Growing Tomatoes In A Pot | Transplanting Tomatoes | Pest Disease & Fungal Prevention for New Plants

and welcome back to more proof I'm James I actually picked up this tomato plant for my local hardware store it is an indeterminate species and it was on clearance and as you can see it has had some better days so before I take this into my indoor garden there's a couple of things I want to do I picked up a bottle of this Miracle Grow nature care three-in-one insect disease and mite control and I want to make sure that I fully spray this down before I take it indoors because if this does have a disease or an insect or something along those lines on it I do not want it to infest the rest of my plants so I'm just going to take this nicely hold it on the side just saturate this down and I'm just going to set that aside while I prepare my soil does this build I am just going to be using a three gallon plastic bucket I've cut a screen and I'm going to put that into the bottom to keep the dirt from coming up from the bottom the other thing I am going to do is I'm going to set this in a container and give it a nice liberal coating of water because this is pretty dried out it looks like they've stopped taking care of them at the stores and that is probably most of the problem with the condition of this particular plant I'm going to use a combination of the Fox farms ocean forest and happy frog the happy frog is going to be up towards the top and then the Fox farms ocean for stuff is going to be down at the bottom and I'm going to pre-soak that and get that ready for that to go inside happy frog because if he's not happy you're probably eating it I'm just going to give it a little top-off with some more of the ocean for stuff now I have to do is soak this down strip off that container and then plant it and I'm going to take and cut off some of these bottom leaves because I'm going to plant this down a little bit deeper than what it is right now now if you're looking you can see that there is some damage to the bottom of the foliage here and I actually want to plant this down probably another inch or more it was because I want this to throw out a lot of different roots so I'm just going to go ahead clip these lower branches off so all that's left is to figure out where we want this so I'm going to go ahead pull the nice portion of this up move it off to the side and even though I pre soaked this you can see that this soil likes to stay dry so I'm going to put a little bit of water down the bottom there go ahead cut this by the gradable in plastic container off it seems like it's going to rain here pretty quick so I gotta make this fast the plastic container is off now we have to do peel off this biodegradable portion of it because I want these roots to really fan out try searching for new water sources and get established you want to very gently do that you know the disturb too much of the root structure and on the bottom here you also want to make sure you take this off I have omitted doing that portion before and it just stunted the overall growth one of my tomato plants have never recovered ma'am take some water put it into the bottom of there and we're going to rough these roots up a little bit sort of break it get it uncommon to place firmly try to get it facing upright fill in all the soil around the edges all right now we have them into place we're going to go ahead and water this quite vigorously make sure everything is looking good another thing to be aware of if you do see any blossoms or fruits that are growing on these plants if you buy them later in the season on clearance before they throw them out make sure you cut all those off you want it to focus all of its energy on building that root structure in its new home nice healthy thick stalk the leaves are a little bit yellow I suspect that this is malnourished it just blew through all the nutrients in the potting soil but it was grown in it looks like it had a little bit of damage from some chewing insects that's why we sprayed it down with an anti insect and fungicides but thanks for watching more approved I will give you guys updates as this guy per aggressive until next time I'm Jane you

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