right after that like she dropped the baby was doing right into the bodybuilding shelter ash I think my only thing is how do you judge somebody they all look ripped what's the the criteria for winning a competition like that basically like competing and how the judges look at it is like the conditioning mm-hmm it's more the conditioning it's about like how hard and how conditions you can get your body like anybody could get on stage and be big mmm why can't you be conditioned what the a separation so give me a life-altering moment in your life that decided that you decided you know what I'm gonna do this bodybuilding thing and like fuck the world I'm saying I had them I had a little incident that occurred like in my city it's hard to like like they try to hold you from a lot of stuff man when you when your label period it's like a whole oh he's from North code it's dis and they try to label you so I'm I went down and apply for my you know my carriers you know they was giving me the runaround to run around and run around I stayed on top of them I'm saying and I finally received it but a short time a couple years later my things was expired like so I ended up getting caught on my firearm yeah I'm saying and really I went to jail got bagged lost everything my job Wow hold on you and gentle man it was a like brief little quicklaw I'm saying okay but the whole point is that I hit rock bottom like when that happened I lost some city job everything yeah so I kind of had to start back over the only thing I had at the time was the gym and fitness yeah I'm saying it from that situation it helped me build myself back up you know I'm saying like and where I'm at now being a sponsored athlete with BPI okay and like the whole nine is just a blessing I'm saying what about you champ that's for me man Fitness saved my life man you know running around in North Asia Asia 18 19 years old did a fat bed three years you know came home it's my son right head you know I'm saying watching my son at age of one years old see me bombard you know man and I said in the cell to myself I said would never happen again you feel me mm-hmm like I have to find another way out you know man all the brothers that was doing 30 to life was in there like your champ you motivate us in here you know say everyday you wake up with a smile in your face you don't play sport you don't do not you in that gym turn a flower motivate people you know some people that doing 30 years keep you know I'm gonna keep that smile on one day they're gonna make it home you know I'm saying so when I came home I had and I said couple my boys came out to me like yo man what's up we got this going on I said listen man I'm gonna take their fitness and things to the another level Oh ain't gonna work man I said you my man I'm in my dream I'm telling you my dream he post if your home if you moving get me saying me open my gym you know I'm saying don't tell me when I'm doing that going work you feel me so I had to go work out a gym clean up the floor the bathroom try to Homa myself was in the street making 100,000 a movie in my team so I had to come down don't say listen don't worry about what you was doing worry about what's now you're low man need you you know I'm saying if there goes out five kids you know man wife it needs you to come home I'm said so while I was doing that was getting ready for a competition show around with three weeks out so I was working in security and working out a gym so the one security yeah it was in North so I got shot the bullet penetrates Oh MLS can't took me that University Hospital so I told the doctor I said listen up I got a show in three weeks I need to do this show you know I'm saying depending on me I mean I've been I'm ready doctor said man you ain't gonna be ready for eight months I'll call my brother hot I said listen up doctor you talking when I want ya come and get me now for the hospital so he pulled by the hospital I'm well you want to go I said I won't go to the gym took me to the gym so I'm working on my upper body but my whole ass is wrapped up there no excuses went right to the yards off so we went to the gym so I'm working on my upper body so when we pass by like I feel like my body I'm dropping weight I'm losing my strength in my in my leg cuz you probably bleeding out from the show right so I pick my son up I'm not you said daddy what we're gonna say listen today's the competition daddy what you doing si listen we gotta go so I'll call my boys I'm like you'll meet me at the show the judges like Oh champ oh we heard what happens sorry I said man listen don't be sorry for me how much is the show I'm in so you in yes so I put him in for the show in the back took the bandage off my last lay you know I'm saying get a duct tape off the wall put it away so it was my bomb it was loud what they say ya know so it was like bout 12 a competitor in my weight class right so they call heavy weight to the stage with bodybuilding everything start with your legs yeah you gotta finish everything on stage soon how did flexing with bullet wounds fresh on this show is like a national court of qualification show so everybody is in a show try to go to the next level to get a pro call and it's like a big show people being preparing itself for like 18 weeks that man here coming over ages 19 20 week so I'm on stage I'm squeezing right and I feel like my list is giving up for my monkey tell me keep driving so my son watching me in the crowd reverie calling me and I'm going to the judges switching us back and forth like 21 switch to three three squares before you compared to see who got the man who muscle stand out so after that we won't stay for five minutes I'll answer pulling my legs giving out I'm still holding on so I came back they took it's hard to get off stage so nice show came and it lined us up like they have to pick the best five out of the 12 competitor so we standing that everybody coming out like man he shot me during night you know say hey Bala yo you first I think you're gonna go second you know so I'm standing there boom and the judges can't call the first / first place second place third place 4th place and he look at me everybody step in the crying look and he mentioned my name 5th place you know I'm saying like that so I grabbed my son I gained the trophy I said it's bigger than me you know I mean sometimes in life you think you're at the top but you're gonna hit rock bottom so hard and people that you believe in a moose gonna turn it back on you you know saying when you see the trophy I want you to rise up and say you know what if my daddy made it through this pain I could muster through anything you know saying it was really big it didn't a competition man it was just to show a body no matter what you you not no days off is real it's not it's not a plan B so hey you know I'm saying this gotta work they have to work we can't go back to the street we can't do nothing this have to work so even if you get shot or you get what you got to get up and go in there muscle man definitely you know some saying it gotta work so who we got the guys from nd on those days off in the building champion Hawk alright so we've heard about the past what are you working on now cuz I saw you on Instagram with this with this bench thing talk to people bench it up tall man so now we're going around city to city state to state motivating you have to put the guns down and lift some weights so we motivate and I'm gonna every state we now been to South Carolina North Carolina LA you know I'm saying Texas you know I may just pick a gym you call us up we in there niggas from all around the world man I like that doing it and it's been doing well man a lot of kids been getting inspired man you know just to watch it 17 18 years old kid pick up 200 300 pounds off the floor for like 20 30 reps and I'm saying and it could have been out there robbing people stealing something drug smoking and I'm saying in the end all they want to do it just want us to more evidence you know I mean like you'll see me work see some champions intense bro alright so if people wanted to get a part of the no days off wave be a part of the gym where can they catch you wicked they be a part of it um right now our home gym is is on Diamond Jim Pro and said Maplewood New Jersey okay yeah I'm saying but basically my Instagram's or whatever right now is booming so everybody's really following the wave right now yes I'm saying so because it's like follow them or die yeah you always follow us on Instagram man and your champ or nd underscore champ and oh man and shout out to be P our sport man you know man yeah yeah and also shout-out to social fit in our man he made sure we eating good having that energy to keep driving and shout out to the stretch balls you know man when we pull a little bit of muscle heat you know so everybody is on board man everybody is on board we're gonna do a part two of this interview and I'm gonna come to the gym oh yeah oh don't hurt me old pace man got you man please and also I want you to go to our Amazon Prime and I'll say I have my movie out there my documentary of my life so we could post that in it called grande and put it up right now going show up you know man is that part right now just typing groovy Grande documentary gonna pull up right now you're gonna see me out there listen I said we don't want like by five different war in Europe South Africa Brazil Portugal and in North I love I love when people are out doing what they love to do and impacting people you're inspiring people you're doing things you're on the Amazon Prime here these guys are from Newark that didn't see a path or a future and now traveling the world inspiring people you guys are are the American Dream to a certain extent yeah man definitely definitely definitely if a kid for my city could look and say damn my big brother been through it all you know I'm saying he's not sitting on and I mean slept on the gym floor slept at the Penn Station slept on the couch on his ranch but he'd never slept on yourself you keep driving no matter what it is you feel me people come and go you know I mean like is it was the ground started 12 years ago when I see so many people coming maybe we give up like your man disappointed a disappointed if fil a discouraged but when people free discovers around you you know I'm saying as a team play as a team leaders what we do we found courage with me I was suffering key driver because we know what we heading yeah you know say it's a step you know I'm saying we just stay on track and keep moving every day we just keep going you know man I gotta get you get the fuck up out of here before Steve will yeah what's up man damn bitch started from the bottom we're better yeah what's the fat baby mortified New York City you get Bobby long please mess you man yeah I'm saying not Luke brother hock I got you chair bye guys so little shaking what happened you get a camera flex come on flex for the cameras that may help shut out in your champions is born and we gonna end it on that shout to the whole egg do camp hawkish every out there is this sit down fellas thank y'all for coming shout out and easy and tune into the sit down check check check him easy what's up buddy

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