Guided Breathing Exercise (Clouds)

welcome this exercise will guide you through five minutes of meditative breathing you don't need any experience or anything at all just yourself your curiosity and a few minutes of your day we'll be talking to you the whole time let's begin turn off any ringers and switch your mobile phone or tablet to airplane mode loosen any restrictive clothing and sit upright in a stable and comfortable position if you need to pause this recording now until you're ready now let your eyes close or leave them open with a soft focus you want to be relaxed but alert begin breathing deeply through your nose deliberately take a few deep breaths fill your belly on the in breath let it empty on the out-breath let your breath be slow and deep but the out-breath be at least as long as the in-breath now let go control and just breathe naturally let your breath determine its own length let it find its own rhythm now deliberately place your attention just inside your nose feel how the air is cool going in and warm going out cool in warm out cool in warm out keep your attention just inside your nose where you most feel your breath and simply watch and feel your breathing be unbiased be curious notice anything at all about your breathing if the breath is short and shallow feel and notice that if the breath is long and deep feel and notice that notice if it stays the same notice if it changes when you lose your focus try not to judge or criticize yourself simply notice that your mind has wandered and gently return your attention to your nose and breath notice your two selves and all your breathing you are the one who breathes and feels the breath you are also the observer have your experience and observe yourself having it at the same time this exercise is almost finished know that you can repeat it as often as you like anytime and anywhere even for one minute even for one breath now when you are ready slowly open your eyes if they are closed notice how you feel compared to when you started appreciate your efforts whatever you were able to do or however your mind wandered the time you took today itself is your success remember that your ringers and mobile devices have been turned off we hope you have enjoyed this guided breathing exercise


  1. This really works….so glad I tried will be glad also

  2. This helps a lot. I just used it to come out of my dystonia spasm. THANKS SO MUCH.👍🌹

  3. Four years ago this video helped keep me alive when I was going through depression. I’m much better these days but every once in a while I’ll find this video just to see what it does for me. Still feels so relaxing and comforting

  4. great breathing exercise! thanks, can u please tell me breathing out with nose or mouth??? and how many times (breath in out) we can do at once. i mean 3 times or 5 times or more than that. thanks.

  5. Thanks man!

  6. Thanks it really help god bless you

  7. Do you breathe out your mouth or nose?

  8. Wow that was helpful. I’m going to do it more often.

  9. Lowered my high blood pressure in matter of minutes

  10. This does work. And I will take that to the grave.

  11. This is a very helpful video. The anxiety is still here but it's lessened. Thank you

  12. love the vid

  13. presentation is so good and effective that wants to practice often.

  14. what a great video, I feel so much better now

  15. Cute.

  16. Bless you, thanks for sharing.

  17. This has really helped me, thank you!

  18. 👍

  19. I found this in the midst of an extreme anxiety attack and it helped me calm down thank you for the upload

  20. wow

  21. I loved it

  22. Thanks, I went from tense to relaxed!

  23. Agreed with prior comment: simple, effective, and good voice. I cut the first 40 minutes out for mindful time with 5th graders. Thank you.

  24. Simple and effective, good voice, thank you so much. "Place your attention inside your nose and feel how the air is cool going in and warm going out. Appreciate your efforts. whatever you were able to do, or however your mind wondered the time you took today itself is your success." Perhaps the title of the video could have been 'guided breathing excercise – placing your attention inside your nose'

  25. simple and effective.thanks

  26. This helped me a lot. Thanks so much for sharing; Jesus Christ Bless! 🙂

  27. Good, I just wanna this simple ex.

  28. This was a discussion topic in Psychology at school.  It was fun and entertaining.  Thanks!

  29. I love this short but benefical exercise! I've done it 3x so far, 2x yesterday–and the second time I almost fell asleep! I've had a lot of anxiety attacks lately, so I'm really happy to have found this! thank you to You Productions!!!

  30. I've been using this for a few days now. It's very easy to do and effective for getting work done. Thank you!

  31. I use this many times every day 🙂

  32. straightforward, great breathing exercise! thanks =)

  33. Nice instructions and easy to understand voice.

  34. Thank you I feel much more relaxed

  35. Thank you so much for the positive feedback!

  36. Hi

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