Happiness Experts Share Back to School Mental Health Tips

– In order to be happy
you need to be successful. Well what if I told you
you had it backwards. That being successful
doesn’t lead to happiness, but rather happiness leads to success. You need a minute to process that? That’s fine, I’ll wait. Psychologist have scientifically proven that one of the greatest
contributing factors to overall happiness in your life is how much gratitude you show. We asked them to close their eyes and think of somebody who
was really influential in their life, somebody who
did something really amazing or important for them. So who was that right person for you? – That person is my sister Erica. – We’re going to give Erica a call. – Okay. – [Erica] Hello. – Hi. – Hi.
– Erica, it’s me. – All right so I so I got
to read you this paragraph, can you hear me? – Erica is my older
sister and my best friend. Sometimes it even feels like we are twins. She is my number one fan
and my number one supporter. She makes me happy because
despite all my mistakes and my decisions, she still
loves me no matter what. – [Erica] Why did you do this to me? – I don’t know, because
they made me do it. – The glass is half full,
it could’ve been worse. Look on the bright side,
when life knocks you down these are the things you hear people say. I mean there’s no way
what they’re telling you could actually be helpful, could it? Well buckle up because
psychologists have found that a substantial amount
of your happiness in life is determined by your ability
to focus on the positive. We gathered a group of volunteers who experienced a significant
and sometimes difficult life event in the past year. – I was in the police
academy and I got injured. – I lost my dad in
January of this past year. – On April 19th I faced a
life-threatening surgery which it caused me to be paralyzed. – We brought them in, sat them down, and asked them to think of
a recent time in their life when they experienced something positive. Maybe something they achieved, something good that happened to them, something good they did for somebody else. The idea was to put them in
a positive state of mind. We asked them to focus on the details of three strengths that they had. Of those three, we told them to choose their biggest strength and tell us a story that showed off that quality of theirs. Would you mind reading
for us what you wrote? – Yeah, sure. – [Host] Okay. – I wrote, “I have a top-notch quality “of caring and being sympathetic “with those people close to me.” – I have a talent for and a
gift for helping young people who don’t like school, helping
them to become intelligent and enjoy learning. – I just take the stuff
that people say I can’t do and use it as motivation and then I just prove them wrong in the end. – We gathered our selection of subjects and gave them a test to measure their current level of happiness. Then, we planned out a day
jam-packed with kind events. A sort of kindness pentathlon. – All set with your cart? – Yes thanks. – [Man Wearing Hat] You’re welcome. – Have a super nice day, bye! – [Man Wearing Green
Shirt] And that’s for you. All right thanks, you
did a really good job, it looks really good. Thanks for taking care of our marshmallow. – You’re very welcome and
we also have some water we’d like to give you. – At the end of the experiment
we gave them another test to see how it affected their
overall level of happiness. And we found an average increase
in happiness of 9.3 percent with the highest increase 22 percent. You probably heard the term art therapy thrown around before,
but today we’re honing in on a new type of art
therapy designed exclusively to focus in on positive
emotions, personal control and a sense of meaning. Once again, we brought in
a selection of subjects. Now first we gave them a test to measure their current level of happiness. – I nailed it. – Oh you’re not done yet,
I hate to tell you that. – Oh. – No there’s more. Next we asked them to
right out a list of things in their life that made them
feel happy or supported. Then we had them assign
a color to themselves and to each of the things on their list. – I’m just going to write ladies. – That works. – I don’t think there’s
any misinterpreting that. It felt like the right time to rope them into doing
something creative. So we traced a life-size
outline of their body. – Do I smell good? – Fantastic. And told them to fill it in
with the different colors depending on where it resonated for them. – I noticed the first
thing you put in there was the purple to represent, is that mom? – My mom, yeah. She’s on the shoulder
kind of area I guess. My mom actually, I remember when she used to rub my shoulders whenever I’d be sick as a kid. – My dad has always been
the one that’s there. – What is going on, this is so weird. – Well, we saw an average
increase in happiness, 8.1 percent with the highest
jump being 36.7 percent. So, go on then, be happy. ♪ Soul Pancake ♪


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