Grounding Yoga Practice | Happy Earth Day!

What’s up everyone? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene,
I am Adriene and it’s Earth Day today so we made a little grounding yoga practice for
you. These are my five favorite poses to do when I’m feeling like my overactive, crazy
mind is getting the best of me. These are my five favorite yoga poses to bust out to
connect to the Earth and to ground and stabilize my chi or my energy and of course to find
what feels good. So hop on the mat and let’s begin. Okay, so the first pose that we are going
to do today is sukhasana, the easy pose or the pose of ease. So what we do is we sit
down on the earth and today would be a good day to maybe just sit right on the earth.
If you need to sit upon a blanket or a block, please do, but otherwise we’ll just kinda
plug in, feel the bony bones of your bum. Say that five times fast. Connect to the earth
and just find what feels good here. Maybe give yourself a little bit of space so draw
the ankles out a bit and we’ll just allow the hands to rest gently on the tops of the
thighs or the knees. And for today we are going to go ahead and go palms face down. Then take a moment here to breath in deep,
loop the shoulders forward, up, and back. Then glide them on your exhale down the back
body. And sit up nice and tall. When you can, take your eyes off the video for a moment
closing the eyelids and just gently maybe rocking a little front to back. So depending
on how much cushion you have down there, no toxic thoughts! Just notice the sensations
on the sit bones there and then eventually see if you can come to a place of stillness
where perhaps we align the head over the heart and the heart right over the ball of the pelvis.
Now notice what has maybe happened to your shoulders as we were rocking front to back
and if you need to repeat that move of lifting the shoulders forward up and back as you inhale
and then using the exhale to glide them down the back body really tagging a little bit
of weight in the elbows. Now for most of us we’re already wanting to
move onto the next thing or stop the video, see how much longer we have of the video and
I just invite you here in our grounding practice to close your eyes, and let your breath move
in and out of the body. Inhaling in deeply, and then extending the exhale. Just notice
what is going on in the neck, if you need to find a little movement here nodding the
head yes or no or small circles. But really feeling this heaviness in the lower body.
Grounding down today with strong intentions to connect to the Earth, to connect to the
big picture. And allowing all the mind chatter and just the kind of busy bee energy of everyday
life to just kind of quiet and slow down just for a couple more moments, this is a practice
and if this is difficult for you stick with it. Essentially the ultimate grounding practice
for me and the ultimate Earth day practice which is today, is just about finding balance
just remembering and reminding myself that it is all about balance, baby. So just take
this moment before we get up on our feet to ground down, to calm down. Notice if you are
clenching or tightening anywhere in one buttocks or the other, maybe in the forehead or the
jaw, and just a couple more breaths here practicing calming down, grounding down. Awesome, my friends. Now take one more deep
breath in here, then we will slowly bat the eyelashes open, bring our focus, our attention
back to the video. One more time we’ll loop the shoulders forward, up, and back, and then
on an exhale glide the shoulder blades down the back body. Awesome. All right. So now we’re going to transition
to standing for a little mountain pose and volcano pose, a little combo. So come up to
standing and we will bring the feet together here. And we have an awesome video on four
part equal standing. It’s in the silent yoga series. If you have extra time today, you
might go check that out because it’s super yummy. And it kinda talks about a little awareness
in the feet and building a strong base and this is really the base for all standing poses
which we are going to do more of, but also really important just in terms of connecting
to the Earth, grounding down down down again. We don’t normally say calm up to people who
need grounding, calming stability, right? We say calm down so today is all about grounding,
connecting to the earth. So just take a second to look down at your
feet, and you might hate your feet you might be one of those people that’s just like, “Ah,
I can’t look,” and just look down at your sweet feet and give them some love and some
good energy and then if you can, see what happens if you lift all ten toes up towards
your face. Then root down though the big toes, these big toe mounds, then imagine a rubber
band stretching over to press into the pinky toe mound. So this is great foot rehab here,
really yummy for the feet, and then eventually we will release all the toes down you might
slow it down, see if you can put them down one at a time. Little yogi toe action. And
then make sure we’re also sending awareness and energy to the backs of the heels. Notice I’m not locking up my legs, already
kinda cultivating this awareness up through my roots. Soft maleable energy through the
legs so I’m not locked. Then imagine drawing energy up from the arches of the feet. We’re
taking it nice and slow today. So if you’re feeling a little like remember that this practice
is all about slowing down and grounding down and really nice for the nervous system. We
will repeat this loop of the shoulders, forward, up, and back, and we’ll come into mountain
pose. This time go ahead and turn the palms toward the front and then just notice what
is going on with the tailbone. Is it kinda dipping out here or can we scoop it up and
in. And imagine the hip points maybe getting a little upward lift. And everyone lift your heart, ground down
through the feet. Tag a little weight through your finger tips and then if you’re feeling
frisky you might close your eyes and just notice where your center is today. If you’re
like… or you’re grounding, cultivating that energy up through the center channel. Find
your breath. Soften in the places that might be holding or clenching. Allow the weight
of the shoulder blades to glide down down down. Then on your next breath nice and slow
we’re going to spread the fingertips wide in celebration of life, in celebration of
the Earth, the mother, and we’re going to reach all the way up towards the sky, pinkies
stay dialed in, tailbones stay scooping under and we lift the heart here volcano pose. No
need to be all clenched up here, give yourself some space. And then I’m sorry but I just
can’t help myself right we have like the whole world in our hands here. I’m going to regret that. She’s got the whole
world. Standing up nice and tall. Press into your heels. Take a couple deep breaths here.
Close your eyes if you’re feeling adventurous. Big breaths ya’ll. And on your next exhale
we release back down. Mountain pose. Draw the palms together at the heart. Awesome. All righty. From your mountain pose, my friend,
we’re going to step the left foot back and the right foot forward preparing for warrior
two. The left toes turn in up towards the front left corner of your mat, right toes
go straight forward. We remember that energy we had pressing into the feet, lifting up
up up in mountain pose and this time we are going to sink deep into that front leg coming
into a nice warrior two. Front heel dissects the back arch maybe, maybe you step it a little
wider. In time we work to get the underbelly of this thigh, the hamstring here, parallel
to the earth but you know what if were not there yet today, don’t worry about that. It
can be a little bit shorter as you prepare to go deeper and deeper with practice. So, the fingertips reach out. We find this
lift in the heart. We find that scoop in the tailbone. We charge the left inner thigh and
we find our breath. Pressing through all four corners of the feet, pull your pinkies back
maybe lean back a little bit into it. Sink a little deeper if you feel comfortable and
breath in and out through the nose. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you might
close your eyes. Otherwise you can take your gaze right out beyond the right fingertips.
Spreading energy out through the fingertips, lifting up through the armpits and chest.
Warrior two is a great root chakra pose so really connecting to that root chakra and
breathing all the way down to that root as you inhale in. And then imagining the breath
doing a little somersault down there and then coming back up and out the nose. Couple more breaths. Then slowly flip the
hands to the waist line turn the right toes in, turn the left toes out, inhale press into
your foundation, scoop the tailbone under. Stand up nice and tall. and then exhale, find
warrior two on the other side. Take one more breath, and then we will use
the exhale to float the palms back to the waist line, turn the left toes in and catch
our breath here. So we’re going to go right into the next pose on this one because we’re
ready for it so we’re going to turn the right toes back out, the left toes back in, come
back to your warrior two. On the right side, extended side angle, also really great for
root chakra we inhale in, lift the heart, exhale begin to tilt, soften through the right
elbow, bring it to the top of the right thigh, and then we’re just going to do a little vinyasa
with the left arm here. So we inhale, open towards the front of your mat, open up into
extended side angle and then exhale around we go. Inhale press into the outer edge of
the back foot, open and one more, here we go. Inhale, opening the shoulder, opening
the heart, and exhale back, down we go, awesome. Coming back up through center, take it to
the other side and we repeat. Use the video as a guide but move with your own breath,
your own rhythm here. Strong legs. After about three come back to center and again come to
the superhero pose, press into the feet, lift your heart. All right. Begin to walk the feet in now.
All the way so the arches of the feet are together. Take a deep breath in, inhale come
to that volcano pose, exhale bend the knees. Just take a forward fold, just for the back
body here. Nothing fancy. And then roll it up again soft knees and this time as you roll
up we’re going to shift our weight to the left foot and with a strong connection to
our center and all this awareness grounding down through the left foot I’m going to slowly
peel the right knee up. Interlace the fingertips, catch your right knee, squeeze it up and in
towards your heart. Loop the shoulders again like we’ve been doing on an exhale slide them
down the back. Awesome, you can rotate this right foot here
if it feels good, point and flex the feet. Notice I’m lifting up through the heart plugging
down through the standing leg. Now if you’re new to yoga, you might just stay here working
on balance, once in a while maybe releasing the fingertips from the squeeze just so you
can make sure that you’re slowly but surely cultivating that strength and stability from
the inside out. So this is a great place to practice. Otherwise of course we’re going
to move into our tree pose here, press into that standing leg, inhale in, hold onto your
heart, that’s your foundation, then slide that right hand all the way down to the right
ankle. Think up and over, squeeze, hug the left inner thigh in and we either come to
maybe this asana shape here, top of the thigh rolling down as we press left thigh into the
right foot. Million and one other options, right? How
many different kinds of trees have you seen in your life? So maybe it’s here, maybe it’s
below the knee, maybe it’s with the big toe on the Earth. Maybe you use a wall or a chair
here to practice tree pose. Now whether you’re practicing this on Earth day or not, you know
what is like the queen and the king of inspiration for grounding, for stability? Roots, is this
tree, so just enjoy a little tree pose today, a little play time in this vrksasana. What
you do with the hands is entirely up to you. But I say do it with purpose, with energy,
maybe it’s here, maybe it’s here, maybe it’s palms together at the heart. Remember that scooping of the tailbone in,
my friends, and if you are feeling adventurous you might reach the arms up and if you’re
feeling super adventurous you might try closing the eyes. Whoa. And if you fall no worries,
we will catch you, we come right back in. Now in your play time remember to connect
back into that breath. And then again if you fall, don’t worry smile, be in the moment,
nothing like a balancing pose to ground you in the present moment. But we’re going to
try to come back to this shape here of interlacing the fingertips, squeezing the right knee up.
Press into your standing leg, lift your heart and then on an exhale with control if you
can, with grace, we release back to that mountain pose. Awesome. Now I’m going to stop talking and
now we’re going to do the same thing on the other side. So you can use the visual to guide,
otherwise you’re on your own. We’re going to do tree pose on the left side. Again, use
the video as a guide if you’re new to the practice and try not to rush it, my friends.
Here we go. Deepen your breath. Connect to that focus. Make your way out of it with control, with
grace. Do your best. And we’ll meet back in mountain pose. Awesome work. All right, my friends. So awesome work. You
can keep these five grounding poses in your yoga tool belt or return to this video whenever
you feel like you could use just a little grounding and a little love. You know we made
this video for Earth day and one of the rules of yoga or the principles of yoga is this
idea of non-harming so we bring that principle or that idea to the mat of course, non-harming
of the body as we move through the asana, non-harming of the spiritual self with our
thoughts and the way we think and speak. And you know, it’s Earth day so let’s go out and
take a second today to think about ways that we can either recommit or find a new way to
practice non-harming to the earth. To me that also falls under this whole idea of find what
it feels good. So let’s all do our part and put our best
foot forward. Have an awesome day, I’ll see you next week. Free yoga videos every Wednesday,
leave questions, comments below or maybe some inspiration for Earth Day down below for myself
and the others and I’ll see you next time, take good care. Namaste.


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