Gym Workout Fail Compilation


  1. I NEVER understand why people want to lift 160 kg when their max is 120. Next step is: Destroyed rib cage while benchpress (falls down), destroyed back or knees (squats) etc…thats stupid posing by a small Ego, not training. The worst thing in this vid is that completely stupid female who wants to lift a big weight in high heels. And its allways a bad combination, stupid people and a cam (same with the Motorbikevids).

  2. We just gonna ignore the first guy being racist

  3. why do y’all lift shit to the point that you’re puking like that? disgusting

  4. Guy was trying to impress girl. Watch this video, i found it really funny

  5. i love 03:18

  6. 😂

  7. Those are glitch people

  8. The first guy definitely be running from the cops.

  9. 4:43 who tha hell wears high heels at gym?

  10. Let’s go black man!!

  11. Лолбоебы

  12. Ok. The last one was funny, gross, but for Gods sake, that is true commitment that we should all envy… out of embarrassment we all would've stopped from the beginning or just by the pain…

  13. Those benchpress ones are fucking terrifying I hope those guys are ok

  14. 4:39 ho Else is deatifteing in hels

  15. why is 06:30 a fail? Dude is a beast to continue!! Puking at the gym is not a fail, its a fucking WIN!!!!

  16. that spotter in orange is an idiot

  17. The person in every gym that everyone hates. The LOOK AT ME person.


  19. 2:15

  20. 4:29 his Ribs are ok? That was worst man

  21. this guy cut left 😂😭

  22. 4:23 that guy died the same day due to collapsed long from this injury. More then a fail imo.

  23. Half of these are just twats meddling around. They're not 'fails'

  24. 1:24 what was that? A crow crowing?🤣

  25. The only spotters that did their job 5:57

  26. Those useless “spotters” made me mad bro.

  27. Respect last one lol. He was actually trying…

  28. the last one was epic

  29. Thats why im not go to the gym 🤣🤣🤣

  30. Why people taking big weight when it is obvious they wont handle with it? xD

  31. Kid at 1:00 needs to get upper cut by a fucking 45lbs man , also why push 225 when that's more than half your weight

  32. 0:40 was just stupid to say the least. Kid weighed a buck and a half and was trying that much weight with MC fucktard spotting..

  33. 2:25 escalada con lagartija q buen ejercicio a descubierto está mujer

  34. 4:04 that's some good breakdancing

  35. 5:42 xDDDDD

  36. 6:40 me doing 100 kilos while im not even 70 kilos

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