Hamish Blake, Unlikely Bodybuilding Champion (2011)

Wow hello hi – we backstage was intense as the mr. New York state bodybuilding championship was about to get underway we walk for muscularity shrink-wrapped look and overall on symmetry for the total package sick check and check competitive win 5 and to be fair that was pretty good but we would not worry it was time ladies and gentleman we really got a good treat for you tonight functional really getting yo Romel barn all straight y'all have it Blake [Applause] [Applause] – whip that was all the record just as I've done it I've really done it people even that the oil has been excited for me yeah we've done it I feel good about my performance there's no denying it but I felt even better about what I found out afterwards he picked the right contest because you can't lose tonight and all the other athletes in the show tonight none of them came in as a heavyweight which is 200 plus hands under steer so ladies and gentlemen whether you like it or not your 2011 mr. New York like the heavyweight champions is going to be whether you like it or not number 11 Hamish please along every life yeah the eating is paid off there you go kid you don't have to lift kilo you just pack the ADA you


  1. Here after a fb post 😂

  2. Shame. There used to be a video showing the whole training and preparing which was hilarious, I think Hamish got someone to rub his cooking oil on him or something along those lines. I guess they copyrighted the video and uploaded this short one instead. Oh well…

  3. C.c no estudiaste nada para examen y aún así te presentas 🤣

  4. "Hammish Blake". Americans choosing their own pronunciation as per usual. I bet they 'could care less' 😖

  5. Ham-ish Blake, that's a riot, Andy should use that.

  6. Hamish is right. A very hammy fellow.

  7. Showing up is 80% of life

  8. he could teach arnold how to lift weights

  9. "Yes! And the eating has paid off!"

  10. That judge is just horrifying. Who gets a spray tan like that and think it looks attractive?

  11. I remember as a kid I entered a running contest. I was placed in a category for kids a few years older than me, but still came in 3rd. There were only 3 competitors.

  12. no joke i won a wrestling championship once by being the only one fat enough to be in my weight class xD

    good thing. i'm a terrible wrestler.

    but i have a trophy now

  13. Love it. Showing up is 90% of the battle.

  14. I love how you can see those few people in the video who get the absurdity of his performance and can have a laugh at it. Yes, he is making light of the competition, but he's doing so by getting up there and providing a pretty stark contrast to the people who are actually competing.

  15. Is that a laugh track ?

  16. Looks like a shitty fake tan contest.

  17. There is sound of laughter but nobody in the audience seems to be laughing?

  18. Its not real win 🙂
    No one enters such competitions without calculating weight.

  19. He Stephen Bradbury'd it

  20. Aussie humour is the worst

  21. the little "that was off the record" bit. nice.

  22. 2:10 rejected

  23. Is this the second best Bradbury in our history?

  24. Why didn't one of the actual bodybuilders just compete as a heavyweight? Become a two division champion!

  25. The Frank Effect got him the win here

  26. Wait did he actually win

  27. All in all pretty disrespectful to the fellow competitors that worked their asses off only to have their state show and sport made a mockery of.

  28. Sometimes nobody shows up and you automatically win

  29. you had good chances to win haha

  30. what a body, a well deserved win!

  31. Anyone can do that with frank Stallone playing

  32. 0:06 is that Bruce Lee? <_<

  33. I remember watching this a few years ago

  34. This is such a good laugh

  35. Haha nice one 👍

  36. omg its the franks stalone sonfg

  37. absolutely hilarious guys. mabye you guys could respond to me please 😉

  38. One of my all time
    Favourite hamish moments! These two are te best duo to come out of our country. Cant get enough

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