Gym Fails 😂😂 Epic Gym Fails (Full) [TNT Channel]


  1. Wow.

  2. 6:14

  3. 4:54 his shoulders are too forward

  4. 1:30 feel bad for the guy lmao

  5. 5:35😂😂😂😂😂

  6. 5:40 now that was hilarious

  7. i do not feel sorry for anyone in this video apart from 1 woman

  8. Crossfit and man buns must go hand in hand

  9. Thought it was Johnny Knoxville in the thumbnail for a second

  10. Dude in the first clip looked like Balrog😂

  11. Love the shirtless man bun sporting crossfit fags lol…

  12. they are not stupid like you said , we all fail sometimes

  13. Best part at 1:24 👍

  14. At first point why to do such stunts..Know ur Body and it's capacity…

  15. The fat girl in the green top that lost all her weight's 😂

  16. I wonder who puts these videos on YouTube aren't they ashamed of themselves

  17. 2:00 cant tell if a Chihuahua wants to laugh, or a person tries to sound like a chihuahua

  18. Tf gets hurt on a smith machine

  19. 6:08 RIP foreskin 💀

  20. Bitch at 00:33 lucked out!

  21. 0:55 back to the kitchen

  22. 4:12 when you running wit yo pants down


  24. Il ont cas mettre plus léger ces chiens

  25. Don't understand why idiots set the treadmill speed before getting on…do it while you're on the belt dumbfuck

  26. нахуя тёлки поднимают штангу:? ебанашки

  27. Bobbies is the MVP. 😂

  28. 5:24 my new ringtone

  29. Mis ojos

  30. Brap

  31. Why do people squat in such a narrow stance?? Literally prevents you from squatting any weight

  32. Good clip's.. Shit edition..

  33. 😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Dude at 3:35 looks like he's trying to sneak up on the weights!!! Like maybe that would help!

  35. 4:42 ribs broken for sure

  36. Reasons I don't go to gym

  37. 2:11 is class

  38. 5:20 thousand ways to die!!

  39. I wander if these people felt as stupid as their "over-inflated" ego's made them look?

  40. Bunch of cunts

  41. Me Mato el primero 😂😂

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