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I'm Keith Olbermann and this is the resistance to Donald Trump my father died seven years ago March 13 2010 he died after seven months in hospitals and six months in the surgical intensive care unit and after a fight against death so extraordinary but it caused the chief of that unit to mistake him for a professionally trained athlete when in fact he hadn't exercised since 1951 and when I told him about it my dad laughed even though there was a breathing tube down his throat he died with my sister and I having to make the decision to let him go and he died with her holding his hand and me reading him his favorite James Thurber story and him I swear waiting until this very long story was over and only then profoundly sighing and leaving us he died leaving me a hospital bill for six months of 24 hour-a-day surgical intensive care another month in standard care one four-hour long operation and thousands of procedures and scans and drugs and consultations he left me a bill if I remember correctly of approximately $1,000 and most of that was for a television he had rented for a few days early on my father had a little private policy and something he got for being in the army and government issued insurance Trump a thing called Medicare our out-of-pocket costs for his stays in the hospital about $5 a day he died after seven months in which we talked every day as the debate raged around us and as we could hear the practical impact it had on the lives and finances of the other patients and families in that hospital of what was then called health care reform or insurance reform and which shortly after my dad's death became known as the Affordable Care Act and less officially Obamacare Obamacare which Trump you idiot and that idiot Ryan and this liar price and that liar Chaffetz now want to undo because confronted with an independent calculation that repeal by your Republicans will end insurance for at least 15 million Americans and asked how many will lose their coverage under this plan this sniffling little man Ryan who sucks up to you says quote I can't answer that question it's up to people people are going to do what they want to do with their lives because we believe in individual freedom in this country individual freedom like the freedom to die because you don't have health insurance the way roughly 122 Americans died because they didn't have health insurance every day before the ACA was passed as my father was dying individual freedom Trump go to hell Paul Ryan individual freedom Trump like freedom from taxes for the rich the Joint Committee on taxation which is a nonpartisan are Matt crunches numbers for Congress calculated that the Republican gutting of health care that you are leading Trump will in the next decade reduce the taxes of those making a million or more a year by one hundred and fifty seven billion dollars individual freedom Trump or is this condescending jackass Chaffetz put it quote Americans have choices and they've got to make a choice so maybe rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love and want to go spend hundreds of dollars on maybe they should invest in their own health care the price of an iPhone would not cover those few days my father rented that hospital television nevermind something like cancer drugs or surgery or the price you are actually billed to have your father officially declared dead go to hell jason Chaffetz individual freedom Trump like the freedom to end the insurance of 700,000 new Medicaid recipients added just since the reform of 2010 just in Ohio per the Republican governor there John Kasich kicked them off and it said throw them an insurance tax credit of $3,000 and as Kasich asks rhetorically what kind of insurance you're going to buy for $3,000 that's individual freedom or as this liar and con man your Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price put it quote I firmly believe that nobody will be worse off financially and of course trumpet he's right if by nobody he means insurance companies and Republican donors and the wealthy go to hell Tom Price individual freedom Trump like your budget director insisting you are focused on health care not insurance coverage as if when they hand you your bill at your hospital or your doctor's office you could hand it back and say ha I'm not focused on care I'm not focused on paying you Trump you said on September 27th 2015 quote everybody has got to be covered I'm going to take care of everybody Trump you said on February 19 2016 quote you're gonna end up with great health care for a fraction of the price and that's gonna take place immediately Trump you said this on January 15th of this year quote we're going to have insurance for everybody only now your budget director says because you Trump you don't have the courage to say it yourself that quote insurance for everybody that means health care not insurance which means nothing which means everybody you're on your own go to hell Trump months before my dad died seven years ago the likelihood that he would became tangible to me and in that hospital every day twice a day as we talked about that and we talked about health care reform it began to dawn on me what we were all really debating I wrote much of what follows here in October 2009 it is true again because of you Trump since you evidently think you are immortal have a sane grown-up person explained to you what this next part means this ultimately is about death about preventing it about fighting it about resisting it about grabbing hold of everything and anything to forestall it and postpone it even though we know that the force will overcome us all always will always has healthcare is at its core about improving the odds of life in its struggle against death of extending that game which we will all lose each and every one of us on to Eternity extending in another year or month or second this is the primary directive of life the essence of our will as human beings and when we go to a doctor's office or a hospital or a storefront clinic in a ghetto we are expressing this fundamental cry of humanity I want to live I want my child to live I want my wife to live I want my father to live I want my neighbor to live I want that stranger I do not know and never will know to live and there is the essence of what this is what on the eternal list of priorities precedes health what more obvious role could government have than the defense of the life of each citizen we cannot stop every germ that seeks to harm us any more than we can stop every person that seeks to harm us but we can try dammit and governments essential role in that effort facilitate it reduce its costs broaden its availability improve my health and yours seems ultimately self-explanatory we want to live what is government for if not to help us to do so I issue this morning to your Trump take these steps and you will inherit the wind gut health care in this country so millionaires can save 16 billion a year in taxes and you will be killing American citizens and before we let you do this Trump we will defend ourselves protests nonviolent resistance good a mass refusal to pay insurance premiums perhaps risky a general strike against this country yes shut the country down rather than let you kill people health care Trump is about life and death and right now you are on the side of death and we will not permit this resist peace


  1. Amazing man!

  2. My dad adored James Thurber too. I miss him too. Oh and I'm glad he didn't live to see the havoc you've wreaked, Paul Ryan. I covered me and my two kids for $8.00 a mo. thanks to my strong police UNION, Scott Walker!

  3. Your a idiot. Keep cussing. Look past what the bias videos that are called media.

  4. What a sappy horseshit story.

  5. I am a senior Canadian who was told 4 years ago that I had 3 or 4 months to live. But, thanks to the single payer system here in Canada, my 10 grandkids still have their "Poppa". my kids have their Dad. Were I American, the prognosis would have been right,

  6. Bravo, bravo, Mr. O. As an expatriate Canadian I am appalled by the commercialization of health care in the US. I just cannot fathom the ignorance of the Republican right and their supporters who have bought into this BS, i.e. that healthcare is not a right, but a privilege. Alas, I suspect that I will have to repatriate to my native Canada upon my retirement. Thank you again for so passionately speaking up for the soon-to-be downtrodden, and uninsured, masses in this great (sigh) country. Exeunt.

  7. its like trump saying: i will give every american a choclate bar everymonth, i will make sure its there……….. but i dont know who pays for it.


  9. Agreed, and I am a Republican who defected and supported Sanders, Clinton got the nomination, now look at this mess!

  10. This is the BEST piece I wanted to find on health care voting day! I want TRUMP and RYAN to sit still & watch this THANK YOU.

  11. Goodnight and goodluck

  12. You are the best, wish you were on every news channel so all can hear

  13. the Russians are coming.. the Russians are coming.. ooppss.. sorry. they're already in the white house..

  14. Justice approximately organization speaker distribution herb nobody boss.

  15. see Issa rally held in Vista California re anti ACA repeal

  16. No Government =s No Bill of Rights. No Government =s No Constitution. What is our Government for?

  17. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Bill of Rights? Self evident? All men are created equal? Inalienable Rights? Life….

  18. My little sister, Laura Leigh Calder, 1977 – 2001. No healthcare, couldn't buy her own policy, could only get meds to stave off the pain, no actual treatment.

    I miss her.

  19. Love you everything you are saying!!


  21. Enjoy your populism

  22. Medicare pays the medical bills of a person on Social Security only up to $3,150 per year.
     And the GOP wants to take even that away?

  23. I hope it kills you Keith

  24. Please tell them what they are, you're too nice.

  25. end of the day people in humanity are too weak to live their ideas of life are just paths to death, meanwhile life is on the other side of the river rather than leads to it

  26. American Health Care
    There are two basic attitudes to health care.
    The Canadian/European approach. If someone gets sick and cannot afford medical care, everyone is morally obligated to chip in.

    The Republican/Trump approach. If someone gets sick and cannot afford medical care, we are obligated to execute them slowly and painfully by denying them any medical care at all, even palliative. Americans subscribe mostly to this approach. They presume they will be healthy, and they will thus save money. They blot out that thereby they are murdering their neighbours.
    I find this attitude odd given how frequently American brag they are Christians. (2) is clearly not the Christian way.
    There are many other kinds of insurance, e.g. collision insurance, homeowner insurance, disability insurance… The idea is people who don’t have a collision, chip in to get the guy’s car repaired who does have a collision. Americans don’t seem to feel so ripped off paying insurance when they have no collisions. It’s only health insurance where they feel so ripped off.

  27. Resurrect Countdown.


  29. So Keith do you really believe this crap or are you just acting for views?

  30. Yawn. What color is the sky in your world? You know the saying, who will be paying for your bills when you die? Not me, I'll be dead! Haha. Chew on that Olbermann

  31. The only ones who lied were the dumbacrats, when they passed it. Olberman, very good story about your dad but you have gone off of the deep end.

  32. Healthy citizens r vital for a healthy nation comrade

  33. ##MAGA Make America Grateful Again fam.

  34. Sad to think there were many people who voted for Trump because they believed that he would fix healthcare for them. I personally know a few of them who are now nervous that Trump will make matters even worse for them. If the repubs can come up with a plan that gives everyone coverage and lowers the cost, great. I will be happy with that outcome. But if they can't then shame on them. They have the house, the senate, and the presidency – no excuses.

  35. I've got to admit it. I was warned that I would get tired of all the winning but did not think it could happen. Please Mr. President, stop all this winning………… I'm tired. Thanks. maga.

  36. The only way lack of access to healthcare will kill no one is with single-payer.

  37. Why don't we have men like this run for president?

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