Gracie Jiujitsu vs. Bodybuilding Wrestler | Size vs Skill

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  1. Pedro Sauer is one of the original Brazilian Jiujitsu pioneers in America. He learned his BJJ from Rickson Gracie as he was his best friend, but also had a taekwondo and boxing training background.

    One year before UFC 1 spotlighted BJJ, 250 lbs Mr. Utah (Lance Batchelor) with wrestling background would challenge Pedro Sauer (150 lbs) to a fight. Pedro accepted, and managed only to get hit once. Throughout the fight he showed that skill can defeat size and strength.

    In the match, he used beautiful side kicks, intercepting punches, butterfly sweeps, and arm bar. The principles he used to defend himself are very sound and something that everyone can learn from, both on the feet and on the ground.

    After the defeat, Mr. Utah would later on become a student at Pedro's school. Pedro would go on to be one of the most respected BJJ coaches in US history.

    Since this is such a fun fight to break down full of grappling elements, I figured it would be fun match to collaborate with BJJ Trickster. To support his new channel, please subscribe here:

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    I will be featuring time tested techniques used by legendary strikers around the world, including a long feature on side kicks and the side stance.

  2. So Pedro the bjj guy landed some good punches. His boxing was effective I think if the fight stayed standing he would have knocked out the bodybuilder

  3. I see. Muscles don't mean much if you can't use them…I learn BJJ. I want to be storng!

  4. Skill to kill but stayed a sportsman. Good good stuff. Thank you!

  5. Respect from Ukraine

  6. The body builder wrestler does not have a hundred pounds on him!

  7. The bodybuilder wasn’t even a wrestler

  8. Almost seems as if we are looking at the back of Rickson . There for a moment. Lol

  9. This is a good example of how being fit, strong (enough) and having good training & proper technique can overcome a heavier, stronger opponent. An average joe most likely woulda gotten beat down by the bodybuilder just by his sheer strength advantage alone.

  10. Fight was over before it started nices pose by the body builder. We had had a muscle head in my Dojo..! He was too slow..! Nice guy. But size doesn't matter in martial arts..! It's the fight in the dog. Not the size of the dog..! Fighting petty stupid. After you done it too much..! Ego makes us lame. Mastering your tempment. & GIVING your heart to jesus. But your ass belongs too God..! Keep it in the ring..! Street fighting a one way ticket too jail..! Or the grave. There's too meny nut jobs out there..! Be a Bull fighter..! Just let it go if someone Dis= is you..! They trying too bait you..! Let them have there little ego vicky..! World's filled with wack jobs…! Be above them..! Be careful around women.. I all most got my ass kick in a night club.. but I stayed cool..! & this dude really wanted to hurt me…? Bars & nightclubs are very fun & exciting…! But don't go looking 4 trouble..! Believe me you find it…!

  11. I would say thank you to anyone telegraphing a hook like that.

  12. Pier pedro from alpha m

  13. Artem would kill them both together. GOAT!

  14. Thats cool and all but i still rather be the body builder cuz its easier to that then to be a gracie.

  15. one sided fight

  16. Gracies are scammers .

  17. He might as well of challenged a golfer

  18. 73 bodybuilders do not like this video 🙂

  19. Size does not matter it's courage and skills

  20. That was amazing

  21. Of course if you get a superior athlete who’s stronger, better conditioned and has superior DNA but goes against jujitsu specialist with submissions that athlete will probably fall into a submission without the knowledge of how to avoid or block them.. My take away from this is jujitsu practitioners tend to be inferior athletes.

  22. I’ve seen quite a few wrestling bouts in my day and the the bodybuilder didn’t appear to have a “wrestling background” to me. The BJJ guy looked to be fighting a larger and stronger, but unskilled, opponent. Still impressive that the BJJ guy was able to neutralize the other’s strength.

  23. Now grab weapon, axe vs sword!

  24. Best quality footage I've seen of this fight.

  25. Why do these scammers always challenge people that don’t know how to fight, and proud of it?
    Why don’t they ever talk about Sakuraba, Genki, The Kid, or Matt Hughes?

  26. How about Brock Lesnar vs Pedro Sauer.

  27. Why is the wrestler barefoot and the BJJ guy wearing wrestling shoes? Good stuff haha


  29. With your knowledge in Jiu Jitsu, may you never turn against us.

  30. Body builder did better than I expected. Being able to lift weights doesn't mean you know how to fight. Having really big muscles can actually make you very clumsy, off balance, and you get tired very quickly.

  31. Any recent examples? Feel like things have changed alot since then. Even guys who've never had a day of practice can do the most basic armbar and boxing. Guys today are better than in the past where you'd see no real grappling techs besides mount and headlocks and hooks thrown with a straight arm. They just didnt have all the video and techniques so easily available as we do today. If anything i think that this is a very rare occurence vs technique beats strength. Would love to see open weight tournaments today with all the new skills we have today. We know brazillian jiu jitsu now.

  32. Great fight, but my only question is….what would've happened if the bodybuilder had better control on the mat. Using his weight to maintain to position and eventually start to land some ground and pound, without getting so easily swept or overextending and giving up an arm? Food for thought.

    The skill gap and fighting IQ was way to one sided to be considered a wrestler vs bjj practitioner. But its a good strength vs skill comparison.

  33. Gracie owned him with strikes (which is not his skilled area) and on the ground. The body builder aka wrestler had no chance. This is not the first time I have seen a body builder get dominated. I competed back in the day against " Conan" the heavyweight BJJ champion of UFC back in the day since at a Miami Dade College line tournament. During the line tournament, A body builder was dominated by Conan in the heavyweight division. I did not have the opportunity to compete against the body builder as it was a single loss elimination tournament unfortunately. Then in the light weight division of a open class , my team mate Bob Miller 148 pounds went against a 250 body builder / wrestler and Bob dominated him in the line tournament.

    After talking to them both after the tournament, their responses were that yeah the body builders had muscle but no brains lmao 😂. This is clearly seen in this match as well lol.

    Unfortunately I myself never competed against a body builder but I have competed against the Florida State gold medalist wrestler and beat him in less than 15 seconds. They just don't seem to train the same way as the competitive artest do who train for major events. I must say " for major events" as I seen Schools who just gave belts away for cash and not skill as well.

  34. Donkeys

  35. Stupid bodybuilder

  36. Fook the Gracies'

  37. Bodybuilder forgot to take his pre-workout 🙄

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