Green vegetable soup recipe – Healthy Vegetable Clear Soup cooking by countryside life TV.


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  3. Hoping nxt time, put only grilled or fried fish so that more healthy and delicious, thank u

  4. Green leafy vegetables so yummy and good for the health iloveit

  5. I love green leafy vegetables, but i didn't know what kind of leafy u've cooked dear sorry

  6. I'm making your dish now…😉 Thanks for sharing Sister 😍🤗🙇‍♀️😘

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  17. Boa noite Sreypov ficou uma Delícia sua sopa de vegetal Parabéns

  18. Bom dia mocinha linda… Adoro sopa de vegetal… E teu sorriso adorna mais teu vídeo.

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  22. 😂 Hey, is that ant in the vegetables a part of the seasoning. I just love lemon ants🤣

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