Grocery Store Nutritional Training Challenge (Season 6) 🍓 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

(acoustic country guitar music) [Courtney] Today we’re here at Albertson’s here in Dallas, and we’re here to do some kind of
mystery activity with Jay. – [Kelli] I asked Jay to
do a supermarket training for the cheerleaders because I noticed that they have some really bad eating and maybe purchasing
habits at the supermarket. – Good day, ladies. – [Girls] Hey, Hi. – I’m here today at this event because Kelli and Judy
basically told me I had to come. – Today is a very important day. This is the day that we receive nutritional training. It is very important
that the training camp candidates eat well,
mainly because they’re gonna be at games dancing non-stop, for four, five hours straight. They gotta have the right
stuff in their system. What we’re gonna do, we’re gonna put you
into groups, all right? Go out and get your own
items that you normally eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I want you to actually
show me what you eat, okay? We’re gonna come back here, and we’re gonna go over each item and let you know the good
and the bad and the ugly. Everybody ready to go?
– Yeah, yes! You all fired up? All right, let’s do it. (heavy electric guitar music) – [Courtney] I kind of
am addicted to food. But I’m addicted to working out too, so it all balances out. – I didn’t know you could buy egg whites like that
– Me either. – Welcome to America. – [Angela] Eating in Australia is a lot healthier than America, driving around there’s not
as many fast food chains. That’s killed me a little
bit, trying them all out, but I’m getting back into
my normal routine now. – ‘Kay, y’all wanna go
to the candy aisle now? I expect to get nailed today. – Love this stuff.
– These are good. – Taylor, what are you doing?
– Oh my god! (laughs) – [Taylor] I’m not gonna pick up what I think Jay’s gonna like, I’m gonna pick up what I usually pick up at the grocery store, and it’s not gonna be
the greatest food ever. – Let’s get some chips. Should we get these? Because I always eat
Cinnabon for breakfast. Look at this icing! I eat this like it’s candy. I know that Jay’s not
gonna like what I eat, but I also don’t know that he’s gonna convince me to change it. Can we get one last thing? – What?
– Cookie dough. (girls laughing) – All right, ladies, I see
you shopped ’til you dropped. So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna find out what
you had for breakfast. Your breakfast meal is
of utmost importance. It will start your day or wreck our day. – I usually have a large cup of coffee with a flavored creamer, and then a muffin or a
strudel of some sort. – Okay, I don’t wanna offend you, but you’re working with nothing, okay? All right, all right, what do you have? – Peanut butter cereal
and 2% milk, usually. – It’s gotta be protein and a carb. So you got oatmeal, you’re gonna
need some hardcore protein. You know what? I had salmon for breakfast, okay? Where is it written that
I’ve gotta have pancakes? Okay you guys, you eat for performance, not because you have a hole in your face. Okay, whose breakfast is this? – No, don’t look at me!
(laughing) – Nobody wants to claim it, huh? – It’s me, it’s me. – [Jay] Okay, hey, I
understand, I understand. We all have done this in our youth. But the thing about it is, what you’re gonna experience
once you’re not dancing, you’re gonna have creeping obesity. What you wanna do is put a
demand on your potential, okay? And you know, I’m all for
it, but not for the DCC. – Don’t you throw these away!
(girls laughing) – [Jay] Some of their
selections were horrible. And you know, if you’re over
the age of nine, you know that. I always say, everyone
wants to get to heaven, nobody wants to die. Okay, what do we have for lunch, you all? This, processed. The bread, what type of bread? – Wheat. – Yeah, they’re cheating
you, it needs to be darker. (imitates buzzer) No, deli meat, no. The berries are great, pretzels no way. It’s just white flour. All right, what do we have here? – Just a peanut butter sandwich, and then these are, they’re baby food, and they’re delicious, they’re like a substitute for Cheetos. – Okay, it’s also a substitute
for getting lean, okay? Processed food, stay away from it. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. If it has five ingredients
in it, don’t look for it. If it cannot spoil, why
are you buying it, okay? – Now we have your dinner selection. Let’s see. All right, what is it? – Tilapia. – Tilapia, way to go,
and broccoli, broccoli. What is this right here? – Popcorn. – Popcorn, what does it say? No way, all right, don’t do it. The steak, lean and mean. All right, this is great. Whose is this? All right, way to go! Teacher’s pet, teacher’s pet! What’s this grease-laden– – It’s a rotisserie chicken! – There’s meat in my grease, look at this! Wow, that’s in your body, man. I wish that we could have Jay tag along with us every week when
we go grocery shopping. I think we would all be super fit. – All right, ladies. This is your real meal plan for life. Okay, you guys remember,
we’re eating for performance. Egg whites, you’ve got
your blueberries here which are great with your oatmeal. I don’t have any sweeteners in it. If I want a sweetener, I cut this apple and throw some bananas in there. I’ll throw some turkey bacon in if I’m really good that week. My favorite, salmon. It’s great, full of Omega-3s. All right, you guys got your brown rice. You wanna eat the majority of your carbs before 3:00, okay? And chicken breast, okay? And I’ve got my fibrous carb, and then you take it
down with some nice water and have a nice night of sleep. It’s personal preference, personal choice, and of course your standards are here. You’re the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. Overall, the ladies eat healthy, and it’s great to give them a jolt to let them know where they’re at and what’s expected of them, and this is how champions roll. Ladies, thanks for coming out. That was great, and I expect
everyone here to make the team. – [Karissa] Today was
exceptionally helpful. I think that a lot of
us will walk away today with a lot of changed habits, hopefully.


  1. Is he on steroids? Probably not a good case to follow. Steroids are illegal.

  2. The way she grabbed those Cinnabon’s so quick 😂 I would too though- like hey don’t throw that away

  3. I like Taylor BriAnne. I like how honest she is and she stands out. Most of the rest of them are interchangeable and have no personality. If you take one in and sub in another, who would know the difference? As for turkey bacon, that is one of those "health" foods that really are not healthy and if you are going to eat bacon, you are better off eating regular bacon. A lot less preservatives.

  4. Why dont you pay them enough so they can afford to eat like this.

  5. Taylor hated that haircut and I can't say as I blame her. The Joan Jett look was not good for her.

  6. Ok So where was the fat. To be truly healthy and have a balanced diet you do need some fats, yes it may only be a tiny amount but nonetheless it’s needed and what that guy said or showed as far as I could see there wasn’t any 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. I was shocked when he said, eat the majority of your carbs before 3pm. I don't think I could ever do that 😂

  8. Kinda wish theyd put a focus on the nutrition and the fitness aspect of being a DCC again. It would be super motivational every season. 😅

  9. As if oats are not a great source of protein…..

  10. @5 minutes in: most salmon is farmed which is toxic poison … the labels are deceptive.

  11. I hope the last girl’s “changed habit” were the way she does her eyebrows.

  12. I haven't been to Albertson in years

  13. Him throwing all that food away is so wasteful. Like there are people out there starving and he’s just throwing it away like it’s nothing.

  14. Imagine all the civilian shoppers going to get groceries like they do every Saturday morning and seeing a big DCC table in the middle of the store and a big buff man behind it just standing and waiting.

  15. Bananers

  16. It's also true that "sugar feeds cancer". I'm 56 and I just found out that last year. My friends brother had cancer. He passed away recently. So if that's true, I should have been dead DECADES AGO.

  17. He probably can’t pronounce half the compounds in all his “healthy” foods either. The ability to pronounce something has nothing to do with its health benefit

  18. Jay would tear me apart if he saw the crap I eat lol like breakfast is always coffee with toast, lunch is always some sort of ramen noodles and dinner bounces between homemade chips, pasta or whatever my mum is cooking lol xxx

  19. how can they afford things like salmon for breakfast!

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