Guided Meditation for Detachment From Over-Thinking (Anxiety / OCD / Depression)

do not listen to this recording whilst driving or whilst operating machinery only listen when you can safely relax and bring your full awareness to your own complete comfort oh oh this is Michael Seeley welcoming you to this guided meditation session I have recorded this session for you as a form of mindfulness meditation with the intention to help you create a state of your own relaxed more observant quieter and calm a mind the sessions purpose is to allow you to release yourself from the chronic busyness of any excessive day-to-day thinking patterns so that you may positively benefit in all ways in mind body and spirit perhaps you have found that sometimes your own thoughts can build up and up perhaps sometimes so much that this continuous habit of thinking can become a worrying stressful type of constant mind each other or perhaps you do recognize this to be an excessive need of your own minds wish to analyze evaluate and replay certain personal life events over and over and over when this happens to us it can feel as if we are becoming trapped or locked into some endless spiral of unhelpful mental activity without any clear sign of easy relief within psychology this type of constant replaying reanalyzing or rethinking our own life's events is known by the term rumination and rumination is regarded as very common to the state of chronic anxiety and depression but thankfully there is a happier solution to these habits of elimination and it comes within the practice of mindfulness styled meditation with these relatively simple and easy techniques you are about to learn you'll find that we can powerfully train how everyday conscious minds to automatically move towards the more productive and resourceful states of enjoying a very real sense of pleasant confidently felt emotional detachment after all it is the emotional components of anxiety the stresses and the worries that we can feel and even imagine for ourselves which we are seeking to ultimately change so now let us begin you please position yourself in a place and posture where you can comfortably listen for the next little while once you have found your best comfort go ahead and close down your eyes as soon as you wish now allow your awareness to move to your breath noticing the rise and the fall of your chest and noticing the rise and fall of your lower stomach as you become aware of your diaphragm muscles there become aware of your ribs expanding with each breath and your ribs gently contracting as H breath exhales you remembering there is no need to hold any individual breath simply become aware of the movement of your birth as each breath moves in and each breath moves out and become aware of the temperatures of your body the sensations of coolness or warmth perhaps some parts of you are warmer and other parts of your body knowing there is no right way or wrong way just become aware of sensations of warmth in your hands and your fingers and any sensations of warmth in your feet and your toes notice any sensations felt throughout your arms or your legs and any sensations felt closer in towards the center of your body for these moments just note and become aware of these sensations and acknowledge those sensations knowing and understanding that these sensations may change over time and knowing that this is perfectly normal for all healthy resting bodies and become aware of your resting body's subtle movements even as your elects notice any parts of you but may feel more relaxed and others and any parts of you that may feel any tension or tightness there is no need to force a particular relaxation because you are simply allowing your mind to accept whatever hit notes and observes has he become more aware of your body functioning automatically continuing on or by itself for a moment to moment time here is unfolding at its normal pace there is no need to rush no need to be anywhere else at all this time now is the time for you and this time now is the right time for you to be learning and gaining in your understanding learning about yourself and your own reactions your own behaviors and your growing ability to simply observe and accept that you can rest and remain here fully in the present moment understand that this is where you are becoming anchored positively into the here and now as you continue to breathe now if you wish it you can also choose to slow down your breath only at a rate that is comfortable to you and you can do this by allowing your very next breath in to become just a little slow and allowing your next breath out to become just a little longer comfortably slowing your cycles of breathing you allowing your mind to inform your rhythms of breath in these calming ways you and as you do notice that pleasant sense of feedback layer your own awareness that reflects back to here becoming aware of how your body can and does naturally respond responding to such a simple thought you and understand you are not wasting any excess of thought you are not using too much energy of thought you are simply thinking normally and naturally asking your body to slow down into that Karma breath easily and effortlessly notice your gentler slower breathing and because you are extending your awareness here orienting your gentle focus to your breathing itself you may feel that calm and relaxed aura of simply being present which can relax and reassure you with each new breath you take now as you observe each breath you may notice – any thoughts which may arise notice any internal judgments or any evaluations which the mind may want to create just observe whatever thoughts your mind may wish to create and sometimes there is a sense of boredom or distraction sometimes there is a label or a phrase or a word sometimes there is a description just night now whatever it is that your mind may wish to create and become aware of the temporary nature of thinking understanding that thoughts come and thoughts go and choosing to instead remain just a little further removed because you are allowing yourself space outside of evaluations allowing yourself space outside of the minds judgments and instead simply being you noticing these judgments for what they are being creations of the mind as you allow any thoughts to just exist there under your own car observation knowing there is no need to try to control thoughts or thinking there is no need to try to change thoughts or thinking very simply an allowance and this place given to those thoughts as they play out their across your mind observation and you offer your best acknowledgement to those thoughts accepting and allowing such thoughts to come as they may and then allowing such thoughts to wine down and dissipate and fade away and you understand that yes these are your thoughts but you also know and understand and who you are is so much more than simply your thoughts you can witness a sparks of thoughts come and then go almost like a comet or a shooting star and flashes across a clear night sky a single thought can enter your minds field of awareness and you can easily acknowledge that that thought carries its own certain energy and some thoughts have a particularly strong energy and they like to call attention to themselves some thoughts seem to like to jump up and down and yet other thoughts are much more quiet and subdued but always you can rest and relax observe it outside of all thoughts as you are choosing to witness and watch from this comfortable distance as each thought simply passes calm and observant in each moment you can choose to return your focus and your gentle attention back again to your calming fuller breaths breathing in and breathing out always able to return to this focus on your breath and now allow this awareness to really note and observe the smaller sensations that come with each breath knowing that you are training your observing mind as you acknowledge a sense of cooler air as it passes through your nose and notice that say Mia becoming slightly warmer as it moves and flows gently down through your throat and your Airways feeling that calm expansion as this warmer air enters your lungs and again you know there is no need to hold this air within as you simply allow the breath to breathe all by itself and you remained observant to the calm and full cycles of your natural breath allowing the body to breathe naturally and completely you remind the silent observing watcher of each breath now you can remember that this is the basics of mindful breath awareness and this practice in itself is so very powerful to you by simply allowing yourself to become aware of your calm breathing in this way you can gently guide and return your conscious awareness always back to your breath so that as you allow individual thoughts to enter into your observation however or wherever or whenever they may arise you will now offer to those thoughts your comest acknowledgments just as if our wise old a teacher might appreciate observe the youthful energies of a small child and then you may easily watch again as the energies of those very same thoughts fade or burn out or disappear and you allow those thoughts to so easily continue passing by offering no resistance simply allowing those thoughts to disappear and fade to wherever they will go and yet you can observe that you and who you truly are always remains you're observing calmly detach self always remains Oh calm self always remained in the present moment understanding you are more than your thoughts and you are more than your reactions and in this very real way there is this very real part of you that continues on simply observing and watching and witnessing enjoy easily and naturally able to return your awareness always back to the breath making the choice to remain present in the present coming back to the breath breathing in and breathing out anchored to the present moment now you can remind in this mindful state for as long as you wish as the background to this recording or continue for some time and if you are listening to this as you wish to drift off to sleep and you can further relax your conscious awareness to enter into that pleasant and restful night slam BER so that you will awake when you do feeling rested relaxed and re-energized or otherwise you may choose to remain awake and alert calmly observant of your own mindful breathing feeling powerfully confident and peacefully detached knowing you may return again to your fully alert eyes open state whenever you choose to re-emerge and reopen your eyes making your choice to bring this meditation session to its comfortable clothes and my voice will leave you now to continue as you may as I thank you for listening and my best wishes to you for your times now and ahead you you you you you


  1. Wow! A deep massage for my soul. My first time trying mindful meditation is a success. Maybe the noise IS controllable. Much gratitude for you, Michael. I am blessed to have found you.😇

  2. Thank you ❤️🧘🏽‍♀️

  3. Thanks for your words 👍🏻

  4. Only when I open my books especially textbooks there are these overrrrrly occuring thoughts about my past and present and it is really tiring ! 😶

  5. Omg for the first time in 6 years i can feel myself healing up from all iv'e been through, i just realised that i am healing up (i'm literally crying of joy right now) , i've listened to his relaxation videos for several months (i have severe anxiety and depression), i listen to them in difficult and stressfull situations and i automatically learned how to cope with my anxiety and negative thoughts…..and guys i don't know how to explain this feeling i have but it's sooooo amazing, i feel a tremendous amount of hope and joy (like i never had, my feelings became so dull because of depression)……i restarted eating healthy (without realising it), asking myself the good questions, realising what triggers my anxiety and how to have a stress free lifestyle….
    I just want to tell you that healing up is possible, and that the emotions and feelings it provides are absolutely worth it believe me !
    I wanted to share this so y'all can feel this hope and motivation, you are loved, you can choose the purpose of your life which is what you crave deep down yourself, it can be creating, helping, directing or whatever you've always felt like you wanted to do, you can be happy and content….and whatever challenge you are facing i support you because i know you can make it through. ❤❤❤

  6. This video is amazing. I was having a really hard week. Having really negative thoughts and listening to this video once then waking up I felt refreshed and like a new person. During listening to this I felt like I was floating and just felt so numb and still.

  7. Man when you said "who you are is so much more than your thoughts" that hit me so hard in the feels ! I really needed to hear that tonight my anxious mind still has trouble accepting that affirmation as my anxiety always tell me im worthless and lazy and I always feel stressed out eventho I got nothing to be stressed maybe I should listen to this repeatedly so it can sink it to my mind

  8. Today, this helped me when I was at my personal nadir.
    From here, for me, the only way is fowards.
    Thank you.

  9. Thank you

  10. Wow I was very surprise to find out that this community is really supportive. I want to say thanks some of your comments helped me out through these tough times I'm having. It made me feel like I'm not alone through this. God Bless

  11. meditation is magic…feel it

  12. This is a great channel, I studied Counseling and clinical hypnosis for four years at college. This channel has given me a great idea. Thanks for sharing your skills.

  13. I'm listening to this because of my dame dissertation

  14. I had a therapist who did these types of exercises with me to heal from childhood trauma. It was more helpful than any other therapy I’ve had. Just helping me reconnect to the feelings of my body again instead of being so lost in all of the worries in my head.

  15. Hi I like to be friends with people who think like this on Facebook, I like to be around people who are seeking truth, Please sent me a request, Bobby J. Jones.

  16. Hugs to everyone! Namaste. 🙏🏼

  17. This is my favorite video of all of his videos or any others for anxiety. He has helped me so much. Sensing so much love to you.

  18. This is like the OG of my guided meditation playlist. I'd been tinkering with meditation for years before this video made all of my previous efforts "click". Obviously, meditation is a lifelong journey, and my ability to settle my mind had advanced a lot since. But I always return to this vid to maintenance my foundation every now and then. More thanks than I could ever give!

  19. I wanna cry from relief every time I listen to this whole guided meditation.

  20. Just… THANKS 🙏🏻

  21. Just love meditation, been creating for years as I evolved on my spiritual journey. 10 years soul searching to enlightenment, wouldn't have happened without guided meditation..keep up great work..

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