Gucci Mane Explains What Led To Healthy Lifestyle Change

dirty boys man it is hot 107 911 number one hip-hop station man and I must say that this is a true statement when I say this man my brother my partner is home dirty boys he is here around the world house party Telecom he is here rigid a dirty boy Gucci man hey hey what's happening what's hand I couldn't wait to get back talking my boys and sharpener with y'all man you know you was like one of the first artists ever really rock with a song expert in Atlanta period I set the tone yeah yeah he we act like why y'all still got Gucci intro what the hell you listen yeah I don't know he got the message I think I don't know he said if I did talk to you about this I had you know when you gonna do what she was going through I was getting some flack I ain't gonna say from who about having that intro why you still got this and I was like but that's good cheap man like I don't turn my back on my partner because you know he going through some whatever his personal issues are that's still gucci musically you know i mean i'm not here to judge what you got going through personally in your life that's your business but you'd be surprised on people that maybe you should change the intro or maybe you should I like y'all yeah I said maybe y'all should just kiss my ass here you know I'll arm and deal with this metaphor I always think like this if you could just you know throw a penny in the wishing wheel and wish me away that would have been did right but you can't start Google man when the glass tank up having to the city man when you uh when you on the cutting edge of what you what you do musically right um I had this Mount Rushmore thing and I told Zaytoven this when I when he was up here not too long ago I said on the Mount Rushmore like if you got gangster rap you got to put the west coast on there okay you got the NWA T easy easy Ice Cube's that's that that's the Godfather's the gangster rap on the Mount Rushmore I'm not Rushmore here you got to put TI's the Jeezy and gucci mane and Zaytoven i got to be on that Mount Rushmore at rap music cuz you are I just means a I can't desk that's the hardest thing you can gig right you and say here thing else followed it okay yeah but I hire you are you really well I'm just glad you back brother appreciate it I'm glad to be back in you went do a lot of like rumors and like is this the real Gucci I'm like yeah y'all stupid the man been gone for a couple of years he's not allowed to lose some weight even though you know I know many people are you know it took me a minute to get used to you know just changing my whole way of doing things but you know I had to give them time to get used to it so ain't nothing for that but you know I'm on the back and better so what made you image actually going this with a health kick some dude is just being a healthy Gucci were just kept going back to jail you know I had been locked up handing out so many times and we've been lost count yeah the last time last time was real you know that was gonna lose me in them run items and so when I say now facing 20 30 years and you know when they got manageable to like three years I like oh god taking this serious I'm changing my whole life I can't I know dangling ya ain't gonna play with me I can't go I can't go down that road so I won't the change I had to change everything so I just changed my whole approach to everything in my life only oh seven nine


  1. Fucci Mane LaFlake

  2. He said jeezy lol

  3. This not a healthy lifestyle!!! I know alot of skinny people's have passed away still . Everybody have they time to pass away

  4. Is that shit really fly the way dirty boy looks like?

  5. Great value dj envys

  6. 0:43 dude look like a gangsta Slash

  7. Idk why he even brought up jeezy

  8. This gucci a fake

  9. This ain't gucci mane

  10. Who the fuck is zethoven

  11. I salute u bruh at the end of the day, u gotta take care of you mfs gone talk when u dead and gone so I understand u clearly…

  12. Gucci Mane and t. I need to do song together and stop with the b.s ATL stand together like old ATL use to be dam

  13. Unknow Gucci never sit to show his left side……peep game

  14. Rip real gucci

  15. Loud fucka

  16. Bruh I’m I trippin? what’s the very first three things he said in this video?

  17. Gucci will always be Gucci 😎🙏🔥

  18. Props to Gucci Mane La Flare for getting right with his health and I hope he means what he says this time about staying out of trouble!

  19. if hes happy im happy. nobody could make you change ,its a decision that comes from within.

  20. love watching people grow

  21. cant relate

  22. aye nigga take that Compton hat off fool.

  23. when did he ever have hair on his face somthing strange bout that

  24. thats how they get down in gay ass atl

  25. idk this nigga. my og did 10 years he came out looking the same just in shape.. Gucci fucking morphed into another nigga.

  26. Love u Gucci.

  27. this is clearly a CLONE!

  28. you can clearly see thats not gucci

  29. why tf is he wearing shades in the studio

  30. 💯💯💯💯

  31. KiJobjg

  32. Woptober

  33. how is this imposter allowed to cut off his own ankle monitor and grow 4 inches taller have diffrent ear lobes has a brand spanking new teeth and looks 20 yrs younger ans dresses like a fag and act like he nevers had money before n just won the lotta

  34. Burr Burr!!!

  35. He startin to look like himself again! My bad Gucci..

  36. I still miss the old Gucci, but im happy he chose a higher path to success

  37. I just say me and Zay

  38. Gucci Gucci

  39. GWOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Why the fuck does the radio host looks like slash? Lol!

  41. Fuck this clone

  42. Gucci still that nigga.

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