Gym Rules – Manners and Etiquette at the Gym (Realtalk)

what's good everybody by Boni TV here I just got back from the gym hopefully the cord is all on my body is making the camera shake too much for the most part there are a lot of respectful good people that work out there but every never fails there's always a few that throw a few turds and the nice Punchbowl us respectful men have going there so today I'm gonna have a video about gym etiquette to get a few things off my chest that earthed me tonight boy gym rules manners and etiquette that's the gym property Eddie hopefully most of y'all have it Wow this is great thanks a lot that's not what right looks like thanks a lot the maintenance people have an empty yet what does I'm getting a drink I notice right at the top there's a big heaping pile of bubbly fresh spit on top of a paper towel as I'm having my drink of water pretty frickin disgusting so I go over do a set of some heavy free weights come back and I see this hood rat looking dude Barton wave is friend whole look so butthurt and we'd be in he's hollering at his friend do steroids make you more aggressive and my answer to that is yes definitely in then I see him spit to the garbage so I know the culprit was when I pass by him as I hit another drink water when I come brownie I proudly I then proceed as he's as I make sure you can see me to cover it cover his spit with a nice paper towel so I can continue to drink some water between sets without having to look at his pile of bubbly spit he was there the rest of the time I was there I think he got the message because he didn't spit on top of my nicely placed piece of paper towel which was a bit of a test Thank You mr. hoodrat for not spinning on my paper towel you can tell these guys were just went to Walmart a month ago and the kilogram of protein a pound of creatine and got some dirty tea and trend baloney sandwiches off the streets some of you but the synthetic pheromones coming off them and the back acne the back knee was pretty ridiculous let's reach the room just set proper gym etiquette when you're taking banned substances I'm explain why they obviously explain why the invasion is a little emotional because other tremble in whoever says that stuff don't give your age will mess with the trend baloney sandwiches [Applause] to the stuff several years ago which was a dumb mistake on my part but man stuff makes you emotional it's like the jealousy drug they're obviously on three scoops of pre-workout fits the frickin weights we're flying you can tell somebody's on the trend bologna sandwiches and pre-workout with you here grunts and sweats got weights just fly it left and right across your face Oh ground-pounding the next minute they're zipping by you left and right you got fresh block is a puss all over the place on the benches and everywhere cuz they're their back knees exploding when they're doing their sets stay away from performance-enhancing drugs kids get the real stuff from your doctor when you turn of age I'm not even of age yet I'm gonna look into it 1:40 how much do you know about testosterone probably not as much as you'd like to because if you're like everybody else you want to feel and look a lot younger than you are like I do I'm 72 yeah folks proper gym etiquette you're done take the device off the hook take the pin that's a common courtesy way or flooding other people know that machine some beta males just start now they want to get their shit here and they don't know they might be a little timid when there's a wait hang in there they don't have the balls yet to just tear it off themselves how to be confident at the gym when you are overweight going to the gym can be intimidating but it can be especially daunting if you are overweight you may think everyone at the gym is more fit than you or that you will be unable to do what others can we'll have the common courtesy for them individuals who don't quite know yet take it off put your free weights back fellows in proper order make sure the 75 with the 75 s the 95 czar with the 95 s nothing worse than seeing an 85 X to a 95 and then looking around where's the and then there's one sitting on a bench over there and then there's another one right side up on the other end there can be a little confusing ensure that you take the weights off the bars you can leave 145 on each side as a rule of thumb correct me if I'm wrong fellas and leave a 45 on each side because if somebody isn't strong enough to be able to lift that bar with 45 on each side do a regular exerciser warm up set with a 45 on each side a little extra exercise taking the 45 off it's probably beneficial so you can leave one 45 on each side this is my opinion on proper gym etiquette correct me if I'm wrong most individuals are good at wiping their sweat off that should be a no-brainer I haven't seen that issue yet at the gym I go to wipe your sweat off the machines I don't understand take two tank tops I like to be warm when I'm at the gym I usually wear a full sweater during the winter long sleeve shirt with sleeves rolled up during the summer roll up the sleeves feels good I think I covered that all got everything off my chest hopefully you either found this entertaining or informative thanks for watching bad boy again to check out my latest video right there and subscribe to my channel


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  2. Funny BBD lots of dbags at the gym that's for sure

  3. People must wipe the machines they use

  4. I knew it ur doing the Clint Eastwood voice thing i knew it the picture made it concrete…. Nice! 👍👈

  5. The DBs not in the propper place is annoying as hell also leaving a plate on the bar is a thing it's the most I'll leave on there

  6. This was good Dan, I enjoyed this one.

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