Gym Rules

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  1. As Heath grows, your starting to see Alot more people who really do not understand hidden gym rules..I had a situation not to long ago.. Arrived at the gym and went right into the cardio area..I wanted to go to the bathroom first, so I left my back towel drink and so on on the equipment..I would say, I was gone 3 ..4… minutes tops.. and went back to the equipment.. Some one decided to move my stuff to the side and use the equipment..I started off nice at first and didn't like his remarks.. About once you leave a machine your done with it… So it turned into a issue which the manager had to come and defuse… As I explained to him once every thing settled.. He was lucky it was me who he was dealing with and not one of the people who would have taken it to another level.. Under any circumstances.. do you touch some one elses property.. The risk is to high.. Especially at a gym…

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