Gym/Workout FAILS Compilation 2018


  1. That Russian chick is fucking hot

  2. Dude with the ponytail's a friggin idiot.

  3. Some people should stay away from the gym and the equipment's….🤣🤣

  4. La colorada tiene mucho gimnasio encima, lo hace para rompernos el corazón nomas😎

  5. 0:50 ooooh no… that's not a fail… that's a god damn win!

  6. 4:19 I thought I was watchin BroScience there for a second 😆

  7. Wtf? Jajajajajajajajajja

  8. the Best

  9. Minute 1:03 I think she did it perfectly. 😊

  10. Lol. Nice view yes but those twits knew she was doing it wrong and she could seriously hurt her back. So not cool

  11. It's perfect form, by the way …mmmhhh…

  12. On "SPEED" like a mother…..

  13. 3:30–5:30 needs to be put in jail for that bullshit . goddamn manace to society

  14. sarcasm a little overdone? lol

  15. I am a normal person i see a beautiful ass I click

  16. The second one is not a fail, it’s actually a hack legit hamstring workout. It’s basically good mornings on a machine.

  17. Wow that guy at about the 4:19 mark really sounds like an idiot. He has no idea what anything is and he certainly is not hiding that fact lol.

    Yeah yeah the girl with the striped workout pants, you know the clickbait we all watched this video for lol. I always think it is funny but more so annoying when girls wear stuff like that and then when guys are checking them out they try and act offended. If you don't every guy in the world looking at your ass and checking your body out, then don't come dressed with basically neon signs pointing out your ass! Now the old guy in me is going to say that I hope one of those guys video taping her is not her boyfriend or hubby!

    Sure are a lot of ways to really hurt yourself in a gym!! The guy I mentioned before who did not seem to know what anything was called or the proper ways to use the equipment did make one very valid statement. I fully agree with him that every gym piece should have a sticker on the side saying the name of the piece and images showing the correct way to use each piece.

  18. Name of the guy who make exercices with max weight please i wait it imediatly

  19. Dude those shrugs look like aids.

  20. This video is sponsored by 😂😂😂

  21. That dude in the red shirt needs a show of what not to do at the gym.

  22. She knows she's doing it backwards because the pads are facing the opposite direction. She's playing stupid. Just let a ho be a ho.

  23. 8:29 …his form is perfect…hahaha

  24. 1:10, even tho the view was ab so lute ly tasty. She looked ridiculous.

  25. Da ky bogo mn

  26. Guy with the red shirt pls! "STOP IT! GET SOME HELP!"

  27. About 7 minutes & 36 seconds into this video clip: "Dance, Dance, Dance The Night Away"!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hahahahahahahhahahahha

  29. Get out of that gym the announcer and the guy preforming the exercises should never walk into a weight room again.  Someone would get injured.

  30. The guy with long hair is a arm wrestler! Explains the weird exercises when he is using one hand. That explains it

  31. Как всегда только в моем зале одни толстухи и старые

  32. How dare you say bad things about thePF

  33. I love ur videos make me want to do one

  34. 6:57 classy to make fun of someone else while your own form is off. For shrugs. Masculinity issues when you need to tell everyone "don't worry, I do more than that it's just…" Oh, your form's off while doing a light weight too, eh? The "dancing dude" is likely doing something to keep up a habit. A ritual before working out. Who knows.

  35. No hay que ir al gimnasio donde no haya instructor o quién este a cargo para enseñar las rutinas para evitar exesos y lesiones.

  36. 1:33 zebra back

  37. 9:23 😂😂😂😂

  38. Did anyone notice that it says 2018 but was uploaded 4 years ago

  39. Look at how biblical those curls are! Lol

  40. these are the morons who don't know what they're doing and will get hurt and Sue the gym company for getting hurt!!!

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