Gym Leader Sabrina! – Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 18

what does a guy Zach Scott here playing Pokemon let's go Pikachu and I just finished up with this building last episode the Silph Co head office it would took forever but we got through it let's talk to some more people in town I saw them I saw the boss of Team Rocket escaping from the Silph building so believe that or not I don't know well it let's say you yeah Team Rocket is gone I don't have to be afraid to go outside anymore all right well I'm gonna to do the gym today here and let's talk to everyone in town first let's explore let's continue exploring you want to believe how much power saffron city burns through its through the roof we've got to keep up the maintenance alright and let's say you uh Magnemite says something but will it say you there's no steel-type gym but I love it anyway yes the steel type still type moves are strong against fairy types I don't think I have a steel type so if this is gonna be a fairy gym I'm not gonna be super prepared but uh let's see what's gonna happen now over here when I grow up I want to work at Silph Co it's gotta be the coolest place to work indeed I don't know that's true but let's cone now I the thing is I don't remember which buildings I've been I've been here never mind I do remember some of the buildings I skipped the gym though I think there's a gym here right I skipped a gym where'd you come from Oh Pallet Town huh it's very nice and quiet there right here indeed so let's go ahead and get everything healed there's that guy with that particular let's see welcome to the Pokemon Center would you like to rest your Pokemon yes I'll take your pokemon for a few seconds then all right there we go thanks for waiting your Pokemon should be all better now thank you hope to see you again so I've already talked to the people here obviously I've gone through this town last episode before we entered to the Silph Co and I mean man that just took up a lot of time but there's like new people in town I'll remember this coming here porygon I don't have a poor gun I don't think huh did you get rid of those Team Rocket thugs thank you so much oh wow what do you say do you want to try your hand at raising a Pokemon created by self oh I got porygon nice sounds like a mispronunciation of polygons but so I finally got a poor gun awesome is he's a normal virtual Pokemon it says the only Pokemon that people anticipate can fly into space none has managed the feat yet however all right cool I don't know what to do with them but I got him let me know if I should add him to my party you know the more I think about it I think I think if we take a look grab allure has earned a spot in my party like permanently I think I don't know if it's gonna be permanently but he's you know he's an important enough member that he's got to have his own name so he's going to become g-dog to change the name welcome to the party G dawg – I already have a G dog it's Kyra DOS or whatever he's higher we pronounce it she talked to doe is right here here we go there we go okay there he goes jido – welcome to the party let me move this guy though move him over there P dog is gonna be the main spot so I've been here so I've already been yeah this is silk oh so this is where we kind of ended up last time I went in and took up like a ton of time so now we gotta we kind of got to go up here and explore what's gonna be up here I don't think I've been in this building let's find out well this guy looks mad what's she mad about boy I really admire Bruno of the Elite Four he's a fighting type expert and super buff – laura-leigh of the Elite Four is just so cool she could freeze me solid with her icy gaze I'm a huge fan of Lieutenant Serge the vermilion City Gym Leader what you know you have his autograph oh wow I'm super jealous man you know why I'm a fan – nobody knows who the gym leader of the Viridian City Gym is it's like a mystery I'm so curious so there's a gym here though right me you guys wanted me to come here let's find out if there's a gym here I don't know if there was going to be one I assume there is though I assumed but there would be one I need more revives I've been here before right let's get some revives welcome may I help you I'm here to buy some revives I probably of enough ultra balls let's get some more hyper potions – I I don't know how many I doesn't tell me how about seven let's get three I want to have ten of these bad boys all right so let's go ahead then that will take some revives I have four let's get to that we have six all right that looks pretty good and then I think everything else is fine I'm good maybe eventually I'll sell stuff but I don't feel the need to sell stuff max repelled keeps wild Pokemon from appearing I also heard it last longer than super repel you heard correctly the revive might be expensive but it can revive a fainted Pokemon it's pretty amazing I did just apply them even though they were indeed expensive so no need to upsell me on those already no all right what's up top then huh hello you're in a costume are you the one who chased away Team Rocket no don't say anything I can tell just by looking your eyes thank you please take this a police set I'm a policeman despite a cap okay let's let's put on the police I want to I want to look like a police when I storm the gym maybe I think everyone evacuate like please everyone freeze power up clothing trunk is what we want right p-dog you can be the police first because your name starts with the P Popo P P police t alright and then what I switch to Z dogs me and I'm gonna I'm seriously gonna arrest somebody dude police cap outerwear police top pant Poli shorts shoes Poli shoes bags puh-leeze back we're good ok I got my gear on dude here we go I look just like you we're both police how do I get in here hi for real there's like a Pokeball behind there how do I get that like someone needs to move this tree please there we go there we go okay ex-special defense so the gyms here so we're gonna go in there I just want to make sure a little too like to two gyms with that is this what does it say fighting dojo that's interesting so there's a gym and a fighting dojo Gym Leaders Sabrina the master of psychic pokémon oh no psychic are weak against bug and ghost moves in dark move so I might do this with mu do I I did by a bug moved in tonight or did I not buy it I don't remember uh so but we got ghosts and dark moves I don't know are they on let me look at me really quick him dog I know he has the ghost does he have the dark move – he doesn't I could get rid of dig give him a dark move there are no like immunities to psychic right Oh dark but there are no dark tight pokemons in this game so okay let's go ahead do I have a dark move might as well try to see what I can do a dog has a dark move right bug the bug is gonna be one of those things let's see I'm trying to think for a second bag let's give them a buck do it I don't remember if I bought that bug move or not dragon sludge bomb is poison psychics I don't think I bought it though there's a taunt dark move that's nothing though foul play is a dark move that's cool toxic is poison surf fire psychic reflect so yeah I have the ghost move dark pulse would be good I don't think I bought that bug move I should have I'll be okay either way I can go get it later I don't need it bugs not essential dark though and ghost would be good let's go ahead and give him instead of dig let's give him dark pulse and MDOC just to be sure hold on em dog is more of a special guy right not a physical guy let me just double-check on that yes okay this is this would be good then so we'll give him the dark move will replace the dig sorry I'm going back and forth here that way I think this is gonna be a good a good change here dark pulse that's 80 100 foul plays physical ninety five hundred but we're gonna want him to have this right so em dogs can be able to learn dark pulse we're gonna get rid of dig for it I will keep you know the psyche move is not good please choose and move we're gonna get rid of dig so I got shadow ball two one two and three tada all right also let's see play rough was the fairy move talked foul play set flamethrower power 90 dragon pulse is a dragon move poison psychic 90 100 special psychic move I'm gonna teach him psychic right I don't want him to have psywave Sylar just isn't very good is it the attack fairies I don't know sure let's forget I don't like psywave anyway it like never does enough okay so we have it we have pretty good moves on him if we're talking about another dark move though we can talk about this is taunt dark no one can learn this darn okay well we're good Shadow Ball anyone else know this is gonna be em dog show today the MDOC show some we're gonna move him up there we go Ivysaur just gonna be on our group so that we can just kind of have some fun with it let's go in let's see what we can do I don't know what's gonna happen but hopefully uh oh wow this looks high-tech whoa okay yo champ in the making surprised by all the glitz and glam saffron city is the biggest city in Kanto and it's gym gets its fair share of challengers too you'll need to have a Pokemon that's at least level 45 you want to stand any chance well do you have one yeah I do I do uh-huh let's show him Pete he'll be impressive p-dog level 53 no problem that's a Pokemon that's at least level 45 all right well then fly off to meet the gym leader Sabrina she's a witch right she may not be let's go and do this first hi-tech indeed this is the biggest city really well dear okay so I showed up here let's go to this one first hello hello oh yes hello who are you are you scared of psychics that use unseen power no no I'm not don't try to intimidate me psychic Johan Johan slow bro yo bro prepared to be hit with them dodge this would be fine on what level are these two guys these guys are level 40 okay not bad let's do a dark pulse oh that wasn't as good as I wanted it to be though honestly be gone did you put me to sleep and be so mad I'm drowsy but I'm not asleep Shadow Ball I should use Swift boom alright who's next am I gonna fall asleep or something here darn it all right fine Cadabra well that's just yeah switch up pokemons let's uh since he's asleep of all things a dog come out here come on dude you got a dark move right I think he does I hope you guys I hope I'm wrong right about that not wrong about that look at him smile all right he's got a big butt fight crunch here we go goodbye Kadabra super-effective can't believe em dogs asleep wake up you dork Ivysaur is 27 no one cares no sitting that's good I never foresaw this well I did when should I evolve Ivysaur you know let's go over here first okay so really only one way to go we'll go up here all right lots of paths let's go here first she looks under she looks transfixed you must be a lost trainer I am NOT lost I found my way and I'm becoming a champion that's what I'm doing Chandler's Stacy I hear her mom said it going on Hunter here a ghost move would be great against a ghost like him but I'm asleep I think still right darn it dude wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up I should just made him wake up but confuse ray don't confuse me too great okay I'm confused and asleep and there's gotta be like a status effect let's see is he ether no it's what does this do here we go em dogs no more no more wake up dark pulse oh I have a duck boss – I'm worried about it on me though but that's okay super effective here's a ghost move should be pretty darn effective as well Shadow Ball nice all right who's next you send out next oh I'm level 50 with him dog that's so cool awesome special attack went up a little bit Haunter knows no need to switch keep battling well lookie-lookie fights shadow ball again nice ok well it took you out all right Chandler Stacy lost and yet so strong all right so which one do we come from I don't remember what's this one all about it's like an ace trainer right Sabrina is younger than me but she has earned my respect well you have earned my respect too so let's not fight Amanda ace trainer Amanda sent out jinx beautiful jinx alright jinx looks like she's from a RuPaul show let's go ahead and do a shadow ball seems pretty effective indeed all right oh good job I praise you like I should all right regrettably I have lost I don't regret a thing I'm glad here we go I don't know which direction I'm going but here's another bud nope okay all the way over here this place is amazing a high another Chandler you got a ghost on yeah you and I our pokemons shall battle all right Chandler and Mari Haunter so we know we want to do a ghost move I do at least level 40 versus level 50 what you think about this Shadow Ball destroyed who next boo next all right hunter akin all right I'm gonna keep battling yeah you just keep sending out hunter em dog has this coverage with the shadow ball all right there you go the opposing hunter fainted all right another hunter come on man we got this I mean you're gonna make it too easy for me come on I'm level 50 level 40 at least we're getting this town and this gym done I'm pretty happy about that there we go another another total pass out all right channel where Mari I lost after all that you did my friend all right where to well let's take me to the note this is another ace trainer I assume sabrina is young but she's also our highly skilled gym leader I won't let you reach her easily all right another ace trainer what you got for me a bunch of level 40s again level 42 s maybe a strainer Cameron Cadabra abracadabra I keep thinking as a microphone buddy as a spoon well so far these shadow balls of work let's try dark pulse that was good wanna save some you know IV stores 28 another Cadabra keep battling man you're gonna you're not gonna win this one I'm just gonna do another dark pulse oh I mean work last time it's gonna work this time right here we go beautiful all right [Applause] well well well what say you out down and out all right where to I'm just gonna go up here this place is a bit of a maze but so far I think we're progressing through it just fine the saffron city Pokemon gym is famous for training psychics you want to see Sabrina don't you I can tell he predicted it he read my mind he's a psychic Preston the psychic only one hit no coming out I don't even know exactly whoa whoa don't get me I'm gonna send out I'm gonna use ghost fall on him like immediately I don't know Shadow Ball I mean it's a ghost move oh not good enough to perfect it but the Ike's head but he's gonna headbutt me with his hand he used his hand that wasn't a headbutt what are you doing hypno dark pulse now she super effective goodbye alright hey Doug to go to level 53 argh he says he dropped his balls what are we gonna do now I'm gonna see if I go up here can I get to the the main gym leader quite yet or not oh here we go everyone's watching everyone's ready for this Oh what let me do that alright redo I didn't even see that that was there so excuse me let's go back up to the top oh boy no that wasn't a duck every redo I just stepped on the wrong thing I guess you know where where is it where am I going dang it okay I'm gonna go back and I'm gonna go up upsy-daisy I don't remember which was which okay yeah that makes sense this is this one me come on okay yeah this is good goodness gracious though so I mean I had it I was like up there I'm sorry I had it but now I'm just going through the maze again I feel like a doof this must be it there we go some more progress let's try this okay okay okay this is working out for me I feel like it's such a fool for stepping on that pad and even mean to though let's try this one all right guys the moment everyone's been waiting for Sabrina how are you my friend whoa wide shot a lot of people watch a lot of spectators so you've come I had a vision of your arrival I have had psychic powers since I was a child it started when I carelessly threw a spoon aside and it bent itself in an unnatural shape I just like battling but if you wish to whoa then I will show you my power yeah she looks oh boy I don't know I mean I think I'm gonna be able to pull it off simply due to the fact that I'm high enough level mr. mime look at him what a he's in the new Pokemon movie hello detective Pikachu let's try shadow ball and mr. mime how's that feel looks pretty good I guess super effective he's using light screen though uh-oh that's not good that's gonna protect future Pokemon as well let's go ahead and kid it looks whiff maybe what do you think you think that's enough not at all fizzing psychic but I avoid it via my shout I do have a psychic move let's try dark pulse though let's see if this is enough to make him move on no what the heck I don't like that was very very nice effective at all all right let's uh let's just let's do another swift and Swift will be enough to get him I'm sure the lights been hopefully dissipate soon it looks so cool in this game alright who's next send out Alakazam that's gonna be strong let's keep battling I'm ready you know what I should do I should use a special attack up do I have that I don't think I've ever used one of these is it X special attack all right use this on him here we go let's see how this pans out my special attack rose sharply he's psychic please don't kill me or anything I'm fine the light screen wore off so prepare for a blast of shadow ball okay I avoided the move thankfully here comes shadow ball boom one-hit wonder all right alright Slowbro we're gonna keep battling and I'm gonna repeat hopefully my success here we go Shadow Ball once more will it be a one hint indeed awesome and this is great I praise you again good job who is the last one I'm almost level 51 g-dog two grew to level 50 jinx okay let's do just keep battling it's fine jinks don't worry we got you with ghost balls shadow ball sorry poof got him super effective and he fainted alright m'dog grade level 51 nice Ivysaur is 29 this loss shocks me but a loss is a loss you should have seen it coming I admit I didn't work hard enough to win I can't believe she didn't see it coming who's so obvious to me your victory has earned you a marsh badge yes for cops you're under arrest for fighting a child enough a marsh badge raises the level Pokemon that will obey you to level 74 pokemons that you have received from another trainer in wait please take this team with you calm mind from Sabrina there's a robber in the crowd I put team 33 my team case team 33 is calm mind it makes the Pokemon concentrate to boost both a special attack and special defense in battle psychic power isn't something that only a few people have everyone has psychic power people just don't realize it I wish I wish I had known that I would have been using it this whole time he looks exhausted from how nervous it was seems to add fun though alright let's let's just rub your head go to sleep take a little nappy-poo there you go I'm saving my berries for myself alright now we can use this and leave the gym all right so we're out I did it dude sucking power huh man if I had that kind of power I denied it also and nobody would even know what a creep that's okay that's okay you can be free to be a creep next door we have another building I don't know what it's for but I haven't been there let's find out what it is whoa hello who are you what are you hey I'm a coach trainer I'm on loan to the fighting dojo I am a pretty strong trainer when I have a battle let's have a serious battle yeah fighting type I guess is that what it's gonna be like flying psychic fairy if so I do have a psychic move could work but joke with him dog I'm glad I gave him dog the moves that I gave him today I mean this is really helping this episode I didn't even know this is gonna be like this but it's all falling into place nice this is easier than the gym all right electric buzz okay I'm gonna look up electric buzz I don't know who what okay come on Electra buzz it's a I just electric so a ground lets us which pokemon and we're gonna go to g dog too late him with earthquake probably him dogs been taking a hammering for the past few minutes or so alright electric buzz look at them freak out fight earthquake this guy's like level 33 ow we kicked me don't it was effective why is it because no I don't know maybe his fighting moves yeah that would make sense super effective goodbye to you alright Leona I'm totally defeated yes you are let's go talk to these ryos over here that was a great match I want you to have this Thunder punch nice what is that Thunder punch smash your Punk's with a fist wreath in electricity what the heck no I'm gonna play with P dog get out of here stop it ha ha all right back team case thunderpunch is an electric 75/100 move okay I got you I feel it was it's a fighting dojo was it's a finding dojo so we're gonna be fighting in the fighting dojo right okay you're trespassing okay outside Bob this was a public business or something I'm trespassing and then the door was wide open or I opened it I guess okay what are you gonna send out primate prepare for my psychic trick to pig nose here we go blast away goodbye super effective all right oof I give up it looks so crazed I wonder if these were inspired by Street Fighter at all what Beck what's he's coming over to see me hey yeah I have no fear for anything tough i shat her boulders we're training every day well I won't send down G dog too then cuz he's a basically a giant boulder Aeryn gravel er hey I got that guy so good so I don't huh well I guess I can use water on him or iceless which Pokemon type blast him with a dark – ice beam he was gonna use earthquake but guess what doesn't work against me but my ice beam will be just fine against you shredding through the competition alright that worked out pretty well alright yow stubbed fingers I don't know what that means why would you have stubbed fingers alright I hear you're good I won't hold back he has a Pokeball over there I might want black belt Hideki collar world this is a water-type right indeed he might have some sort of fighting move I don't know but p-dog should be able to deal with them with the electric should be good no oh it's me nothing that was like nothing on me Zippy's app that will be like a big ol something boom zippy zoom zippy zap got shoes to perfective knew I could do it critical hit you fainted the other fighters over to the left and then there's one straight ahead of course judge one point you are you a challenger I guess so people can call me that I suppose black belt Mike Machoke all right go on him dog I know you can do it I know I can do it – I'm gonna do it with a psychic move I have high confidence that this will work show up on that butt choke all right we're gonna see what the guy in the middle is all about this has been pretty easy to storm through especially at my level he gives up I'm gonna keep going though I mean someone else has gotta want to say something to me what say you you had two pokeballs karate master grunts I am the karate master I'm the leader here you wish to challenge us expect no mercy floor okay if he's gonna go fly he's only got one Pokemon man Kamali says have one Poliwrath he's a big boy I might just do you think you think I need to switch Pokemon types you know what I mean so if he's water ice water fire steel yeah this would be fine let me just fight with you let's do a shadow ball at him see what happens right and your little target the center of your stomach oh he's still alive but he's saying that's fine oh my god he got huge for that though let's try a swift move I guess okay see that work not to be dealing out to switch a dog or to level 48 congratulations b10 he made a bunch of noise and was like b10 indeed I have lost but I beseech you do not take our emblem as your trophy in return I will give you a prize fighting-type pokémon whoa Hitmonlee or hitmonchan what the heck should I do choose whichever one you like uh let's google it because I don't know let's see let's see I mean I don't really don't know dude which one do I choose I can't make decisions no I think you know let's see I'm trying to figure out which one to do dude I'm looking at him really quick it's like from a cartoon okay so Hitmonlee kicks he has a higher tax out of 120 outside Neyers higher speed of 87 through leveling up hitmonlee can learn a variety of moves including a wide variety of powerful kicks this is from RPG site net notably hitmonlee is a more purely fighting type focused character though it can learn a few elemental moves such as a blaze kick fired type naturally and several others via TM Hitmonchan punches in corkscrew fashion it can punch its way through the concrete wall I could drill it solid stats of his own but these are quite notable as a higher defense stat of 79 from withstand physical attacks crucially over hitmonchan learns a wide variety of elemental plunge based moves meaning can dish out damage outside of the fighting types such as fire punch ice punch Thunder punch are all learn to level 30 making Hitmonchan a more competent elemental fighter naturally plus there are some further elemental moves that can be learned via TM can I learn the new team to learn the thunderpunch I mean I'm probably not gonna use either one of these am i I don't know what do you guys think gosh me and I wanted to choose me I don't know their level of 30 when you get them those strengths and weaknesses are the same I might go with the one that has the more of the versatility maybe I don't know you know why if I'm gonna go for a fighting-type I'm gonna III have okay here's my decision and this is made I mean I read I briefly read a few things sorry for taking so long but this is my decision if I'm gonna have a fighting-type pokémon I want someone who's really good at fighting all the elemental stuff I have Pokemon that can cover all the elemental stuff so I'm gonna go with the first one over here whatever this guy's name is the one that kicks kick kick it kick it Mon Lee you want the hard kicking Hitmonlee yes all right I don't know if I'm gonna keep him on my team I don't know we'll figure it out if I do he can be an H dog though right looks pretty cool I'm sorry to so long to the side but when kicking the sole of its foot turns as hard as a diamond on impact and destroys its enemy all right awesome got him thank you I'll also take this one please go choose one no well thank you Bob let's fight again and I'll take the other one right who knows I guess not all right so that was fun guys I do I do want to thank you for watching this episode I'm a next episode I think I'm gonna go over to Cinnabon City huh and finish that up to the gym there I flew right here on my pit Gitty it Pidgey it when I read that team rock wasn't fitting self but shucks it's already over sorry I'm just a sucker for drama all right uh Pierre is a building my daughter likes to mimic people it's rather vexing in fact people now color the copycat because of her mimicry my daughter is so self-centered she has but a few friends maybe she'll mellow down a little if you show her a Pokemon she likes where the heck's your daughter oh maybe upstairs what kind of Pokemon do you think she'll like a lot I poke him on the show sup hi do you like Pokemon no I just asked you huh you're strange okapi got them equipment making but that's my favorite hobby okay so Pikachu's wagging its tail okay thanks well I don't know the shower I don't think I have what she wants so I'm gonna leave no just leave I don't know you guys have let me know in the comments below what I have to show her but I might be obvious name is the Clefairy she had stuffed animals over whatever scientists do two young friends be Team Rocket that's amazing this is a big town people fled from saffron city in droves and those thugs came you just start flocking back they should start flocking back now what's this building huh thank you for riding I hope to see you soon hey don't look at my ladder I'm gonna look at the letter I'm gonna look at the letter I'm gonna look at the letter I was given a pee-pee yep the other day as a gift you know a lot of powerful moves have really low peepee maybe I should use this to give one of those moves a little more PPE the copycat is cute I hear she really likes Clefairy so I'm gonna go show her once I catch one do I have a Clefairy on me or did I donate it let's see let's check out my Pokemon box I don't know where to get one if I don't have one already I think I donated the Clefairy if I even had one to begin with so yeah I'll have to get that later if at all so that's what she wants to see I wonder what my reward would be for showing her Clefairy all right gosh man this place is huge what's up Doug I saw him I saw the boss over so I'm back where we started this is silk oh and this is a way out of town into the tunnels right so next episode and I think everything's gonna be fine you're like kid thanks again from before there really is nothing like a hot cup of tea to go with your pewter scrunchies alright so I think um yeah I I don't know what else I should do around here like should I you the explore some routes I don't know have I done these routes already I don't know I really don't know I don't think I've done them what's over here celadon City so yeah I have done this in fact sell it on City so let's look at that our let's go the bag look look at a our town map I can't believe they're so close to each other but let's look at the town map so though they are very close so we've done saffron city have I gone up here Rock Tunnel yeah okay well next episode I mean we're getting close next episode we're gonna go back to Cinnabar Island and we're gonna do the the gym there and have some fun pretty small place but we're gonna get it done and there's probably a lot of stuff I still haven't done this whole route looks like something I need to do we'll figure it out though come back next time for that I will see you then and thank you for watching I'm Zack Scott subscribe if you have not if you like this video and want to help this channel grow all you got to do is click the like button below thank you so much for watching check out these other awesome videos follow me on Twitter and Instagram join my discord and if you want cool shirts like this visit Zack Scott dot shop


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