so I wanted from everybody I hope you guys enjoy your day so tonight I'm actually going to be going to the gym with Maya and having a quick little workout it's pretty much a workout for beginners or someone they just wants to have a good workout normal dumb that it doesn't know what exactly to do so we're going to be working out chest and tries in my opinion just a quick little easy workout to get a good pump I haven't been on any strict diet or a strict workout plan to Ramadan so I'm honestly just trying to maintain until after I'm all done I'll get on a more legit diet but right now hopefully for beginners that don't know really what to do in the gym so just very basic workouts so let it be a started Joe alright guys chest and tries I'm going to be doing more exercise attend and briefly tries and I want to must start with at the bed sprints and we're going to do a warm-up with it like 1012 reps and then I'm going to add weight so I'm just going to do over here three steps anywhere between eight to twelve reps and metal so we'll get started shut up where you three said they'd take me to take you forever 31 literally decomposition doctor what are the differences in kind down here Lord all right now what I'm going to do is crisis I'm literally going to be doing a machine and like two tables for the first one I'm going to do I'm getting a fishing community sitting bit to try to get like a feel for it and it's too easy I'm going to address and then after it I'm going to go to the cables I'm going to do push down and then my lacus I'm going to do prefer right push down let's all get inspired and you good and everybody so just got done working out and what you guys seen was a workout of chest and tries honestly it all modem I'm not trying to go too hard whatsoever so I'm just working I've been maintained so pretty much what I did in the workout was four exercises for chest and three exercises for triceps nothing too crazy nothing too hard just a good little pump until gel after although that I could go hard again in all honesty I'm trying to do this because starting July first intro I'm going to do a really hardcore diet I'll get into details more when the time comes the shuttle but I'm going to do a vlog a weekly vlog of my workouts my meal prep all that good stuff because it's going to be a journey for me and I really want to share it with whoever wants to have the same outcomes my outcome personally it's just losing weight so my goal is to drop as much weight pretty much fat as I can and I'm going to do it for a whole month and see what I did positively in a month and what I did negatively so I could learn from it so I'm shuttle it's starting July 1st that's what I'm going to start my weekly blog of workouts and meal preps and then go from there and she'll look so I hope you guys stay tuned for that and hope you guys like it so we can kind of get this journey going together lose some weight and get fit if you guys have any suggestions for about a gym video or a video idea please let me know comment below and then shuttle I'll keep that in mind for my next video I thank you guys for watching much appreciation I love all you guys tell someone


  1. Did I see you say "Omaya" while working out? or did I just assume. 6:19

  2. U didn't post a video for Friday 🙁 and Omaya hasn't posted any videos lately either 🙁

  3. I liked what you said before about being obese as a child and look at you now. Please, do talk more about that bcz its inspirational. I myself am obese and would love to start this healthy journey inshallah

  4. 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻

  5. Here b4 100k 💫subs

  6. can you talk about a routine for the real beginners who have no muscle or fat and are women …:/

  7. You did amazing mashallah! Can you please also consider or give any tips on workout for women as well

  8. Great video Moe! I'll be joining you on this weight loss trip. Do you stretch before any type of workout or do you just go in raw?

  9. Great Job. ☺

  10. is it for the guys only

  11. First. I hate it when people do this but it is actually so satisfying

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