Gym Class Heroes: AP Photoshoot


  1. ill kiss every last tattoo you got

  2. ill kiss your swollen tattoos travie

  3. Hey Guy's . This Is Lauren From (C) 2008 Geffen Records. I'm Looking For Young Stars Who Can Sing, Rap Or Dance. Can You Make The Cut?
    Good Luck & God Bless.

  4. the clown maaks look like the maks thats slipknot wear…….eeek!

  5. Those clowns are freakin SCARY. Great band =] Awesommee live!

  6. trav looks abit bigger lol but still looks good =]

  7. *burps*

  8. I reaallllyyyy dig the haircut. The first time I saw(and met) them I thought he was attainably gorgeous but the haircut just put him over the top lol. I'm really digging all this Eric love though, because all you ever here at shows is "Travi, Travi, Travi" 🙂

  9. FULLY!

  10. Eric Roberts= the sex


  11. There are two covers.

  12. That's weird cuz I saw a picture of the cover of the issue that GCH is going to be in, the one with the picture of Underoath on the cover. It has a headline for GCH, just no picture of them.

  13. poor travie !
    haha love u eric.

  14. I AGREE. 🙂

  15. :O
    Matt McGinley has lovely eyes.
    Can't wait for the new record. 🙂

  16. GCH actually is getting the cover. They're doing two.
    And seeing as the Quilt is coming out soon and will no doubt be huge (just like Lost in The Sound of Separation will be for UnderOATH) AP is making a smart move putting them on the cover.
    Their aim is to sell magazines, and having a band like GCH or UnderOATH on the cover will do just that.

  17. Ew. How can Gym Class Heroes be on the same cover as someone as amazing as UNDREROATH!!!!!!! Well, Underoath gets their picture on the cover, Gym Class Heroes doesn't. xD

  18. yeahhh travie! ETID at the end! lol

  19. haah

  20. lool XD

  21. thats interesting…

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