Gym Time With Devon Larratt

ready go alrighty here we are at will gym in search we got Devon no-limits variety with us and Sam Bennett we're gonna do a bit of a training session today who knows where it's gonna go you saw yeah I'm super sore and we got like it tonight we got probably the toughest club in Australia that we're gonna be ripping so just cuz I've done like so much arm s and last little bit I feel like I need to shake out my shoulders my triceps I'm sure it'll end up doing wrist curls but you know yeah but either way we're gonna get Devon in the pose room yes and we're gonna be gonna find out who's got the he's got the best best pose down anyway guys gonna do it regular part of the routine or demo just to know I never do this I never do it you don't ever do it feels great to do it I got to get a gym membership seriously I gotta get massive that turn into a frickin gym bro but quads may I do that quad change anyway everybody kind of what's going yeah well let's not mess around all right number let's go while they stop oh this is it that was sort of true way Sherwood that's true way yeah we did okay start me a hundred yeah all right all right 100 pounds I should be able to do Oh Australia is like Anatole that's about Max right there let's chose you have ties you uh spend like yeah I got here on Thursday night Thursday night every day yeah yeah very good so there is there is a limit but so like like so you know like Lachlan a day yeah what than it is 59 I'm 52 for my max well I don't feel either one of you two I don't know what this is worth yeah well obviously I guess that shows you know the back pressure to dominate hard to say yeah if I do that I do this lift I do it I do this yeah I do it I do a lot like this over like over the top I do this one more that is one more than this one well let's let's movie go to something you don't get Claude Lee guest on yeah I don't know well why don't we try this on with the doctor yeah yeah let's keep it there I don't know if I could do that one element another girl yeah whatever if you square up more it's more relevant – there you go yeah I do the ones that I do like it normally over the top with this I'll work I'll work a side pressure – yeah like I'll do like knobby push it what let's jump one you can tighten through it yeah let's not make us a mistake food uses a massive Rinker's this is a small one oh yeah you probably need that big but I get true white true I do am there you go yeah yeah just go bit by bit but 32 kilos by doing that right I'm free locked in it started that okay more than my max Oh see you should've told me that yeah barely that was 45 that was 45 kilos on the little hand alone like you think you'd do better on the bigger handle ah doubt it I think probably Midler's always gonna be easier so we got a big night tonight like a big night like I'm already hamburger oh I'm Eunice we're using this handle wrong oh yeah there's some click is here it's a thumb piece all right doesn't sound big same thing like yeah that would help I'm walking it in did you have it to risk it up like that no I did it but I understand there's the thumb piece yeah I don't think it matters but does it matter nope that's right on the fingers yeah huh like for me it's more flat because my hand is small you've got a bunch of fingers that but I really like this for me that's I just want that to equal my job question have you cranked the moment it doesn't ice won't be stronger everywhere yeah like anywhere in here give it another crack at 40 45 yeah I haven't moved yeah tonight tonight there's famous for tonight nights gonna be insane seriously I think we got what like 40 hardcore armrests is gonna be in the joint yeah that's it like hours from now yeah we need to have some swimming time and some relaxing time kara I think we should be thinking shoulders and triceps did anything I wanted you would test there but I want your opinion on count I do massage okay sir well I'm a side pressure expert so you're talking the right guy [Applause] but forty-five plus from below cool that's odd their side in it go ahead try got photo right with the side in it like I mean you can use any handle and just like have internal stability in it they call it side but to win when I like and I mean whenever I'm doing like my max lifts like their size involved in all them yeah mostly yeah but when I'm doing my side and up whenever I train side normally I've hurt myself but I've been on a good run of training it well last a little bit and what I've been doing is normally when I do side normally I'll use my supinating Ridge you know normally sometimes I'll do like exploding hand technique but for the most part I'm doing supinating Ridge and I don't do it like open at all anymore cuz I find like when I start going heavy this just lights up real quick yeah so I get like right behind it and it's like I call this side but it's not even really side it's like I'm pushing yeah right like so I'm getting that best position so like my best position there like pushes like here yeah I'm working in that kind of just getting your phone off the shoulder before yeah well and not even like from the center of the table from like you know right tucked in and I find I can go over like pretty heavy like that and still feel safe yep but this thing for me is being like chronically like a welcome to armwrestling yeah that's it I've resigned to the fact that I think it's never going away this seems to rehab it just enough yeah yeah I find like so much of like I don't know I don't think that I ever do that though like I don't think like I'm not really like like I'm more growing Jo and then if I ever start to really want to go to the side it's like yeah like more pressing ah wait whatever you do you get better at man doesn't matter what it is you do anything you get better at it so you do this an arm-wrestling then it's gonna make you better right man seriously I do shoulder flies I do try some traditional bodybuilding yeah my soul there's still Jack I finally I'm like rounded like I think I'm radical that's why I've got to do these clinics when I actually do step into a jam I'm like do all the things you got to do so the Flies triceps what's your general opinion of I spell oh good it's all good and face power you can leverage right you know like you're probably never gonna get a great arm wrestling he doesn't have legitimate based our star website when it comes to take it step forward it's hard to argue that that specific training and help you a lot right I've been like bullying on specific fit no way right yeah yeah it's the way you got to get back to basics every once in a while yeah people like but Tommy little icing like other than mention he's go to g-man suffice bail it might surprise you yeah he probably busy at that well maybe heat the ratio of his basis a specific I don't know man I've seen him doing like Turkish get ups and stuff I think he the trains all-around athletic triceps record your numbers there I have four years yeah I've got like books from way back not so much these days because just the land set up like I'm doing periodization from the specific movements oh yeah so like I know exactly what the numbers are like I'm doing it every day so every once in a while record just so I kind of keep track but I I'm not plotting every day like I used to do well David there's one thing that I do with every single person here that's just a poser and food if you like feel good for close it up let's do this pose oh yeah you ever see a poser man if I had one of these in the gym where I work that mean I can never leave all day right picture so I you know I never mind with the best phone in this room is so good an advantage right no you're putting me on the challenge within the line where we go for basic for a basic floor I can find my light later biceps toilet I don't get the like this yeah okay try and go through Paul's room it's pretty good yeah good huggers yeah feeling ready for tonight I can't believe that I can't believe I'm gonna say like I believe how weak you were in the back pressure babe don't let it surprise you everyone's on my wins and the history of my career is I just time guys's injuries I know when guys are hurt I take them out you know weak man that's good I like it but cuz I remember I've seen footage of you like I don't know years ago without 180 80 kilo regular dumbbell doing some crazy yeah yeah yeah I uh I don't do that lift Ottoman like a lot once I had my surgery my elbows I kind of stayed away from my elbow joints for a while and focused on my hand and wrist it's time for me to start hitting my my joints again there cuz they're they're good so yeah that's got to get myself a gym membership one of these lovely establishment you know yeah what will gym everywhere men say yeah thank you so much for the sessions I really appreciate it good stuff I don't know who won the pose room guys let us know in the comments below tacks and glutes passion glue and Troy's we did tries it out sir yeah thanks guys


  1. Devon u are such an awesome positive force. I wish I cud be part of ur workout/traveling /hangout crew

  2. He wouldn't stay anonymous for long if he came to my gym

  3. Your forearms were not far off. He def had you on bisceps though

  4. Devon "Forearm Envy" Larratt

  5. Devon Larat is a monster!

  6. 16:15 tities and ass😂

  7. Man take some rest Devon. Your muscles need them to repair. I mean you know it. You might be rushing.

  8. Must be hard walking around without being able to straighten your arms. Everyone thinks you’re about to do something but you aint.

  9. Legends walking under poeples noses its , DEVON HERCULES , and Odin ,

  10. Why not do some normal exercises too, sometime? Not just armwrestling stuff. Interesting to see how you do with other things.

  11. There should be a Dad Move machine in every gym. Enough of all the silly double down on certain exercises but upside down. Dad Move Machine or nothing.

  12. Yes you need the Gym.. That Russian is a monster.

  13. devon t-rex larratt😀 he hold his arms in this position

  14. 15:45 dat evo 9 doe.. 😍

  15. yeaaaah…sad but true in the backround…\m//

  16. magic butter

  17. Funny dude hahah cheers 👍🏻

  18. Devon has mini biceps inside his biceps! Look at the bumps in his biceps, strong as fuck

  19. Cyplenkov is so strong because he trains full body general strength in addition to arm wrestling.

  20. The pronator teres muscle of Devon is clearly the biggest one ever recordes on camera!

  21. Yeaaaa my shoulders so jacked xD

  22. You found his limit!! 2:26

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