okay guys so have you ever wondered when the gym was gonna come out or like what's gonna actually come inside the gym area well I'm gonna be talking about that today so I hope you all enjoy if you do make sure that the like button comment down below most of all subscribe answer and post on vacation on so you can never miss a video like these I'm talking really fast let's just get into the video shall we let's go so guys basically the gym is over here I believe it's in the plaza but I might be completely wrong so if we go on the plaza and it's not there guys you can just whack me in the head because I'm just stupid at that point I don't know why that would have happened but yeah so anyways oh okay so yes I'm definitely stupid you should what the heck happened to the ice cream place guys it melted okay he's back yeah all right yeah so the the gym is not here at all I expected it to be and it wasn't because I'm just very very stupid so let's go into the town now shall we guys by the way I'm at 42 thousand subscribers guys and I'm trying to hit 50,000 by Sunday or Monday so if we can do that this weekend guys keep telling your friends to subscribe and keep liking the videos up and keep just keep you and them guys like keep subscribing I don't see why you wouldn't subscribe this channel is awesome I got a good community here and I try to keep in contact with all my fans as much as I can if you DM me on Instagram or Twitter I usually respond if you're in game I usually respond not right now cuz I'm recording a video but shout out to this dude Luke the DJ is cool pretty cool and here's the gym guys so this is what it looks like right now I think it's just like a placeholder because it looks really stupid I hope this is not what the gym actually looks like cuz it's just a box in a triangle I hope when it actually comes out it's gonna be something really cool what's gonna be inside the gym well it'll probably be a gym but I'm wondering if they'll have like basketball courts or swimming pool or whatever I know they'll have a weight room obviously because for some reason like weightlifting simulator and whatever it is with weightlifting a lot of roblox players like to do it I I don't know why but they do and yeah I just find it very interesting so that's the gym guys it I don't know when it's gonna come out guys I haven't where there's no updates on anyone do you guys think it will come out what do you guys think we'll be in it let me know in the comments below what you guys think about it and what you guys think all about it so let's just go back here I'm gonna do some stuff right now today we're gonna work on my castle a tad more I'm sorry that I'm doing so many cows videos but there's not that much to do in the city so I'm just kind of chilling and like making house videos and stuff so yeah anyways guys I do want to ask one thing do you guys want me to do outfit ideas like an outfit ideas video and meet city so I like edit my avatar and I'll show you guys how to be something or it's like do you guys want outfit ideas for like guys and girls or do you want like how to be this specific thing I mean city I don't know what you guys want but I can do whatever you guys want so let me know the comments below like what do you guys want with that aspect I also put it in the information thing so you guys can look at the top right and see what's going on so this is my room so bar I think we've got some work to do here so let's work on the the pool and like party kind of room here just like the hot tub room we're definitely need to get it some better looking let me look at this real quick we need to get some better looking flooring like party flooring just to make it look a little bit you know nice and cool let's get some great cobblestone I guess it's not called I guess it's not to party ish but you know what it's it works it works let's go back I forgot to get the wallpaper great ok shop shop shop shop shop here we go flooring no no wall paper they're going let's get the let's get the hmm-hmm what do we get what do we get guys I'm trying to figure out what to get you I think we'll just stick with the plain honestly we'll just make this a nice clean slate room with the cobblestone floorings let's boom I think that looks nice let's have some more to it because it's kind of unfurnished and this person is crying because they're seeing me shout out an angel sunshine wolf and shout out Christian luck I don't know how to pronounce that at all but yeah guys so let's see what we can put within here we can put some bath towels we can put some double mirrors we could put a hmm I think we should put some entertainment you know I think we should definitely go for some widescreen TV here I think that's the move I think we should definitely go for a boom box so we can play some bangers inside of the pool room or whatever the heck we want to call this so let's go ahead and edit the house now let's throw down boom box right here let's see how we want to put this down put it right there and then let's throw down the widescreen TV and we'll put it right kinda next to the bath I fake like right there so people can watch it right when they're bathing you know how that is and then we'll do the mirrors like that ed they've read the bath towels closer to the bathtub but not like right next to it let's throw a dining table in here why not people want to eat actually let's not do that that looks really dumb I didn't expect it to look so stupid but uh okay we're gonna design a daddy okay so there we go that's basically it with the room so far thank you for telling me that I'm the best that's very nice and sweet of you and let's go to test this out so this is basically my house guys so far so far we've got the and we're going and we got the student area right here this is basically what it looks like it's just like all the school items because I did a video on that if you haven't seen that video make sure to go check it out it's on the channel and all that good stuff we also got this fireplace here we've got some and we can play music I don't know what it's playing I don't have the audio on here's the bathtub music we got a good old house going on over here and I probably should actually add like a dining room but you know what I don't need that we don't need a dining room doing who needs to eat when you're having a party and having a blast I don't think anyone needs to do that there's so many people that are coming in my house right now we've got angels son Christian lock Princess poppy corn Tony I'm just gonna kill er more people come in down below everyone's just coming right into my house right now this is crazy I guess we're basically having a beep city party in my house right now so that's that's that's crazy I'm like what I don't I don't know I don't know yes let's just walk out and see if they follow me you guys are killing it with the support guys I can't thank you enough okie dokie so let's continue this way she's like oh my god I got this whole group of people for me if you guys don't know I do let like everyone follow me so if you guys want to join me in game just join me game I'm one of the few youtubers it actually does everyone follow them even when I'm recording videos guys I invite you to join me and just chill in the background if you want to be in the video I might not like shout you out I might not acknowledge you but that's just because I'm in focus mode recording a video when I'm not recording a video I will usually type back and I try to just get in contact with you all and thank you all for supporting me and all that good stuff because guys we have 42 almost 3000 subscribers and we can probably hit 50 in a couple days because I'm getting like 2,000 a day so let's pick that up a notch and let's gain 3,000 a day we did it a couple days at the beginning of the week I think we could do it again now so let's go ahead and keep hitting those like buttons keep subscribing and all that good old stuff I probably should grind for some meat coins I don't like your kind of meat like that grandpa some coins right now but I don't think I actually want to there's so many people surrounding me holy Lord okay you know we're gonna do we're gonna go in here and we're just going to chill in the playground I think and just kind of wrap up the video but just kind of chill with my I'm trying to figure out guys how do I get back to my adult form because I I went into team where's the adult one I want to be like normal-sized like everyone's normal-sized I'm so tiny that just tried to get back to my normal self let's see if this works okay maybe it'll work is there a way to do like packages baby I go to packages can i becoming normal okay no that's not good I become adorable person guys please tell me I can become adorable person oh I can't wait why can I not be adorable person where is the adult thing I'm a team now but where can I get to be the adult oh my goodness guys you guys are killing it out here there's so many people just calling my name in this Lobby this is crazy crazy crazy maybe we'll just go and join a party and see what's popping in a party i I have no idea we're just kind of chilling what even is going to be what's in the home-improvement store that's where you can actually buy houses and this is the furniture store is there any difference from the furniture store then what you actually use inside your house I don't yeah no there's not there's no I have some posters man I don't want posters guys you know what you guys should all tweet it out and you trying to be like yo giant celery needs a poster in me city because that'd be tough I do all meep City videos right now and like I deserve one so you guys should just like shout me out and all that good old stuff that would be really tough anyway we're basically wrapping up the video though because I just want to talk to you about the gym so yeah guys what do you think the gym is gonna have in it where you guys or when do you guys think the gym is gonna come out it's gonna be a pretty hype update when it comes out I can already see it now gym in all caps on the front page while beep city takes over number one since Jeb rigs always sitting there in beep city's always pretty much a close second I think maybe City still has more place visits than jailbreak and I don't know if Jeff Crawford beat that but you guys want me to do any jailbreak videos – I don't know I'm gonna do with this channel I think I'm gonna keep doing me city but just let me know what you guys want me to do and I'll keep doing it I'll keep up with the trends maybe even do some simulator games who knows who knows but it seems like all y'all keep wanting me city because that's what you guys play anyways that basically ends the video if you guys enjoyed make sure to hit the like button comment down below most of all subscribe and turn post and application on so you can never miss a video like these also guys just let me know in the comments all that stuff that I said in the video little celery is blocking my view right now really heavily yes I am recording a video quick thank you for asking hi YouTube Belly jelly what's up and yeah so that's basically it all these people are following me around it's pretty cool thank you all for the support once again let's end the video now for real and good bye


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