Gymnastics & Tumbling Lessons for Beginners : Forward Tumbling for Beginner Gymnasts

Now, we are going to demonstrate forward tumbling.
We are going to start with a front handspring. Ready Mariah, okay, with the help of a log,
she goes up into a handstand and she makes it over the log. Dahlia please, nice and tall
handstand, over, stretch and finish, excellent. And again, ready Mariah, tall, up and over,
very nice. Right Dahlia, all the way to jump. One more time, Mariah please, tall, over,
legs together earlier, right. Dahlia ready, up, over, stretch, yes and now we are going
to do it without the log. Okay, ready Mariah, concentrate, right, and go, run, hands up
and go, good jump, close your legs faster Mariah, yes. Dahlia ready, good job. Mariah
one more time, make hurdle one and two, good job.


  1. That's great how you teach it to us but what if we don't have the right equipment, then what??
    cause i would really like to learn.

  2. ive never used one of those mats, my coach said it didnt teach control

  3. lame wre not in a class for that

  4. can i do this over my dog ?? my dog is big and i wont crush it ?

  5. the girls are sooo cute the blonde is a showoff!!!!

  6. !!! XD lol i cant lsitne to her!!

  7. @LoveMusicndMarishell i have something to say go next to a bed and do a hand stand into bridge and you will learn quickly i home trained myself to do all of this type stuff

  8. This is beginners?

  9. @LoveMusicndMarishell at a nearby forest

  10. girl in pink is such a SHOW OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE

  11. that is so not for a total beginer

  12. Well its obvious who the teacher likes better. Thats a shame cause I used to experience the same thing when I did gymnastics.

  13. that looks easy but where am i supposed to get a mexican to hold my back off the side of the road

  14. How does this show biginer tumbling? Its all about the dam log! Im a beginner for front handsprings and where am i seposed to find that log?

  15. come on guys they are only children how could someone say daihla is a showoff she is only a little girl -.- and the other girl too
    maybe she only do like that to be a good gymnast

  16. daliah is a fuckin show off!!

  17. man that chick's voice is killing my ears haha

  18. How is Daliah a show off she is doing what she is beging told to do

  19. Great,!

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