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hey guys welcome back to my channel if you are new hello my name is Victoria I'm so glad that you're here I hope you will subscribe I post videos every Wednesday and Saturday today's video behind me as you can see is another grocery haul I went to Walmart today as usual and I spent exactly ninety one dollars which is one dollar over my budget but last week I went like fifteen dollars I think or twenty dollars under my budget so that's okay so what I got today was mostly healthy I do have a meal plan which I'm going to go ahead and pop up right here if you guys want to screenshot that I got this idea from my friend Tamela over here on YouTube she did a cute little picture of her meal plan and I was like oh my gosh how did you do that so thanks for telling me how you did that cuz I thought this would be helpful for you guys so today I'm gonna share with you what I got at the grocery store this is going to last us about a week and with that being said let's go ahead and get into the grocery haul here is the quick overview of everything I got well go ahead and start over here today so the first thing I got were these mission carb balanced whole-wheat tortilla soft tacos I like to use these for tacos and also for wraps for Devin we're gonna be making some fajitas this week I also needed some dishwasher detergent I really like this one because at Walmart it is only 297 and it's a big bottle and it lasts me a while so I've been getting this instead of the pods lately to save a little bit of money and then I got these Thomas bagel thins Devin requested these this week these are the everything style and they're 110 Calot yeah that's what I say different requested these yeah I'm his personal chef but we'll make sandwiches with these or you can even toast these in the morning for breakfast and then we're going to a natural spring this weekend with Brittany and her husband so I got some of these pretzels which is not something I always buy but we do like pretzels just to have is like a snack to take and then I got the cinnamon roll Larabars Devon has been eating these more than I have been lately and these ones around sale I got Devon these thin wheat basically like Wheat Thins and knock offs from Walmart but they're only a dollar and they're really good they taste basically the same and then I got some of these for myself because these don't have dairy in them but these are the dark chocolate cherry cashew I didn't think Devon would really like these but I got these for myself they're kind bars these are really good and they're pretty healthy and then I got this great value strawberry awake cereal it's basically Special K but it's a lot cheaper and I got the bigger box that's like our favorite cereal I needed pancake mix and it is really hard to find a dairy-free pancake mix I didn't really think that would be that hard but it is so this Bisquick is the only one I could find at Walmart today at the commissary you guys saw a few grocery hauls ago I got one that was like a really minimal ingredient like healthy brand they didn't have that here and even the Kodiak cakes have vanilla and them because or I'm sorry okay sorry I had a phone call but anyways I got this Bisquick pancake mix and on the back you will see you can make a dairy free there's no dairy and the ingredients but you can make it with almond milk and then it's dairy for you so I got this to make some pancakes and I got that new mini waffle maker that I like using so I'm gonna use it for that and then I got this good thin sweet potato crackers I love these I've been getting these a lot and those are also dairy free and then I got these Oreo thins instead of the regular Oreos and then you guys will be shocked you have these because for four of them they're like 140 calories and I thought that would be a nice little treat and you feel like you're eating more even though you're probably not I'm fine I got those and then I needed mayonnaise so I got this olive oil Mayo last time I bought this which was forever ago cuz I don't go through it very often I actually had to throw away my other big tub because it was expired so that's why I got a smaller one this time but I got this because a dietitian that I watching on YouTube Becca Bristow she recommends olive oil and avocado oil Mayo so I got that and it doesn't taste any different I know that was a question I got last time I mentioned it the other thing that I got here was this traditional pasta sauce just the great value brand these are super cheap like a dollar 20 something I think and then I needed salsa cuz our salsa expired so I got this pace restaurant style original recipe this is the medium which is a little spicy for me but I thought I would try it anyway I'm also gonna make some pasta salad to take this weekend when we go to the spring and it is just like zesty Italian dressing with this garden rotini pasta and then I'm gonna put some bell peppers some cucumbers some of that pasta salad seasoning I got a while ago and I want to say that's it oh I'm gonna put some cherry tomatoes in it too next I bought some of these tuna packets I usual by the tuna kiss is that what it's called tuna kissed yeah something like that brand but anyways these great value ones were like over 10 cents cheaper so I got three of these I got lemon pepper just the regular kind and then a ranch flavor and then Devon won in some of this pulled pork for dinner this week so I got this Jack Daniels a tennessee honey season and fully cooked to pulled pork i got this one because the regular brand or the regular flavor was like a hundred plus more calories for some reason so i got this honey one i thought we would like this anyways better so i got that to try and then back here i got some of this rotisserie seasoned grilled chicken strips that you freeze and then you just microwave them so I can make some easy lunches for Devin and I can also put those on salads I also got a bag back here of premium romaine salad it's just like a salad mix I was excited to see that these were on sale because these were the organic microwavable Rice's and I was buying the Uncle Ben's ones but these were like a little bit cheaper and they're organic so I got these this week I got three I got one of the savory brown rice and quinoa and then two of these seven grain blend so I got those and then Devon really likes guacamole and I kind of like it a little bit like on chips and stuff so I got this mile guacamole from just a great value brand what just a little bit and this is the mile they have spicy one too but I don't like spicy stuff then I got this thin sliced smoked turkey breast I got a big one because like I said if we're going to that spring this weekend and I want to take sandwiches and then I was gonna get the muscle milk protein shakes you guys know cuz they're non dairy but they didn't have any at Walmart today so I got these Atkins ones which they are not non-dairy but I really got them for Devon anyway so they're like super low carb pisses the Atkins brand so I got those these are the dark chocolate Royale brand or flavor I mean I also got this for Devin this has cottage cheese I love cottage cheese that's actually like one thing I miss from eating dairy and also I got these for Devin and for salad and for my pasta salad but these are the mini sweet peppers and you get a lot of these and I think they were only like 350 so I got those and I'll chop those up and then the last few things here I got one ear of corn we're gonna do a like Asian shrimp foil packet thing I got a cucumber for salads and to eat and also for my pasta salad I got a thing of cinnamon rolls for my mini waffle maker and then I got three of these little peaches and two regular potatoes cuz I was supposed to get red potatoes for the shrimp foil packets but they didn't have any except for the big huge bag and I wasn't gonna use all those so I just got these instead and then I've been buying you guys know these hard-boiled eggs so I got one of those for Devin for work and then these big things of blueberries were only like 232 I think so I got one of those and then the last thing I got was this great value brand unsweetened original almond milk and that is everything that I got today for ninety one dollars that is it for today's grocery haul if you like this video then make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more I hope you will come back for next week's video hope you're having a great day and I'll see you in my next video bye guys [Applause] [Applause]


  1. Look at you with your fancy editing 😉

  2. Why no dairy ?

  3. How hard was it to transition to dairy free would you say? Also video request: what’s in my bag summer edition, what’s in my beach bag, summer makeup & hair tutorial! & maybe different summer refreshing drinks? I feel like you’d be good at making something up that’s super refreshing and would love for you to share!

  4. I seriously love your video!! I would love to see another power hour one day! Or telling all your cleaning must-haves! Idk about anyone else, but I always dance to your intro and outro music and sing the sound effects horribly 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

  5. Most of your grocery hauls are not all that healthy. You’re buying mostly low calorie items which is fine. Over all these items are all processed foods filled with preservatives and excess sodium/sugars. A low calorie diet does not always equal a healthy diet.

  6. Good haul have a great weekend

  7. I love the mini sweet peppers

  8. I like the Atkins chocolate shakes

  9. I like the olive oil mayo

  10. Kind bars are good

  11. Nice meal plan

  12. I just got groceries today, but next week I’m going to look for that microwaveable rice! Love watching your grocery hauls! 🙂

  13. I love your videos! Keep up the awesome work!

  14. With the olive oil mayo if your used to really rich fatty mayo it will taste slightly different. But my house likes the olive oil mayo better.

  15. LOVE your hauls!

  16. I love the healthy videos because you’re so relatable!

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