Grow Back Your Hair with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP Treatment)

more than 56 million Americans experience some type of hair loss including me I want to show you this right here this is what I'm going in for today I don't know if you can get a closer look on this but I'm having some hair loss that I'm kind of insecure about I wouldn't even say hair loss I think it's always kind of been that way it's just a little spotty on the side but can this simple treatment using the plasma from your own blood regrow your hair okay guys so I'm at Mila maven spa and I'm really excited we're going to go do this let's meet the nurse and Roxanne Roxanne's the queen of this place hello are you ready for your treatment today I am so this is I guess what you'll be using right this is a centrifuge and this is where I put your drawn blood into to get the PRP which stands for platelet-rich plasma yeah I will be injecting can you say I can't because I tried to say earlier and I couldn't say the word what is it your pee platelet-rich plasma platelet-rich plasma okay what would you say about you know what you're looking at here okay so for you here you have a little bit of a receding hairline and it kind of starts back here so what we're going to do is we're going to inject the PRP into these areas and what that's going to do the with the growth factor that's going to stimulate the inactive hair follicle oh how many treatments before I show like the actual after picture okay this is usually what our treatment schedule is if you do one treatment once a month the next month what yeah and then you maintain every two years as needed oh my god the six treatments oh so I will just walk out of here like a chia pet no no we have to keep that stimulation going so I'm gonna have you take a deep breath in so that's my blood and the plasma in the blood and you extract it yeah some have you hold just like that keep holding I'm going to put this blood right in here in the centrifuge so that separates it yeah it's like gold color isn't it yeah it's a yellow it's the liquid gold liquid gold oh my god are you know not excited this is excitement is the liquid gold that we're going to inject into your scalp so inactive okay hair cells well I noticed the difference after one treatment or no um like what you'll know it is it usually takes about six weeks because it's the hair cycle that grows is a little bit longer Oh facial hair grows yeah quickly your hair on your head takes a little bit longer we basically got 2.6 cc's of the liquid plasma and that's perfect for you so what I'm going to do this area starts a little bit further back and I'm just going to go intradermal and put small Alec watts of the liquid gold right through here okay and I'm going to do a little bit in here for you too yeah I noticed that a little bit right here just a little bit I feel like a little bit of a burning sensation it should be okay right not at all that's good of jinxing it's not at all I know that woman on TV was talking about and then it does get sensitive as I get closer okay okay or it may not I'm feeling it more no not that one this one I want you to take deep breaths for me no holding your breath perfect children okay not too bad is not at all okay I think you you had yourself all worked out yeah I was scary myself for nothing you definitely were bleeding a little bit not a lot very tiny and you're all done I'm done you're all done you're not going to hold a little bit of pressure okay the main thing I don't want you to do is a bad hair product today I never wear here Brad you can do it tomorrow but not today okay so what does it look like right now is it pretty nice is it so right now um no it's stop lady I'm just holding pressure to make sure it's all bleeding I'm just cleaning it up but it is a little bit swollen okay you can kind of see like like little bumps where I do the mini injections there but you're not bleeding anymore it stopped and I'm just going to clean off your sugar look elevated or something you know just leave it alone don't do anything don't do anything tomorrow morning you can wash your hair okay and you're fine that was not that bad are you okay yeah I'm okay I'm alive I don't think I should look in the mirror I don't want to say you can look it's not bad let me give you I'll do it here okay oh it's not that bad okay my imagination is out of control it I just gonna be like what and I would say Ella good okay if you were like doing this well I read somewhere that if you put pressure here you won't feel pain anywhere else I don't think that's true oh really cuz I was like I try to do it and then I had it okay now we're all done we're all done and it feels fine I actually don't you feel like I did anything to be honest 100% honest there's like a tiny burn oh I just saw blood on my head okay so if you know I really do feel fine and then when should I come back so you can come back in four weeks okay oh hello I'm coming to you guys with a full head of hair check it out check it out by the way before I get into that I gotta say I'm wearing this shirt I hope you like it my brother is so sweet he was visiting me last week and he gave me a bunch of shirts they were all really nice and he was like Frank I really get happy when I see you on camera wearing a shirt that I got you oh I love my brother I love my whole family anyway okay back to the hair so you guys this is the after I'm going to put up some pictures now check them out how good does that look oh my god and here are some of the side and the other side so okay I know in the first video which was three treatments ago I was like that I don't think I really need it I can only have a little I mean you guys look at this I don't know how well you can see because I'm not there's nobody behind the camera but this right here has no hair whatsoever in the first video like this looks fit and this where my two problem areas look at that hair now I mean it's fully grown back and one thing to keep in mind is this is after three treatments and you need thick to give your full hair back so I'm only halfway through and already I'm like blown away by these results it's pretty it's pretty crazy and the thing is you I was only focusing on these parts but you know she injected it all over here and this part is all thicker to watch check out the pictures one more time you see how like right in the middle there the hair has gotten bigger it's not as shadowy I get as before where you could kind of see parts of the scalp you just don't see that anymore so I thought that was pretty cool I'm very very happy with the result I think PRP has a few because if you do a hair transplant I don't know if you guys realize but they are taking out your hair so that's painful and then their re implanting it into places where it needs to be grown and it takes hours I mean if you needed like a full head transplant it would be like 17 hours or something that's what they told me that meal is made in spots I mean luckily I didn't need that obviously I just had a little but still who would want to go through that pain and and time when it you could just get a little needle anyway I'm trying to think of like things you guys would want to know or what you would ask maybe like the pain element of it there really is not much more than a pinch like the worst the worst that it ever was the highest number 10 was a pinch and I'm sorry but if you can't handle a pinch if that's too much to get your hair back then then just be bald be bald because a pinch is nothing a moment of a pinch four years of your hair that one thing I need to say is you do have to do maintenance so once you finish your you know four to six treatments once a year you probably want to do it again it's like a touch-up once a year find a place near you if you're in Santa Monica definitely go to meal amazing spa where I went because they hooked it up and they were so good there is on up he's like I want to be friends with her I'm like can we just be friends because she was so fun and cool and really good at what she does she's so knowledgeable she had an answer to every question I had I'm a journalist I'm like and what's it and how much is that and how many times I need to do this and what do they say like she said she just answered everything one more thing I also did and I used this product it's called vidacell this was really helpful they give you three months worth their tablet this one's kind of used up their tablet like that right you take it twice a day and to be honest with you guys though I stopped using it halfway through because my hair was growing too fast keep in mind I only needed like this part right here but all of it was growing so fast and I was getting a haircut like every four days so for me this was not necessary because I only had like certain parts but it really works I mean I'm telling you I started taking it and I had to stop that's what I told my brother and I think I got to stop taking it it was growing too fast and I couldn't keep up so that would be a good problem to have for some people not for me but for some people definitely try that out so as I said I am super excited about these results I'm definitely going to keep going back every year just once for touch-ups so you guys if I'd left anything out any questions that you guys have definitely leave a comment and I will answer it I promise you I will answer it and definitely definitely send this video to your friends who are may be thinning we don't want to say balding that's not nice but sharing is caring if I left anything out because I'm sure I did if you have any questions whatsoever leave a comment below I promise I promise I will get to it and if I don't know the answer I'll ask a professional who does and I will comment back thanks guys so proud of this new there


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  12. After several PRP sessions on my chest, lots of chest hair bloom, although the purpose was to tighten skin. Double bang for the buck. 🙂

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